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Book By: alhain
Religion and spirituality

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The image here, literally and figuratively, is one of cultivating a garden, not pouring concrete. (Not that I’m against concrete.) And cultivation is about much more than what you take from something; it’s about what you put back into it. After all, this is God’s planet. And how we treat an object is an extension of how we treat the object’s creator or owner. What we do with this earth reveals what we think of its maker. Do not do to another what you wouldn’t want them to do you is a call that’s reveals the whole truth, now return to your land and you will know what to get ride of.

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The greatest thing that can ever happen to a man is for him to know that there is nothing under the sun that is really his and the man we talk about is simply the personality or the small ego. The desire to become like its creator (big god) is what provides for Adam or the universal soul what he needs in order to unfold that desire to which he has given all the glory and the light he doesn't want to look away from. When Adam looked at his desire he was well pleased with it and the light of his creator was well pleasing to his eyes, but did he know what that desire was to imply the moment he throws himself into it? Nature came into being from the very first being desire to become like god but he came to be this trough ignorance, he doesn't know what it is like to be like god, the request was good but the desired result of the question was a shocking one, god is peace, love and god is in fact altruism and this is the most shocking thing we hear when we go to teachers of truth. When god created Adam or the first soul he did so with altruism at its basis and this is what Adam didn't much know when we read his story trough the Christian bible. When men enter in the mind of the first being they are well aware of its longings and they realize why they are here, that desire in fact is what caused Adam to become you, I, the trees, and the earth and so on, Adam wanted responsibility and for that he must be responsible only as an individual. Therefore this is the very purpose of creation, to provide for the son of god (Adam) the right environment in which he can fulfill his desire to be like god. Like we have said to be like god isn't an easy thing as Adam came to realized, where there was strife it was for him to bring peace and where he was to think of himself he was to think of the whole and many more responsibilities. The curse of genesis as we commonly call it isn't a curse at all but it is a blessing, it is just what Adam or the first soul wants to experience, it want to live and to live it must love, care for and sustain itself by sustaining the members that make the whole or itself. So Adam is you and I, we have become separate as we wanted to become like our father or the one who created us, our regulator or our creator therefore is our first desire standing face to face with altruism or the base of our creation or the state trough which we came into being (god created us to impart pleasure on us), that's what makes god a good guy, he wants to share. The creator who created the first soul wanted to impart to it pleasure and in return we felt compelled to become like him, we want to impart pleasure and we have become the many or the multitude. The son of Adam is the woman (the desire of Adam to become altruist) seeking to marry the son of god (altruism). Let's understand that there are two creators, the first creator is the one who created Adam the universal soul and the second creator is the one that divided Adam for him to become the multitude so that he can live his request to become like the first creator. Is god pleased with Adam for his rebellion? Yes in fact he is but what cannot please us all are our sons turning against us when in fact with time when they'd be ready we will allow them to leave home. When the story of genesis unfold to us the so called curse, it does so from the point of view of Adam after realized that magnitude of what was waiting for him after his request or desire to be altruist like his creator, it shows us that he wasn't prepared at all for that at that very moment. This is something that happens in our lives as we go to find the meaning of life, at first we are very please with our questions to find truth and the true meaning of life, as the reality unfold itself we see now what it is to be human, it comes with more than what we believed before, it comes with responsibilities and that's when we feel like our search for truth as become like a curse, and we are the Adam who sits to look at the world he must now live in, with all its insecurities, its pain and sorrows and decide what he is going to do. He must simply implement the object of his desire (altruism). In fact it is not a curse, people who looked at the life of Jesus at first might have looked at it like a curse imposed upon him, but in reality it is the best ever thing that can happen to a man or to you and I, because it empowers us to live the life for which we were created and it is a life after peace, love and joy and abundant happiness. We could have well stayed in our original state but it was shame which caused us to seek different, think about it, you stand there and each and everyday you are being fed and clothed, there surely comes a time when you want to have your own family, your own children. And this is what made us become you and I, and as you and I we must live as to fulfill our true longing to give to each other, in fact I am like a father to you and you are like a father to me (we are each other keepers), but we must know what to give to one another or else we will simply be lying and causing death to one another. We must give to one another that which give life, we must bring peace upon ourselves first by knowing truth and living the universal truth is the only way we can feed to our brothers the bread of life. So let us be prepared for what is waiting for us, we must first of all preserve ourselves or each other, we mustn't create strife and cause others pain. What we have to understand is that some of us are so awake, when Moses arrived at the top of that mountain, what he received wasn't a mustn't and a shouldn't but what he saw was truth and truth didn't tell him anything but Moses saw truth and after having seen truth he put it in words, to us it came as a law we must follow but to Moses it was surely a river in which he swam freely. THOSE who have gone there and returned came back with laws and in their return their laws are set up as to point to this infinite truth.

