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Love on the Island

By: yazz4youu

Page 1, Love can find its way anywhere.

This was only suppose to be a short trip

But we were cast away on a ship

The thunder roared and the lightning flashed

We tumbled over rocks and our spirits were smashed.


We set ashore and to call for help

Our clothes were ruined and stunk of kelp

We cried and wailed for we were scared

This was a strange island and didn't know what was there.


I set out on foot to look around

And you would never guess what I found

A man it was, a man in deed

He was so stunning I had to recede.


But there I looked at him from afar

His gamey eyes looked like the evening star

My breath caught up and my feet moved without me

I crept to a spot to where I could see clealy.


Oh his body gleamed without his shirt

His mucles arched and crested with dirt

You could tell he was a fighter

But looked even more of a lover.


His eyes converged with mine

And then I couldnt feel time

He walked to me

And his kiss was lusty.


It was all so abrupt

I thought my heart would erupt

And it was at that moment

I knew I wouldnt leave this island.


The ship was fixed

And they saw I was transfixed

On the man I fell in love with off deck

A man that I met during a wreck.



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