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Man is a thought covered in flesh, this is the power of man. Your soul in fact is imagination. The first man is imagination, he has no form but he can take any. This is the man created by the universe. Why then is man in the body? For imagination to know it is there it must be translated or made manifest trough some raw material. Therefore it is plausible to say that the goodness of man is only a fiction of his imagination as much as his evil. Without imagination there wouldn't have been much of the life we are living today. God contemplates his goodness trough his work whatever form it takes. Will god stop the madness of man? No he wont, man shouldn't act for the sake of god but for the sake of his kind and the world in which he lives. What were the prophets trying to convey to man? They were reminding man that the choice is ours. One of the great channeling of this truth once said that the Sabbath was made for man but man wasn't made for the Sabbath. To fight against god and man in fact is to become aware of the unlimited power of imagination and the courage to face the consequences of our contemplation and to set up rules on how to use this power and the raw material. Man is coward and god is boundless and Israel is the nation that fights against both and prevails. Be aware that IS-REAL is not the nation but everyman who knows these truths for he will never complain but watch what he wishes to bring to his world. Forgiveness, joy and altruism are not facts imposed on us by a being outside us but those are choices we make. Do you now understand why every nation has god on their side? The strongest nation is the nation with a strong imagination. Whatever you wish for yourself should first of all be cultivated in imagination. Neutrality is the giving of our love for both parties in a fight. God is neutral, that's why it is said that she makes the rain fall on both the wicked and the righteous. If you think that things are happening to you think twice before you leave this page, whatever is happening now has always been happening. Man is his imagination can go anywhere in his past and restore broken glasses of his life. Go and take the poet child and bring him out of darkness, take the little singer and bring her out on stage. I have realized god and now I am using god to know god and I know I always somehow without or with my consent have a choice to make.

You think that god spoke to job? No he never did and wouldn't do so. But what has job found about life? Job has found out that even after tragedy has befall us we can still live another life and that life is the life of imagination, this is the world all actor and artist enter, this is the world of enchantment where we find out just what we are looking for. This is the kingdom of god where man takes and never takes it all, what is in that world belongs to nobody but everybody. This is the IS-REAL of Moses; did Moses move them into other territory? He didn't, he took them on another plane, beat me if that pleases you but there you aren't killing me. Put the body to death and I will be there. The resurrection didn't happen here but in that world. This is the world we have to go sometimes.

Life in the flesh is like a walk in a dark tunnel, the only way out is trough my imagination, that's where it becomes real that the only problem with us humans is our desire to impose our world on each other. Let the porno star be what she wishes as long as she is happy with it, what hurt you son of mine? Tell me honestly what is hurting you. I guess I know, your desire to have the world thinking like you do is what is killing you, you become so frustrated you end up another person experiences. Why so much foolishness? Rethink it my dear one, what seems good to you isn't necessarily good for another, you are too attached to it all. Say something and let whoever wants to take it take it but worry not if no one takes it and you shall find peace. It is not the rich man your problem, it is not the poor man your trouble, it is not the system and the people your problem. It is your desire to be counted. Let me ask you something: what happens to a beautiful flower which grows in a forest with no one to see it? Does it die? Does it end its life? Does it shout loud calling people out? Does it complaint for the place she is in? No she keeps on being a beautiful flower up to the moment she fades away. Nature is watching her and nature will be with her. Why cry? Drink of my water and take a rest. Who suffered more? Stop it all right there and put the gun down, don't be foolish you have not to be like the rest of the world. The world is going crazy, instead of being a society of knower let us be a society of seekers, let us hear everybody and their stories, it doesn't matter who enjoys what you have to say, what matters is that the world lets you be what you chooses good for yourself. Accepting the gift of all is recognizing the godliness in us and others. The moment some are stopped from revealing to us their wisdom life is lost and doom awaits all of us. This is nirvana; the goal of the master is no goal at all but desire to awaken the whole to their individuality for the benefit of the whole world.

What man perceives is god and another man perceiving another man perceiving a tree both are perceiving god.


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