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Islam, Through The Eyes Of A Fourteen Year Old.

Article By: Khano
Religion and spirituality

I am a muslim speaking about what falseness people asscociate with us. Terrorists? Extremeists? Hear what I have to say about all of this.

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Islam, A Religion Of Peace
Who is not aware of the universal, famously recognized greeting 'Assalaamualaikum' ? Thus I greet you reader, may God descend his peace and blessings on you, and to you may be peace.
Islam. Salaam. Derived from the same word meaning, peace.
How do we maintain this "peace" when we are tormented, ridiculed and mocked? When people that "claim" to enforce freedom of religion and human rights, ban us from donning a simple piece of cloth? It is quite immature in truth. Like telling a Hindu they're not allowed to wear their sari. Or a nun she can't wear the white scarf. It's like telling a Buddha he can't shave his head bald. And a Jew he can't wear a little cap. See the big picture?
Why? Why do they do this my brothers and sisters? Because they know that muslims are strong, we've held for 1300 years and we don't plan to back down to anyone, not even hoity-toity extremely powerful leaders. Have you not seen babies and mothers being blown up and murdered maliciously. How can anyone justify that? Imagine your own mother lying on your doorstep without a head? Is that right? Is it right to have your home smashed to smitherens? To have your family murdered before you? To have arms and legs amputated off you? Can anyone defy me and tell me that its right? Go onto the internet and search for the struggle of Palestine. For the pain of Palestine. You will notice one thing, that no matter what anyone does to them, that little child will still smile, still smother kisses over his mommies face, still hold the flag of Islam high in the air.
Because if you think about it, what did the muslims do? Media can create anything. Media leads people blindfold into falshood. And people just listen and accept that from now on, muslim people are bad, they're enemies, better stay away from them.
If you go furthur and ask yourself, why do they go through so much to try and prove us wrong? Why do they care so much [it kind of flatters me, the attention we get]? Why only "us"????
Because we're terrorists? Is that the answer? Hah! Any person that believes the muslims are terrorists…I can just say, you do not posess intelligence to understand. Well then again, everyone isn't perfect, there obviously could be people out there who portray the image of a muslim but are actually far away from Islam. Sue Townsend, the author of Adrian Mole is one person who is clever, who's sharp. If you read her book, Adrian Mole And Weapons Of Mass Destruction, you'll know what I'm talking about.
Why would a person like myself, a muslim, a person who loves Allah, who is Allah's bestest friend. Who follows the gentle Prophet who was so sweet and understand, who detested violence wholeheartedly. Why would a person like myself have the heart enough to bomb civillizations?
The only three instances that the prophet sentenced a person to death was apostacy [which exists no longer], murder and adultry. And it's not some stupid thing to terrorize everyone. It comes with great intelligence behind it.
If you know about Islam, if you really know about Islam, then you too will know that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a true muslim to murder someone intentionally. They would not then too, commit adultry with a person as if it were something normal. It would be sick if that were allowed. And like how people find every excuse in the world to pick on Islam, they would have said 'Why do the muslims say they're so pure and devoted to God when they're doing adultry and stuff?'
It makes sense in other ways too. What dieseases are most rife in recent times? HIV, AIDS, TB, Cancer etc etc. They are dangerous, ruining and life-threatening. And how are they transmitted? I shall leave the obvious as it is.
Another thing people get way way WAY wrong is that y'know for every single thing you do we're going to say 'no you'll go to Hell'. That is silly and annoying. Of course we aren't like that. The Prophet taught us to advise, not to force and irritate and act Holier Than Thou. I don't like people who act like that. So we aren't really extremists. And anyway, there's nothing to be extreme about. Heck all we're doing is worshipping a God and wearing a religious clothing, what's the biggie?!!
And finally, I would like to talk about the diversion of our community. Muhammad[saw] was loving to the non-muslim even, he fed him and sheltered him and took him as an ally. It brings tears to my eyes to know that the Christians, The Muslims and other religions do not love each other for who they are. What happened to unision? To being people who care and look out for each other? We are all the same skin and bones. We will all die and return to sand, what on EARTH causes us to blank each other to separate worlds????????????
Peace. ;-)


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