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Our Scars

By: XxXFire HeartXxX

Page 1, Every word of this poem is full of disturbed memories of mine, but is free to be looked at in any way you would like to interpret, as always.

Haunted by your words

cut by your judgment

and the scars remain

though I try to keep the past absent

I can't change what you have done to me

what you have said about me

I am left with the memory of your torment

I am left empty

It isn't normal

for me to wish away my youth

but you have killed the youth inside me

you have destroyed my only truth

I sit here writing

but with words I cannot express

the pain you have caused

my child's death

you were supposed to be there for me

you were supposed to care

instead you have deserted me

the torturous assault still fills the air

the air that holds memories

also holds my tears,

and the screams of my abuse

echoes throughout my years

the past is still reflected

on every face I know

and I still find it hard to talk

my words become slurred as my nerves grow

both in my heart and on my wrist

the pain takes form as scars

each one a mournful memory of mine

but really, they are ours

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