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A Love That Cannot Be

By: ZeroDemon95

Page 1, just a poem from a while ago


There is a love I wish to embrace,

Though it cannot be, and this I truly hate.


I love you, yes I admit,

And I doubt I will ever quit.


Until the day you realize,

Why I stare at you with loving eyes.


Your beautiful smile-your gorgeous face,

The way you carry yourself with such grace.


You make me laugh-you make me cry,

You really make me wonder why.


I love you and I just can’t let go,

And not being with you hurts me so.


Some people say it’s not meant to be,

But all I want is you and me.


I guess now it’s time to give up hope,

I’m just not sure how I will cope.


You always were, you always will be,

My true love, the one that cannot be.

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