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Africa give it back

By: Zippydoda

Page 1, Political and financial satire


Africa, Africa what is the world to do, aids, corruption, war and famine too.

The west has lent you money for learning, medicine and food, not to have taken it would be rude.

You took it, to buy guns and make war, now the horseman of the apocalypse are bang at the door.

We charged you interest, that is only fair, default on the payments if you dare.

We are kind and caring in the West we send you aid that you may try your best.

We send you grain for sowing, teachers you may learn, set up call centres so you may earn.

We sell you medicines at a price, we dig you wells so you may drink, we even help you think.

We cannot understand how you take the money, the grain and the charity just living for today.

For forty years we have helped in every way, when will you learn to sow the seed and make your life pay.

Instead of planting the seed, you feast upon it and continue to breed.

How could you steal the future of your children by eating the seed before it could grow, we don’t know.

We think you have got troubles, but what the West can’t see, our pockets, our banks and our fields are all empty.

We have spent the legacy of our parents, the future earnings of our children too, we live on credit, what are we to do.

Its simple you see, we in the West are worse than you, we’ve stolen your land, your minerals to.

We have eaten enough for two, our cupboard is bare, oh Africa, Africa what are we to do.

The legacy of our parents tasted good, that of our children too, now Africa how about that pound back we lent you.

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