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Trouble Island II

By: Stormbird Throneshaker

Page 1, Poem written 02/26/2012


Are you for sure that we aren't in Atlantis

Why good heavens no, you should pray like a mantis

You're all on top of this mountain of Trouble

and no one has left yet without bursting their bubble.

You mean that we can get out of Trouble

to go back home where it's safe and sound

Well it's not all that easy he said rubbing his stubble

for it will follow you till it finds you just like a hound.

What bought all of you here in the first place

for you all look as if you were in a race

We're just on vacation from work and from school

and here we are stranded like some crazy fool.

You're all here because you thought it was fun

but Trouble has caught you and there's no where to run

Here in Init you are and you're all out of breath

Outofit isn't as easy to find for the jungle is full of death.

Though I must say and I know that it isn't funny

If you were in Outofit you wouldn't be here like a dummy

You weren't very smart when you all set out to sea

and you surely didn't think to be running into the likes of me.

Just who do you think you are we said in a fury

Why I'm the chief cook, bottle washer, your judge and jury

Oh did I say two towns on Trouble, I think that I did

You may take the river of Doubt, no doubt I did as a kid.

Throughit is a town you'll never forget on this island so wild

and who knows whether the weather will be hot, cold, or mild

Death Jungle or Doubt River will take you all there

A few make it safe and a few others it just might scare.


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