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And They Survived

Short story By: peoplehateme101

Sequal to Diary of the End..... Thalia,Jones is a surviver of the end of the world. Here are her last few jornal entries after the death of her little sister, Anna,Jones.

Submitted:Jun 13, 2011    Reads: 43    Comments: 10    Likes: 3   

11:27a.m., Wednesday September 28th, 3013

After all this time, she's dead! How could she do this to me?! We were supposed to be the last ones! Just me and her! Now she's gone! If she were still here I'd slap her for being so foolish! Wait I take that back, if she were still here I would take her in my arms and never let go. Never would I let go; for in fear that she'd disapear. This makes me so angry, yet, it also makes me feel like falling down and balling my eyes out.-sigh- Well, anyway whatever.....

7:14p.m., Thursday September 29th, 3013

Yesterday I came across a small camp. Status: 1 female, blind, 2 males, one with a potentially fatal sickness...... ( Shelly, Torin, TOD- 12:45a.m. aprox. COD- Road caved in and she was instantly crushed.)

3:15a.m., Friday September 30th, 3013

We traveled to N.Y , N.Y, and we lost one almost right away. Makes me wary of our luck. Well, the look of Jamey's leg isn't good, it looks infected. Great all we need is another sick person. We'll need to stop in the next city, our supplies are running low. God I hope I make it through this..... ( Joshua, Leslie, TOD- 7:30p.m. aprox. COD- Bled to death after falling from a two-story building.)

4:25p.m., Saturday September 31st, 3013

We decided to stay in N.Y, N.Y, Jamey and I. We thought it was best in our current situation. Though I'm starting to wonder, he isn't looking to good. Very pale, and he's acting almost like he's drunk, even though I know he isn't. Ahh, well, all we can do is wait for tomarrow and hope we're not dead by then.

{ Jamey, Leslie, and Thalia, Jones, both ended up surviving the end of the world. They had two kids, one girl and one boy. They both grew old and died within days of each other. Their two kids lived on, silently keeping the humans alive and having kids of their own. Their names were Shelly, Jones, and Joshua, Leslie. And they survived..................}


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