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You didn't really try.

By: WritingIsMyDrug

Page 1, You didn\'t try to save me......

You didn't try to help me.

You didn't see how much

I was losing to insanity's

cool, twisted touch.

These scars winding my body,

they are reminders of the pain.

The knowlegde you thought my problem

was some crazy, silly game.

Were you even really worried?

Did you ever really try?

No. You didn't.

This "love" was all a lie.

And yet I still wonder.

I still try to dream.

Although this strait jacket restrains me,

the bonds still tie you to me.

And so, my unbelieving witness,

I swear before I die,

I will make you see my truth.

Though , the first time, you didn't really try.





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