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Happy Birthday Jenny

By: Zachary Fulcher

Page 1, Happy b-day girl

I stand over your grave holding a dozen roses
A card in the other hand holds a song we wrote together 
I wish you were still around to tell me I was special
I wish you were here so I could tell you I missed you 
But since your gone and God toke you and put you beside him
I wish a happy birthday to heaven placing these roses upon your grave
I wish I was there for you more and I hadn't left you behinde so much

Baby I'm sorry for not being with you when you needed me
Please forgive me and give me a kiss in my sleep to tell me
You forgive for letting you die so emptily
I love you so much with all my soul and heart 
I would die for you just to let you see me
But it's not my time yet huney so wait for at heaven's gates
And when you wish upon a twinkling star I hope you wish to see me
I know it maybe the last time I see you 
But always wait for me at the gates oh please
I wish you happy birthday today and forever and always

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