The world came out of that emptiness or that void or say it came of that question or lets say again out of that desire to become like god, the world came into being and this desire in fact rules over all creatures of the earth. Why is there creation in the first place? Because we want to be like god and to be like god we must know what was god's idea in creating us (the universal soul) in the first place. The cabbalists said that it was to impart pleasure on the newly created being. But the creature wants now to be like the creator and it rebels, that was the sign in the bible of the snake coming to the woman, a cunning voice suggesting to us all that it must be done as to surprise god because man and woman felt as if there was better things being kept from them but were they ready? The bible suggest that they weren't ready because when the truth of their desire was fulfilled they saw with their own eyes what it is to be god and it isn't easy to be god. This story is repeated throughout the whole bible and in most sacred books, Babel also tells us the same story but in different words, Babel is our desire to reach the heavens above not knowing what the heavens above represents, but heaven above can not only be reached trough external power or by much knowledge although these two are important, heaven must beforehand be reached by the knowing of the reason of our being here and being so many, god CAME DOWN and divided the people of Babel as to tell them in your division there is more you can do and in fact in your division you have been given the means to attain heaven or the Christ because in fact that is our inner most desire: to attain or to see and to be one with the Christ. Those who called it a curse did so because it isn't an easy thing and many are called but very few are chosen is what one of the most known teacher of humanity told his disciples, the way that leads to the heavens above is small and narrow, that's why for our protection those who wrote the bible called the first blessing a curse.

The cursed earth and all others so called curses of the bible are simply the revealing of what we must expect if our desire is truly to become like god. It is the journey from Egypt to Israel trough the wilderness.

To become like god is to become like a woman, to care for others, to be there for them, it is to pass from the male to the female side of us or let's say it is to change roles, from the taker to the giver. In fact when Buddha realized this truth he said that there was no self and from this surely many have managed to twist his words as to run away from the empowerment he was bringing upon them to act as nature or the creator's desire dictates them to act. No self means no personal will or the refusal to withhold one's faculties for the benefits of the whole. A life lived for god is a life lived by the cultivation of all the faculties one possesses to serve the whole to which he is a part. There is nothing wrong with anger, with sadness, with tears, with sexual appetite, in fact there is nothing wrong with what a man possess but what is wrong is how man chooses to use what he has been given and at what moment. The bible is very clear to the fact that the body of a man is in fact the temple of god and it to tell us that the division happened as to build a place or a palace for the son of god within the first being by building it trough its multiplication or you and I. And from this we can clearly see why there must be war, anger, strife if Adam forgets why he became the many or the multitude. All this happens to Adam as to wake him up, to shake him if he is fast asleep. This is what is going to happen to you and I if we do not chose to be altruists, if we choose the way of self preservation at the expense of others we will in fact call upon us all kind of calamities and strife and so on. So suffering is there for a purpose, those are the angels put at the service of Adam the moment he called upon himself the desire to become like god. That's why the father of the prodigal son doesn't seem to blame the suffering his son brought upon himself; he knew what the sufferings were for.

