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If you can't see it- it doesn't EXIST....

Article By: Khano
Religion and spirituality

Read it. :). I really am not referring to any person in particular or anything in particular. It's a general view. I mean no offense. I come in peace [Buzz Lightyear]. Sorry, dunno where that came from. Okay, I would love your input so don't just read and go away. tell me what you think because if u've seen the title and clicked on it, u knew what I was going to talk about. However, if ur going to swear me and tell me I'm talking nonsense in an undignified, immature manner, save it for someone else because I will merely roll my eyes and delete it.

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If You Can't See It- It Doesn't Exist....

I'm going to take you back say...500 years. Say, I bump into a young guy, in those times...

Me: 'Did you know that in your body you have things called cells which run through your bloodstream? You have over 200 types. If you had to unravel a single cell and the mammoth tasks it carries out it would take up a good few kilometres and btw...there are so more than a trillion of them which replicate itself everyday.

Guy: 'How big is it?!'

Me: 'You can't see it. It is invisible to the naked eye.'

Guy: [throws his head back and laughs] 'Oh sure. You think I'm going to believe that I have a trillion things inside me that do a trillion different things but...it's invisible? Take your fancy stories elsewhere.

Me: No seriously. I'm from the 21st century, man has increased in intelligence. With the use of a microscope we have discovered that cells do exist. I swear it is the truth.

Guy: I'll tell you what ma'am. If you can't see it. If you can't feel it. If you can't hear it...it doesn't exist! Why believe in something you can't see?

Me: Itseems improbable because it isuncomprehendable to you. But it exists. You may never live to know that. But it does. In my world...there is such a thing as solar power. You can make things work using energy from the sun. We have nano technology. A thousand nano metres is the tip of your hair mate...we have created devices and softwares using that. There is such a thing called bluetooth. You can transfer images, words and recordings....by air. We have something called internet. It is a giant structure of information, stored through satellite, which is positioned in the sky might I add.

Guy: Really Miss, I don't know what fantasy dream-world you have evolved from, but return to it please because your stories are ridiculous.

Me: How can you not believe me?!!! It exists!!!!

Guy: [walks away, shaking his head and murmuring 'deranged lady' to himself]

Anyone contradicting me yet? Anyone says that nano technology and bluetooth and solar power and internet doesn't exist? ;p....even Adam and Eve would have scratched their heads had we mentioned that this is what man would create in the future, when all they had was raw materials and rescources. It would seem what...impossible to them?

This is the excuse of too many people today. The 'if you can't see it, it don't exist thing'. If MAN could discover something the naked eye cannot see, the five senses cannot perceive...who are we to claim that there is no intelligence behind this, this....perfectly proportionedworld?

Back in those times, had you brought all the things scientists have proven, in text and what-not...they would have shaken their heads and say it's 'Made up. Someone made up a story and you people believed it like fools,' they would say to us. The proof is STARING in their faces, but they would deny it.

This is exactly what people say, with religion, with their books. The ancient people liked stories to explain why things happen, so they wrote the bible, and the Torah, and the Quran and all the others, someone was bored. These books have words so powerful. It is literally impossible to author such strong, blatantly true words...and they say its made up. ? .

Like how that boy 500 years ago, had he lived until now, realized that I was speaking the truth. This stuff really exists, he would've been all shocked and said 'So you were right after all'. When man finally realizes that there is an Intelligent Author and Maker behind all of this, Allah says: 'They'll be shocked and confused. They'll say 'But we didn't know You existed!' We didn't know. We followed what the others told us.

Nay, sorry, your time is up. You realized too late.'

When that day comes, and the truth will finally be bare before everyone, we'll be thinking 'If we told someone 500 years ago that this would happen, they would call me a storyteller. They'd never believe me'. Even though we have books of eloquent speech, worded in a way man could never himself word. We have blaring truth...but we deny it because our minds cannot comprehend.

Another reason people fail to believe in the existence of a Creator. Because if He loves us, why would we get sick, face loss and hardship, all that stuff. :). Logical explination. If everything was perfect, I mean in terms of their health and if their lives were perfect [I'm not contradicting myself btw when I said the world is perfect]...we're people, we're humans. We have jealousy, hatred, emotion, naturally! If we never faced any trials or tribulations, would we be grateful? Few would. Very few.

Typical girl: 'Hey. Nothing will ever happen to me even if I'm bad. Coz God loves me you know? So if I murder my ex boyfriend I'll be forgiven.'

If no one went through sufferings. How would we take lesson? How would we learn to be grateful for what we have?

If everyone was rich. How could we be generous, how could we be less selfish and rather selfless by feeding an orphan? By providing a homeless person shelter?

I'll tell you what would happen. We would be corrupted! Damn, I can't even begin to explain what would be the outcome. If you have a logical mind, you can ponder this and tell me if I'm making sense, or...I'm just queer.

I'll give you rational proofs extracted from a book:

1. Reason rejects the idea that anything could come into existence on its own. Like food served without one preparing it. Like a universe appearing with no one preparing its appearance.

2. Then what about this awesome expansive universe. The sun, moon, stars planets. In absolute precise mass, distance and orbit. The earth and the creatures it contains, the humans, the animals, the diverse species, completely different in color, languages, their abilites to reason and understand. The different scents and characteristics of nature!

3. The proof of an existence of Allah, of a God, is obvious. Since there can be neither speech nor saying without a speaker. None of the scientific theories revealed 1400 years ago [not 500], have been discredited. Up till now, no single historian has been able to refute or belie one narration or the smallest detail thereof.

4. All such facts make it impossible for human reason to believe it was written by a human since this is beyond human ability and knowledge.



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