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The Continuing Search For Jesus

Article By: hawkwind
Religion and spirituality

The Time Has Come to Search for the Truth About Jesus Through Scientific Evidence.

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For 2,000 years, Christians have more or less accepted the fact that Jesus of Nazareth was the son of God. He rose from the dead after His Crucifixion and His physical body ascended into heaven.

The gospels have been believed verbatim by the faithful over the centuries. Recently however more and more people have begun to question the biblical accounts of Jesus life and have sought historical evidence of who Jesus really was. Scholars, historians , archaeologists among others have begun searching for new evidence to substantiate the new testament accounts.

Since the publication of the book and the release of the movie - The DaVinci Code, interest has increased around the world concerning the true nature of Jesus of Nazareth.

In 2008 a documentary movie was released called Bloodline. It offed a fascinating premise- that Jesus did not die on the cross, but lived to old age and died of natural causes. He married Mary Magdalene and had children.The documentary speculates that Jesus and his family left the holy land and went to the south of France where he and Mary his wife eventually died and were buried near a French church.

His blood line or descendants live on today in the world it is said. They are protected by a top secret organization that prevents the truth about Jesus from becoming public knowledge.

This has caused an uproar bordering on blasphemy among some Christians. If this is true- the entire concept of Christianity is wrong. Jesus might a a great figure in human history, but without the death and resurrection, the entire Christian concept of redemption through suffering has to be totally revised. Jesus resurrection would then have to be a spiritual, not a physical one.

Barring the discovery of any new first century documents like the dead sea scrolls, we have to rely on archaeological evidence for any new accounts of Jesus or to confirm what is written in the gospels.The famous "Shroud of Turin" is claimed by some to be the burial cloth of Jesus. The age and authenticity of the shroud has not been proved one way or the other.

We know that Joseph of Aremethea took Jesus down from the cross. The question arises- Did he take Him down while He was still alive? That would explain Jesus walking out of the tomb 2 days later.

I do not believe there is a massive 2,000 year old conspiracy or coverup by the Catholic church concerning the real identity of Jesus, but there are nagging doubts and new possibilities that must be explored.

Maybe we will never know who this person called Jesus really was- Man or God. Blind faith should not be substituted for scientific or archaeological evidence. We should keep searching for the truth, one day we shall find out.


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