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A couple in a dreamlike state

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"Mindy!" I hear Joseph call. I am laying in bed and it is 5pm. I woke up at 9am and just laid here like a stone in water. I have sunk into the bed and it is impossible to get up
To change
To move
To breathe
I didn't move I just laid in this bed and thought about nothing. My mind has raced but no thoughts encompassed it. A white space of emptiness sat still where nothing is alive and nothing happens, where there is nothing.
Everything is nothing. Nothing is everything.
"Mindy?" He walks into the room and I do not look up or even move the slightest inch. "Darling, are you awake?"
My eyes are closed and I can feel him move closer to me. I can feel that shift in the air and sense his body move closer. His fingers brush my bare shoulder. Skin...skin...air...nothing.
"Are you alive?" He whispers, more silent than air. More silent than skin. More silent than nothing. I begin to wonder if he has even spoken at all. Or if the air is moving in slight patterns and creating these false voices. Is he really here? Is he even real? Or am I sitting on clouds, sitting on air
Waiting to be
I slowly let my eyes open. All is nothing. This room has the tiniest bit of light painting patterns on the wall through the curtains and blinds. I see the silhouette of my Joseph, and I see the bright blues of his eyes. The blues that remind me that life is real
that life
Things are simple. Simple is nothing. Nothing is simple.
"Mindy, you can't just lay in bed all day. It's not healthy, please sit up." He pulls slightly at my arm, His fingers slip off my skin so gently and so romantically. His fingers slip off as if I am made of water. He stares, he breathes.
I don't sit up. I stare in my catatonic state and watch my Joseph. He is bewildered, he is confused. He is wondering how I'm thinking. How I'm breathing and I begin to believe that he as well is questioning if we are alive. If this is life and if this is air, if we are breathing or if
And dying and breathing...
Oh, my Joseph. I laugh in my mind but it is nothing in real life. Real life is nothing. Nothing is real life.
breathe, skin
I am not.
My Joseph stands there and he still watches me. I watch him with my eyes closed. We sit. We stand. We dance. We lie down. We breathe. We become one. We end motion. We stop the world from spinning because it is not even real. This world is going dead and we are leaving. I am leaving but I have left already. Because I am not real and nothing on this dead earth is real. We are figments of imagination, of a dream, We are the dream
And I am the slight shift in the air as you breathe....breathe...breathe....
Until there's nothing left. Until he gives up and just lies down beside me. I lay straight on my back and sink further into this bed like a stone. He gently curls himself into me. I am safe and he is safe on this invisible earth. His hand in mine, his arm around me, skin
We both fall asleep to the sound of air.


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