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Afraid Of Death And What Resurrection?

By: Stormbird Throneshaker

Page 1, Article written 12/20/2012

Hundreds and thousands of years may have or perhaps will pass while we and our loved ones (bodies) lie in our graves, asleep in death, awaiting the return of the Lord. II Peter 3:4

Having died and given up the breath of life, our bodies return to the dust of the earth. Genesis 3:19

If we all are apart of the first resurrection, those many years will seem as if we just momentarilly nodded off to sleep and were jarred back awake by our Lord to join him, in and throughout all eternity, forevermore. John 5:24-29;14:1-3

Before we go to bed we set our alarm clocks to wake us up at a certain time. In a flash it seems that alarm clock is going off and we have only just placed our head on the pillow!

When our Lord calls us to awaken from death, didn't we just nod off to sleep?

Anyone who has had a surgery proceedure where they put you to sleep first can vouch for the speediness of time! A few hours that drag along, at impulse (slow) speeds, to those that are awake, rush along at warp (fast) speeds to those that are asleep during their surgery. Luke 8:49-56, John 11:1-44

In death we will have no conscience of time dragging on for hundreds and or thousands of years. It will seem as if, before a surgery, we have all been put under. (No pun intended)

Those that have fallen asleep in death, and in Christ, will find themselves awakened shortly in the first resurrection, as mere seconds pass to them, the Lord will tell them, and or us, that IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP NOW! John 6:40

Now comes that three part question, and that is, are we afraid of death, or are we afraid of what resurrection we shall be called to wake up in, or both?

The answers can only be found in one place, and that is, where are our hearts in relation to the one that shall tell us all, in that day, that IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP NOW!

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