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Grandma's Meadow

By: yazz4youu

Page 1, Love your relatives. You don\'t know when you\'ll lose them.


It’s another day in going to grandma’s house

It’s another day I’ll probably dread

She just has gotten too old for me

And she always smells too clean.


Our day will consist of baking cookies

And knitting like crazy,

Which I haven’t gotten fond of yet.


We’ll have the same, boring conversation

The ones about grandpa and the good  ’ole days

The things I have no interest in.


But today she has surprised me with something new

A walk in the meadow she says

Now this should be a delight.


Oh how I love my grandma’s meadow

With its sweet air and honey sickles everywhere;

Leafy greens and bright skies.


We walk in the plushy meadow

Cross legged and all, we sit.

She talks and I listen

For it seems like hours.


And she has told me all the secrets of the land

I never felt so happy in my grandma’s meadow

Where I’ll live and my for fathers wives have

And so will my kin.

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