Has Adam always wanted to be independent from god? Did he want to have his own life; was he ashamed of being an eternal child? Yes he was, that's why when he saw the woman that was brought out of him he rejoiced, but we have to understand like I have been saying that it is the same woman who caused him to turn the other way. When he was alone he couldn't sin at all, his woman or his wife is also his son or his daughter, when he had her he was glad, but son he realized that he was to take care of her and not fall asleep and leave her alone or fall to her charm. He was to guide her as to make cure in the likeness of what he wanted himself to be. Adam is a father who wanted to have children of his so that he can shape them like the children of his creator. This is you and I of course with all our desires and wants, in fact they are not bad at all but if we can shape them as to make them altruistic we will see the beauty of what we have and why we are. Many have forgotten this, in fact this is our mission here on earth, and the son of god stands above Adam as his creator and the son of Adam stand above him as a newly born child under the care of its mother. God created Adam and eve brought to Adam all the sufferings he now sees, but Adam forgot that the woman came from him, he must be in control of her or else she will delude him and he shall die.

What is the greatest blessing that can be bestowed on a man who doesn't take care of his physical body? His body decaying is the greatest thing indeed, because it takes away a precious gift rather than let it being abused. What is the greatest blessing that can happen to a man who has never cultivated his mental capacities? He will not see more of the beauty of the wisdom of god that his bestowed upon him or the beauty of the creation that he is. What is the greatest blessing upon rebellious children? It is that they might get confused and in their confusion recess to the lowest level and perish there if they do not wish to mend their ways. That's why to say that suffering is something that shouldn't happen is to misunderstand the whole purpose of the universe. If Adam had educated his daughter in the ways of the lord, she wouldn't have been a hindrance to him. Eve is desire and with desire comes responsibilities, Adam wanted a child and the child was brought to him but he forgot the child and the child was tempted by the snake of his uncaring attitude toward the child, his child. At last! Bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh was what he said, but soon don't we all blame god for her? We will blame god for her if in the first place we forget why we truly wanted that child or woman, if we have the reminder in heart, we will have blessed god and kept her by our side forever so that she might serve us by going closer to the son of god, we must marry her to the son of god (the creator of the universal self), that's why we have come her.

The true worshiper of the lord worships him in spirit or let us say with understanding. It is this understanding which allows them to welcome every situation because they see them as sent to them to allow them to rise and fulfill that desire. Or the lets say that they fulfill the purpose of creation which is altruism. Therefore we cannot hate others but we can allow ourselves to stop (kill them) them as to fulfill the purpose of creation, if we kill to save a life then we cant call it a sin, if we love but not love one more than the other we are fulfilling the purpose of creation. Nothing belongs to you and nothing belongs to me, all belongs to the whole and it is the whole we must come to serve if we are ever to see the beauty that is in store for us and we can serve the whole by knowing why it came to be me and you. A man can openly serve his peers and friends by acting on the interest of the whole, without it a man is simply an ignorant being with no true values, he will decay with his body and the gift that was given to him will be given to another. Which man will cut his hands when he knows that they help him feed himself? Nobody of course and this is the truth of our life; a life worth saving is a life that has the interest of the whole in heart. Those people who act so are called the sons of god because they have listened to the call, a call that is made manifest by their presence and other's presence in the world with the all the gifts that they possess. That's why it is imperative that all the masters before they can teach anyone they must remind them that they are not doing it as to make them feel comfortable or that they are taking those few away from the world out there, but they are doing it as to send them back to the world. Adam's desire manifest as the universe and its chaos, with its complications and with its temptations and man is there for what temptation is sent to him. As a man comes to work for the whole he will understand that the whole stand for above one's interest, in fact the whole overshadows the self and it brings him to ask the question: what am i here for? And what is he here for? To bring about the answer that is already prepared for the question itself, he is here to live, and to live he must have faith in himself, and to have faith in himself he must understand that he has capacities and knowing that he has capacities he must seek to use them for the whole and allow others to use them for the whole. And if all men serve the common interest there is in fact no self denial but acceptance of the place of the self in the scheme of things. These concepts can not be understood by everyone. Even if you have one day in your account you must live it for the whole. What heals a man is this truth, because with this truth in mind, the heart is cleansed of all impurities and it returns to its first longings, the longings of Adam or the first soul. Men might pray but they might pray only that the will of Adam be done for the things they cannot do themselves, but as to things they can do men mustn't pray they must simply do that is required of them. The body is the temple of god you have heard times and times again and within it there is the ideal of its creator or its creator's desire. This design is everywhere and everywhere. When a man comes to understand that he has no separate existence from the ideal of the universe he comes to see that there is in fact no future rewards for the good that he does but the reward for the good that he does is the good deed itself. This man doesn't pray that god might make life easy for him, he simply seeks that the will of the creator be done trough him and to him and the will of the first soul stands far above religion and man himself and it has been shown to us in Jesus justifying the good Samaritan rather than the spiritual master who leaves the man to die to go and worship god in church not knowing that god is live not evil. When we come to do the things we do for the sake of the creator we come to see that we will be asked to do things that can be very painful to do, we will in fact leave behind certain things just to do what the creator asks us to do. However painful it might feel for someone to do the will of the creator one must do it anyway. What we must all come to understand is the fact that in heaven people do exactly the same things as we on earth do but there is a different motive behind their doings and ours, that's what gives to heaven the colors of its beauty and its wisdom. Behind theirs is the sweetness of the law of the creator and behind ours is the bitterness of self love. We do not know what the future holds for us, we cannot say that things will happen the way we dream about but we must see the now, the here as the place we are called into being that which nature has made us for. We do not know what the weather will be like in the future or the shapes of our bodies as time unfolds but we do know in fact that the now is all that matters and it is in the now that we are called to do the will of creation or to live the purpose of creation.

