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the Modern day Eve (every woman) accept it or not. This is just my view, my experience

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The modern day Eve and the issues that she is plaque with. Women have an issue with thinking men are trying to control them and it's a real problem. Since day of creation woman have had their own mind and opinion and felt that they have not been heard or even felt like they have been recognize as a force to be reckon with. Ever since the Garden of Eden woman have made up their mind what to do and when to do it. It's like a power struggle between men and women of today; women don't want to feel as if they are being controlled by men and men trying to gain position of what we are slowly losing. True man was created first in God's own image and His likeness, yet woman was created from the rib as a help meet and partner for the man to replenish the Earth and protect. We as men have yet to do our job and protect the woman who betrayed us from start by our creator. It's obvious that women are not going to listen to a man who doesn't take care of home or his responsibilities or business like he is suppose to. It's also obvious that men are tired of women trying to be heroes and saviors and play "I'm every woman" sound track every time they get pissed at us. If women would just try and put their trust back in the man and as men do RIGHT by our women we wouldn't have this issue. I do believe it has to do with who ate the fruit from the tree first. Women have been cunning and devilish with mischief since the first bite of the fruit. It has to do with her eyes being open first to what she saw and how she felt, although from the side of man she was created, his back she stabs. This particular plague happened in the Garden of Eden, when the woman was so easily persuaded by a serpent, and yet the man so gullible to follow. I am merely speaking of today's man and woman, whatever Adam's reason was to follow Eve I'm sure was because he loved her enough not to want to live without her. Whatever her reason was I'm sure was probably because she was inquisitive with hunger. We know that's a true cause women today are the same way, nosey and quick to look for a quick fix to an issue. Men we are so gullible to believe what the woman is saying that we believe her. Desperate Housewife, SWF, SBF, or widow, it doesn't matter which you are it's the same circle or cycle. The days of Cleopatra are among us once again, Queen of Sheba and Jezebel. These are the women who defined the different means of creating and inventing what it was they wanted and stopped at nothing to make sure they got their way. A woman on a mission with a strong head is a dangerous woman; she lurks and creeps to disrupt what she wants. Women are fast learners in almost every aspect, it has been proven women use both sides of their brain while men just use the right side, I guess that was left when Adam bite in the fruit. An order was set when man was created and although this order was set women have been trying to rewrite that order since. Can you just imagine Eve wondering and listening to the serpent and how he must have told her what he told her in order for her to disobey her husband? The first sin in any relationship was brought on by the woman, listening to outsiders and what must be best for you and not your relationship, an idol mind, gossip. The second sin, disobedience, it didn't matter what he told her she refused to listen to his knowledge and wisdom and what was given by GOD. Today's woman most of them are not too far off from the ancient Eve. Being true to your spouse and having his back when he needs you. Some women have trouble with the mere fact of being a help mate or the weaker sex when it comes to their relationship with men, why is this? Women no longer want to be associated with the fact of being the weaker sex or having them told you can't because you're a woman. For a long time women have struggled with hearing and feeling rejected by society because of who they are. True it may not be right; however even man know the deceit and cunning ways of the woman, because of her past. All men ask for is that the woman whom he decides to complete his life with be there for him. Not all men ask this, there are still a few that ask for too much and go overboard, then there are those men that will do right. What happen to the virtuous woman, the Coretta Scott King's, Betty Shabazz or even Cookie Johnson? Women who stood by their man no matter the storm and stood firm. Even Hilary Clinton can be added to this list of women, she stood by her man through ridicule and public humiliation, knowing he was wrong and lied about it, yet she stayed. Eve was a hell of a woman, it was her who brought sin into her relationship, the first to do wrong in the relationship, and here we condemn the man for the first to go outside the realms of vows and commit the first sin. Since that day in the Garden of Eden when Eve took that first step to be disobedient woman have been doing such. Look around and check out all the relationship experts, most are woman who have been through rough issues, yet it's the woman who doesn't want to admit their wrong or say they did all they could to save their marriage or relationship. In all actuality if they really did all they could in the beginning they wouldn't be where they are now. Please do understand I am not speaking of all women, merely those who refuse to understand the truth of a relationship and cherish a man who deserves it. Stop blaming the man for all the wrong and accept half of what you yourself have gotten into. To all the modern day Eve's, I truly want to thank you for being true to who you are.


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