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truly blunt

By: Zombie Temple

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Truly blunt,

your judgement’s in question.

I feel you’re lost

let me lend you a map.

It may not be the one you need

it may not be the one you want,

but dude i miss you whole.

I miss you bad

i wish you well

I’ll always miss your smile.

You will be in my thoughts,

if i can’t help you though,

by God,

I’ll pray.

I don’t pray,

I don’t try.

But fucker if you think i’ll let you go,

if you ever think i’ll leave you behind,

if you EVER think that for some reason,

you’re going to be out of my life;

Just know how wrong you are.

Just know i would drop everything for you.

Let me be the friend that helps you through

let me be the friend that you don’t talk to for a week,

only because i pushed you to do your very best.

Let me tell you what i would do in that week time:

Mail you obsessively about how sorry i am.

draw you anything you’ve mentioned that you loved.

I’ll bite my pinky off for you.

Read this again.

Read this again when you’re down.

Read this again when the shit hits the fan.

Read this until you remember that you’re never going to be alone.

I miss your smile

i love your laugh.

Life can scream like a bitch to you


that’s when you knock that bitch down and whisper,

“I got this bitch.”


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