Cowardice asks the question "Is it safe?" Expediency asks the question "Is it politic?" And Vanity comes along and asks the question "Is it popular?" But Conscience asks the question "Is it right?" right for the whole?

Yes it is always safe to save ones life at the price of the whole, it is politic to use one self to dominate the rest of the world, it is always popular to be loved for being wrongly oneself, but will it ever be right to do what's right? To rebuke a child, a brother, to let the world know that even if everyone has gone on the other side i will stay here alone, will we do it? Because we ant gonna follow human will anymore, we will have to look at nature and look at it as the product of the mind of its creator and we are going to listen, this is the steps the sons of god have taken, they who have seen their foolishness are ever ready to tell people no more of this. Time for change has come or let's happily awaits the destruction of ourselves and our children.

All men have made the same mistake, they all speak of themselves instead of speaking of the whole, that's why they have created so many languages, and here we are the simple people, the laymen as they commonly call us left in ignorance of the facts, I speak but i speak not for you and i speak not for them but i exalt the whole in its great desire, how can god serve you when you have never thought of serving it? If the bible plainly tells us that Christ is the end of the law are we not also told that he is the word or the cause trough which all was created? Christ is simply the idea not ours of course but Christ is idea to us but he is the cloth of the original father and we all want a piece of that cloth and this is why we have become the multitude. This we are not able to understand because we seek our will like we have always done (our personal will of course). What made those who saw the Christ so different? What gave them the strength to go on in life not fearing death at all? What elevated them so high as to give them no return ticket to their old selves? They are different because they spoke of the purpose of creation, they cared for the whole, they live with the whole in mind and they sleep with it, they want to eat Christ but not as cannibals but as a great meal which gives life and life eternal.. Daniel agreed to live with god in the furnace, but what is it today? Everyone calls on god to do his will, but none calls upon god to bring heaven on earth. Sinners say god shall deliver us from evil, how can he do it if man himself sees not that he is the evil he so much fears. Men do not wish to enter in his presence because they will not be exalted as the most high is, they will forever stay servant to the whole.

This is the foolishness of men, they rape their own daughters and they sacrifice their own sons to the gods of their own making, yet the true god is there in wait for us all to see the truth of being.

Remember that whole "it is not good for the man to be alone" thing? If community and companionship are woven into the fabric of creation, then the whole thing hinges on whether we take responsibility for each other. Individualism and "each to their own" are poison to Adam's creation. For me, the stories of the bible are reminder that we're meant to participate in the struggle between good and evil here and now, not sit and wait for it to be settled in some distant future apocalyptic event. It is this world that Adam cares about, and this world that he still hasn't given up on.

