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Mental Health a myth.

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Mental health systems across the world have taken people and caused a lot of harm. They have labeled them with many dionoses and medicated them with medication todilute there emotions, thoughts, and physical funtions in life today. They have put fear into there patients lives and controling there lives. Many people have said that people need medication to stablize there moods, there thinking, and emotional defects. This is not so. I believe it is time we start getting to the issues inside every heart, mind, and emotional trap in peoples lives today.EMOTIONS, FEELINGS, THOUGHTS, ARE ALL NATURAL RESOURCES OF THE BODY, THAT WE AS INDEVIDUALS HAVE CONTROLE OVER.God says: WE CAN TAKE CAPTIVE OF EVERY THOUGHT. If something we think is not according to truth, and causes harm to us or others , we can decide whether we should listen to it or not, react to it, or not. WE ARE IN CONTROLE. The systems in the world today are trying to cover this up and using it to make money and controle peoples lives today. You may say: WHAT ABOUT THESE KLLERS IN THE WORLD? I would say they need to deal with those issues stated above as well. Every person in the world has a decision to make, whether they will do good or evil. Kill or love one another. Believe in God or the devil. Steal or work, lie or tell the truth. No one or anything can controle us or make us to anything. Even demond posession as controling as it is, can not over take us, unless we allow it too. It is up to everyone to ind the source, and the answeres to override it. Most demond possession comes from being involved with satanic beliefs. A List of problems: Believing the wrong things, abuse, not knowing your identity, getting involved with ocults, making wrong choices, getting involved with the wrong gang, all things that lead up to what they call mental health issues. It is time to deal with these issues in peoples lives. A pill will never solve anything. I believe that everyone can change and lead stable lives if they chose too. Life's journey is a choice. We chose good over evil. Everyone knows right from wrong. It is time to teach the proper ways of life. Every leader involving mental health have a obligation to God and that is to teach the right things.There job is to help people conduct healthy lives and maintain them properly. Life skills, anger management, decision making, trouble shooting , and finding better ways to controle our ways of thinking and how we conduct our lives. Too many teachers today, do not take there jobs right or there power and make excuses for the problems in our lives today. They say they are not responsible for anyone. I beg to differ, we are all responsible for one another. Everyone in the world affects how each person reacts and what goes on in the world. If we all work together we can build better lives. You may ask: WHAT ABOUT PEOPLE WHO HEAR THINGS, OR SEE THINGS NOT SEAN WITH THE FLESHLY EYES OR EARS? These are not mental illnesess my friends. Some people see there dead violators who told them to hurt themselves, these are real but lies from satan. Some may see angels good or bad. Some may hear God, some people have visions of things to come. All of these things are written in the bible and are real, they are spiritual things that God speaks of. Some people have gifts and do not know how to use them. The evangelist, the pastors, the leaders on earth, and there jobs are to teach this and help people learn what there gifts are and help them learn how to use them properly. Use them for good and not evil. to do good and not evil. If you have evil thoughts or see something evil, God says we have power over these things, and can take captive of every thought, by ignoring them, or telling them where to go. We are in controle, we have dominion over them. Using Jesus christ Name is more powerful then any other name and can defeat the evil forces of this world. There is no excuse, and everyone can make the right decisions it does not matter who we are, where we came from, or what kind of lifestyle we grew up in, we all can, and know the truth, and untill we decide to make it about the right things and take charge and teach the right things, nothing will change in our systems in the world today. GOD BLESS YOU NATIONS GREAT AND SMALL.


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