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Our Seasons

By: yazz4youu

Page 1, This poem is about all the seasons and how wonderful they are.

Summer is the time to swim and tan

To run around and play in the sand

Summer, the first season we love

Given to us from our God above.


Fall is the time to clean up the leaves

With sweat on our brow and dirt on our sleeves

Fall is the second but sometimes called Autumn

Where we can play in the yard and not be filled with boredom.


Winter is the time to drink hot cocoa inside

To build snowmen and slide down the frosted hillside

Winter, the third season for us

Where we see thousands of snowflakes and plus.


Sprind at last is here with the sun

To pick the beautiful flowers and run run run

Spring is the last but by far the least

But just know that all of them will be missed.


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