Man has given himself a name and has appropriated a piece of land and he has called himself the son of god, yes he is indeed but like the prodigal son he has also turned his back on his father, he has forsaken the command to have his share, what share man might talk about when he sees well that he is the creature therefore all the things of earth and the things of heaven belong to its creator. None can go to the father but trough the son, yet the son stand amidst us all, and many see him not, they pass him in the middle of their union with others, they watch him die in hunger and they abuse him right where he is. But all man does wrong is refusing to know that he is the creature, everyman wants his illusional name to be put on every building in the city scare, yes everyman seeks to control the whole but he cant, everyman seeks to judge the whole's desire, to rise above it and subjugate it under his reign but the whole will not let that happen. A man will not come out of the ark; yes he will not do it unless the lord has said so. Abraham should have told his children the reason why they had to live into slavery; he himself didn't get the clue, HE WAS ASKED to sacrifice a goat caught in then thicket by its horns. Did he see? He couldn't see because the ram was behind him. Will you see? This is the sacrifice everyman shall make unto the whole so that he might forever live with it in unity and love. Man said god sacrificed his son for us; yes Adam sacrificed his individuality to become you and I. But we mustn't sacrifice anything to whole but we must give him that ram caught in the thicket by its horns. What have you done of it, the son you have crucified, the son you have buried yet the son reveals himself to virgins amongst you all the time. You say how come the mother of god was to be a virgin; she was because she knew no man, she didn't sleep with any of them. This is what the foolish daughters of god can't do, they are all stupid and they get seduced by Casanovas, the fallen race, the blind leads the blind screamed Jesus in anger. Yes the blind leads the blind in our ages, but who will speak the word of god? Who will mount the mountain to hear the voice of god? Michelangelo made Moses with horns, yes he saw the horns of Moses because he made him from the bottom of the mountain, and did he do that on purpose? Yes he did indeed, why? The children of this time will see Moses as being a tyrant and they will say that Jesus is anarchist, how can they not be that when they have made it pretty clear to man that he is to love god alone with all his heart? Blood has been spilled under the carpet of heaven, men and woman raped in insolence by the so called sons of god, they all preach a Jesus of their own making, and they say that Jesus is love yet they do not embody the love they talk about. Men go to church to praise god, but the true believer praises god by imitating him and listening to him. How can you be scared of the most high when he does no hurt to man? To repent is not to take an ought, but to repent is to change direction, to repent is to enter the wilderness; it is to refuse to listen to the evil voice that seeks you to transform bread of your own strength. The evil men call the word of god stone, while the sons of god call it the bread of life, the evil men see god as demanding praises, yet the true sons of god see god as a father looking after his child to elevate them to his place. Who will dare say that a man must enter the darkness and let the word of god be the only light? No man can stand a minute naked in the presence of the lord, no man can dare unclothe himself so that god might heal them, they repent for Saturdays and Sundays, they repent so that the angel might praise them, yet the true believer repent when he has seen the beauty of the most high. He repents because he sees a wisdom that kills the evil men. What preacher today speaks of god? What mystics today speak of the most high? None of them can do it because the moment they speak of god they will also die but they refuse to die and in living to their own will they lose the true life. No man ever wishes to stand himself with the little child of god as his only companion in arms. He is so small that none want to take care of him. The wise woman saw the beauty of the child and she breastfed him and gave him to the world because she knew he was to become the saviour. Foolish priests have build houses of worship and they have sung antics to the lord but they have neglected his son. Who will speak loud and clear? Who will hide the son of the prophesy in his house. You have heard about the end of times when men will sale on another. Yes if you have taken the child of god in, you will not be a star, nor will you be accepted, you will be a light unto darkness and darkness comprehend not the light and they will send you in the furnace like they did with Daniel and his companion. Was there a sentimental Jesus who allowed his disciples to sleep even for a second? No! He was harsh with himself, when arrested he held tie to truth and he was killed because it is god that he exalted. Who will dare listen when the son of god speak? Who will dare see the lord? Who will dare enter the hidden chamber to bake the bread of the gods? Many have baked it but they have sold it for their own glory, they have told men about their wisdom and they have committed the sin of theft. Men say they are when only the lord and his son are. Destruction will come and evil men will be wiped away from the surface of the earth. They will disappear with their children and they will be thrown in the pit with their father, the deceiver, the liar and the killer. Men ask how they can serve the lord. Yet the lord says till the ground and till his ground, this same ground Cain refused to till it telling the lord that he wasn't his brother keeper. When Abel arrived with his sacrifice at the altar, he humbly mentioned to the lord that it was also for his brother Cain, but when Cain came he wanted to prove to god how good he was, yet was it his ground? With what right did he appropriate it? That was the dilemma and that's the dilemma going on from the beginning of time. A man who selflessly gives himself to god has realized that nothing in fact belongs to him. When Jacob decided to do the will of god he was wounded in the struggle with the angel of the lord, perhaps the most important lesson that night for him was that he can be hurt by doing the will of god but he can also survive that hurt. He can pay the price of honesty, of generosity and yes it will hurt but he will get over it. Don't you find it significant that at the end of the wrestling encounter god gives Jacob a new name? What does it mean when a person changes his or her name? It means they don't want to continue being who they had been to that point.

