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An Incredible Enigma

Article By: Gagan
Religion and spirituality

We are more than we think. Something I want to share with my readers.

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" Your son, will never be able to walk, talk or do things normally like other kids do, I am sorry but your son is born with severe brain damages". These words could jolt down any spirit in the world and they certainly did of a mother, who decided to get rid of his child, who in the eyes of this intelligent world was not 'NORMAL'. He was adopted by a 52 year old lady, who already had 6 childrens, the boy who could not eat or walk properly, had no scope, no carrer, no imagination, no sucess and no future, was deemed unfit, chapters of his childhood were printed in black pages, till the age of 16, when he started playing a piano after listening to a performance on a T.V only once.For a mentally challanged, without any formal or classical training, hitting the correct notes of a blissful instrument, was nothing less than a 'Miracle'.

'Leslie Lenke', is what his name is, an Inspiration, a genius, a 'SAVANT". In science it is defined as a medical rare condition, where patient develops one or more area of expertise, ability or brilliance. Leslie along with some other Savants have amazed the world with the passions of their liking. Kim Peek, a man who can read with both eyes, or Danie Tammet who's brain can calculate more accurately than computer, are all artists of beautiful enigma called 'BRAIN'.

These examples always squash out the imagination, that are we fully aware of out abilities? are we fruifully oiling our machines? are we aware of the extent to our human thinking ? Everyone in this world has an ability to amaze him/herself with wonders, which they themselves are not aware of, but are we ready to move that extra inch. Savants like Leslie or kim were never burdened with words like carrer, competition, status, depression, failure, perceptions or loomniness, the bird of their heart was free ever since they were considered unfit to participate in the wild world race. They listened to the voice which bestowed their true-self, and they did what some of us would called 'Miracles'.

Our society is plagued by dictionary definations of things like, God, sucess, magic, love and soul, and we model ourselves and our childrens accordingly, forgetting that these definations are origin of a mind, which is like ours, the only difference is, someone thought and wrote about it, we read and followed it, but never thought about it. We live in an enviornment, where perceptions are drawn every day, and we try desprately hard to keep up to them, try to be good son, good mother, good student, good artist and everything which is falling the basket of civilized society. As much as so, that we close our eyes, and start evaluating ourselves with the eyes of others. Forgetting the fact, what reside Inside is Far more superior and better, than what we try to potray Outside, all it wants is FREEDOM. 'Savant' reside in all one of us.


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