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Learning about your personal Animal Spirit Guides.

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If you believe that we all have spirit guides or angels. Then you should also know that there are animals that act as guides as well. Many cultures use animals in their spiritual teachings. Animals act as a conduit between the physical and spiritual world. You see it is sometimes easier to connect with an animal rather than a spirit because they are part of our physical reality.
Animals are able to connect to the spirit world much more easily than humans. Part of the reason for this is because animals have no ego and rational thinking to get in the way of their connection with the spirit world. We on the other hand get too caught up in our illusions of what we think reality is. Our egos and self-importance get in the way. We have a harder time making that connection.
Animals can act as a bridge for us because it is easier for us to accept something in the physical world. If you have a dog or a cat you may remember an experience where the animal seemed to know something was going to happen before it did. There are many stories of people who have had experiences where their dog or cat tried to warn them about something or started acting strangely right before something bad happened. They are the physical connection to your angels or guides.
There are also purely spiritual, animal guides that act the same as an angel or other type of guide. Our spirit animals are here to teach us something about ourselves or are here for protection. The best way to connect with your spirit animal is to meditate before you go to sleep and ask your spirit animal to reveal itself to you. It is easier for us to connect with our spirit animal in dreams because we let down or guard, our egos take a break for a little while.
There is also your own intuition. I'm sure you have an animal that you are drawn to or feel a connection with. Maybe you had a stuffed animal as a child that you felt a strong connection with. Think about it and it will come to you.
You usually have more than one. Some are there for life and some are only there for a specific lesson. Once you connect with one of your spirit animals try to learn as much about them as you can. The characteristics of most animals will give you a clue as to what its specific purpose is for you. It's up to you to find out what it means to you personally it's different for everybody. Although there are some common themes. You still need to find out how it relates to you.
For example: The Bear is known for it's ability to hibernate which teaches us about giving ourselves time to heal. That there are times in life when we need to just crawl into our cave and shut down for a little while. The Squirrel is always hiding away his food and preparing for a time when food is scarce. The Squirrel teaches about preparing for the future and saving our resources for a time when we may need it. These are just some small examples there is a lot more to these animals. The more you learn about them the more you will understand what their purpose is for you and the stronger your connection will be.

Let me give you an example of one of my personal experiences. It is how I got the name Crow Feather.
About ten years ago I was camping alone at the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It was during the winter and there were not a lot of people there so I was really on my own. Anyway to make a long story short I was lost and I was getting worried because the Grand Canyon is huge! That night I went to sleep and a Crow came to me in a dream. He Said, " I am your brother and I will show you the way" In the dream I became a Crow and flew with him. He showed me where to go. Then he said, " You are one of us, if you ever need help just call on us."
The next morning I started walking in the direction he had shown me. It seemed like the right way but after awhile I wasn't sure and I started to question myself. When I did that I looked up and there was a Crow flying in the direction I was going. So I continued on. Every time I started to feel like I was lost I would stop and there would be another Crow flying ahead of me. Eventually I found my way. Ever since then I have had a strong connection with the Crow.
Over the years I have learned that the Crow represents for me the lesson of not being afraid to speak my truth. Not to be afraid to speak up. What is the one thing most people think of when they think of a Crow? Caw! Caw! They are noisy and they aren't afraid to speak up. The Crows lesson for me is about communication and fear. The Crow is very courageous but he also knows how to work with others. Another lesson for me is about learning how to work with others and also my enemies.
There are documented cases of a Crow working with a Wolf. Under normal circumstances the Wolf is his enemy. But, in extreme situations, during the winter, when food is scarce. The Crow will fly ahead and sort of show the Wolf where potential prey is. When the Wolf makes a kill he leaves behind some scraps for the Crow. So the Crow teaches about working with others including our enemies. But the main lesson for me is not to be afraid to speak the truth. In some Native American tribes the Crow is the keeper of the laws and he will sometimes be asked to pass judgment. The Crow has been part of my life for a long time now and I know he has been instrumental in helping me to deal with all the abuse I suffered as a child. He has given me the courage to talk about it and to expose the abuse. This is all part of my personal healing process.
There are many books on the subject of Spirit Animals. If you do a google search I am sure that you will find plenty of information. *

* Disclaimer: I am only speaking of my personal experiences and what I have learned from those experiences. I do not claim to be an expert or to be a shaman or spiritual teacher. I mean no disrespect to those of you who are. I am not trying to exploit anybody's religious or cultural beliefs. I speak from my heart and I speak my truth Just like my brother the Crow taught me.
I have a lot of experience with this sort of thing. Some of the experience is good and some bad. I was heavily involved in the "New Age" movement back in the 90"s. There is a lot of good stuff in the "New Age" culture but I also found that there are a lot of charlatans out there. These people are only concerned about getting your money. They use the fa├žade of their metaphysical abilities to manipulate people for there own gains.
Don't get me wrong there are a lot of good people out there. I am just saying to question it if it feels wrong. The important thing to remember is you need to follow what feels right for you. Some books will tell you. You need to do this or do that. Or this animal means this or means that. Use the information as a guide but don't follow it blindly. DO what feels right for you, if it doesn't feel right don't do it. Remember your heart is your best guide, trust it.

Crow Feather

Crow Feather, Contact: crowfeather_caw@yahoo.com
Copyright 2008 Crow Feather
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