On the banks of the rivers of our lives our desire to be successful, to get what we want in life by whatever mean comes in conflict with how the whole seeks us to live, we try to fool ourselves but we better let the will of the whole take all of us and consume us until we come out as pure gold.

When we defeat the still small voice of god inside us we lose. But that voice inside of us will not be stilled forever. It will find a time when we are vulnerable; it will attack us at a weak moment. And when the struggle is over, we will, like Jacob be bruised and limping. But again like Jacob we will be whole, we will be at peace with ourselves, in a way we never were before.

One last thing about these words. I've heard a lot of sermons on the importance of trusting the whole and how Adam and Eve failed to do so. I've only heard one sermon about the whole trusting us - and how much it risks doing so.

Think about it. To entrust its desire to us - a creation that's better than good, it's good seven times over. To put a tree that could ruin everything smack in the middle of it - a tree that gives the knowledge to become like God or to know what it is to be like god. Because that's one point about which the snake apparently wasn't lying. God himself says it: "The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil." he has become a living being, aware of his being. This is the curse for the awakening and this is the blessing too. This happens only to men who are conscious of what they are here for. Being a man isn't a matter of possessing a human form, but it's a matter of making the gods listen to one and having the courage to exchange with them, talk and argue, it might seem like a curse at first but in it there is true life.

But if the whole gives us the ability to be part of its desire to follow such a path. A path that reveals the true meaning of the forbidden tree and its fruit if first of all we aren't aware of what being god, A path that leads away from laziness and unworthiness, a path that opens the eyes to see the tears and love of god for his creation, a path that brings us face to face with the hard truth of being a conscious friend, a awake husband and an awake creation. A path that leads us away from dependence on the charity of others, a path that leads to joy and tears, the path that makes us all Jews, those who fight with god and men and prevail. That's being a man, that's the curse and the blessing, that's life and death.

And when we would have been man enough we will stand with new wings on the mountain top and write a poem that goes something like this:


They hate what they are (secretly liking it)

Guardians of humanity

They, like their counterpart also lose faith (but they must be there anyway)

But they have seen the lord

Therefore they repent


They hate what they are

Older brothers

They have to be there


They hate what they are

Like mothers

They have to care

It were well for them if a millstone were hanged about their neck and they were thrown into the sea, rather than that they should cause one of these little ones to stumble. (A truth they so much searched for in their human past)

The image here, literally and figuratively, is one of cultivating a garden, not pouring concrete. (Not that I'm against concrete.) And cultivation is about much more than what you take from something; it's about what you put back into it. After all, this is God's planet. And how we treat an object is an extension of how we treat the object's creator or owner. What we do with this earth reveals what we think of its maker. Do not do to another what you wouldn't want them to do you is a call that's reveals the whole truth, now return to your land and you will know what to get ride of.


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