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A world left desolate and a man left alone

Short story By: Publius Novus Virtus

I man is forced to witness a trumatic terror

Submitted:Aug 16, 2011    Reads: 37    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

A World Left Desolate & A Man Left Alone

It happened. Just like before, it came. Could it be stopped…? I don't want to think about what could've happened. All that matters now is that it did happen and it still is happening. I'm older, late twenties or so. The world has changed. They were taken, taken away, far away, like sheep to the slaughter. It is the Holocaust all over again. I'm just standing so… so still. I'm just watching it. An occurrence, a terror towards men; it's consuming them. The days are darker, like winter in summer. There are no more flowers…; they never grew. Where are the blue skies…? They never came, not anymore. The trees have no leaves…; they're dead, standing still. The ground is black. I thought… wasn't it… didn't it… use to be green? I'm still watching it, the horror that's before me. I'm not crying…, I should be. There is screaming. They are always screaming. A shiver down my spine…, is it the ice wind? Yes, there is still wind. There is screeching. Sometimes they screech. It's consuming them. There are soldiers in black armor. They are taking them. It's a catastrophe. The soldiers say they burn those who rebel. The soldiers took me but not to be burned. The soldiers took me… to make me watch… to make an example out of them, my fellow men. The soldiers showed me my future if I fight. I'm the only one who hasn't fought. And now I see her…, she is one of them. She is perfect; in every physical way she's beautiful. A match is thrown; the soldiers threw it. Her eyes turn to horror and for the first time my eyes turn away. I can't watch it… I can still hear it, the screaming. I can still hear her. Her agony is amplified by her cries as the fire slowly creeps up her body. She isn't dying fast enough. As each second ticks by her screams become louder. As each second ticks by my stomach squeezes tighter, suffocating me at the sounds of her ever increasing agony. As the fire creeps up her chest her screams change into shrieks. Her shrieks choke me till my legs buckle and I fall to my knees. Her shrieks shatter my ear drums. They pop and the blood oozes out. My teeth grind against each other until her last moment of life. Her shrieking is replaced by a sudden, total, silence. The silence is chilling, colder than the ice winds. A shiver down my spine, it's brought by the abyss of absolute quiet and the memory of this place just moments ago filled with screams of absolute agony. This is the future of rebellion. I'm left to a choice. Can I stop this? I will die if I try… That doesn't matter anymore… I can't stand to see them suffer, to watch them die, or to hear them be consumed. I have made up my mind. I will fight. I will save them or I'll save some of them. My death is imminent. The soldiers are superior. I can make a difference. My life to save another's…, I wouldn't want it any other way. I'm not standing still anymore. I'm running. A shiver down my spine…, is it the ice winds? No, it is exhilaration driven by fear. The soldiers are chasing. My choice is made. My future is sealed. The fight has begun. The world is left desolate and I'm a man left alone.


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