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Neon Disease

Poetry By: WStanton

Tags: "there’s, 7, Billion, 46, Million, People, On, The, Planet And, Most, Of, Us, Have, Audacity, To, Think, We, Matter. Hey, You, Hear, One, About, Comedian, Who, Croaked? Someone, Stabbed, Him, In, Heart, Just, A, Little, Poke But, He, Keeled, Over, ‘cause, Went, Into, Battle, Wearing, Chain, Mail, Made, Jokes Hey, Screenwriter, Passed, Away? He, Was, Giving, Elevator, Pitches, And, Got, Stuck, Halfway He, Ended, Up, Eating, Smushed, Sandwiches, They, Pushed, Through, Crack, Door And, Repeating, Same, Crappy, Screenplay, Idea, Talking, Dogs, 'til, His, Last, Day Hey, Fisherman, Passed? He, Didn’t, Jump, Off, That, Ledge He, Stepped, Out, Air, Pulled, Ground, Towards, Really, Fast Like, Pitching, Line, Fishing, For, Concrete The, Earth, Is, Drum, He’s, Hitting, It, Beat The, Reason, There’s, Smog, Los, Angeles, If, Could, See, Stars If, Context, Universe, Which, Exist And, How, Small, Each, Is Against, Vastness, What, Don’t, Know No, Would, Ever, Audition, Mcdonalds, Commercial, Again And, Then, Where, Be? No, Frozen, Dinners, No, Tv And, World, Want, Text, In? Either, Someone, Microwaved, Popcorn Or, I, Sound, Thousand, Pulling, Their, Heads, Asses, Rapid, Succession The, Are, Hunched, Boston They’re, Starting, App, Stores, Screen, Printing, Companies, San, Francisco They’re, Grinning, Like, They’ve, Fishhooks, Corners, Mouth But, Paint, Me, Good, Guy, Every, Time, Write I, Get, Choose, Angle, View, Select, Nicest, Light You, Wouldn’t, Respect, Heard, Typewriter, Chatter, Tap, Tap Tapping, My, Mind, At, Night The, Stupid, Tape, Loop, Old, Sitcom, Dialogue And, Tattered, Memories, Girl, Grind, High, School Filed, Carefully, Rice, Paper My, Colored, Pencil But, Brain, An, Eraser I, Real, Trace, Her, From, Catalogue Truth, Be, Told, I’m, Unlikely, Hold, Down Cause, Soul, Crowded, Subway, Train And, Keep, Deciding, Next, Rolls, Town I’m, Joining, False, Movement, Francisco I’m, Frowning, Boston I’m, Smiling, I’ve, Mouth And, Celebrating, Weekends Because, There, 47, Matter I, Know, It’s, Lie, But, Prefer, Alternative Because, Tourniquet, Tied, Elbow, /, Got A, Blunt, Wrap, Filled, With, Compliments, Burnin, It You, Say, Go, Sleep, Been, Bouncing, Bedroom, Walls, Since, Hecka, Small We’re, Age, Once, Tucked, Inside, Ourselves, Russian, Nesting, Dolls My, Mother, 8, Year, Girl My, Grandson, 74, Retiree, Whose, Kidneys, Failed And, That’s, Glue, Between, You That’s, Screws, Nails We, Live, House, Other And, Sounds, Strange, Because, Is", Gdub

Self Explanatory.

Submitted:Jun 19, 2013    Reads: 26    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   

Neon diseases,
Florescent Scents,
Stale by goodbyes,
To strawberry eyes.

Artificially lit up,
Crawling down & Crawling up,
labeled ,
Bottles of autumn's proxy.
Rocks of cotton battles,
Feel like sugar marches,
When winds,
Word over me;
Breathe, and breathe into me.

Anesthesia in the lungs,
Amnesia on the breath,
Laughter at distractions,
Simple as mirrors,

And even nearer still.


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