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The Spiritual Gifts: Understanding for the Great Shift and Beyond

Book By: CharissKWalker
Religion and spirituality

Award winning author, Chariss K Walker, shares her knowledge of Spiritual Gifts and how to use them now and in the years to come. The Spiritual Gifts: Understanding for the Great Shift and Beyond reveals valuable tips and information on how to master your particular abilities and how these gifts are best used to help others.
This is your opportunity to learn the basics as well as gain in-depth knowledge from this master/teacher now. If you have questions about The Spiritual Gifts, this is the book for you.

This amazing book discusses the following:
The Benefit of Spiritual Gifts
The Importance of Living in the Heart
The Purpose of Spiritual Gifts
Evidence of Spiritual Gifts in Your Life
Using Spiritual Gifts now and in the Future
Mastering Your Gifts
Tools that Help, and so much more!

As always, Chariss holds nothing back as she shares from life experience, true insight, and what she has learned from helping others.

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The Spiritual Gifts

Understanding for the Great Shift and Beyond

Chariss K Walker

Cover Design by Chariss K Walker

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Although the author and publisher have made every effort to ensure that the information in this book was correct at press time, the author and publisher do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause. Because of the dynamic nature of the Internet, any Web addresses or links contained in this book may have changed since this publication and may no longer be valid.

The author's intent is to offer information of a general nature that will help you, the reader, in your search for spiritual well-being. The author does not dispense medical advice or prescribe medications of any kind. This book is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The reader should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to his/her health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

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ISBN 13: 978-1-469-90320-0

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Part I - Introduction to Spiritual Gifts, page vii

Chapter 1 - The Benefit of Spiritual Gifts, page 1

Chapter 2 - The Importance of Living in the Heart, page 3

Chapter 3 - The Purpose of Spiritual Gifts, page 5

Chapter 4 - Spiritual Gifts Today, page 7

Chapter 5 - Evidence of Spiritual Gifts, page 10

Chapter 6 - Spiritual Gifts for Now and the Future, page 14

Part II - The Spiritual Gifts Examined, page 16

Chapter 7 - Empathic, page 17

Chapter 8 - Creative Force, page 21

Chapter 9 - Clairsentient, page 24

Chapter 10 - Clairvoyant, page 28

Chapter 11 - Intuitive, page 31

Chapter 12 - Seer, page 34

Chapter 13 - Reader, page 37

Chapter 14 - Energy Manipulation, page 39

Chapter 15 - Medium, page 42

Chapter 16 - Light Bearer, page 46

Chapter 17 - Applied Kinesiology, page 49

Chapter 18 - Crossing-Over Departed Spirits, page 52

Chapter 19 - Instinct, page 55

Chapter 20 - Dream Interpreter, page 58

Chapter 21 - Healing, page 61

Chapter 22 - Faith, page 64

Chapter 23 - Magnetic Energy, page 66

Chapter 24 - Sacred Symbols, page 69

Chapter 25 - Remote Viewing, page 72

Chapter 26 - Visualization, page 74

Chapter 27 - Channeling, page 77

Chapter 28 - Bringing Down the Light, page 80

Chapter 29 - Bringing Down Energy, page 83

Chapter 30 - Prayer, page 86

Chapter 31 - Teaching, page 89

Additional Resources, page 92

Chapter 1

The Benefits of Spiritual Gifts

The purpose of this book is to explain the spiritual gifts and their benefit to mankind during and after the great shift of 2012. A simple explanation is that these gifts are from the Spirit of All; they are gifts from the Father/Mother consciousness of All. The bible and other texts refer to them as gifts of the Spirit.

Just as you have received certain traits from your natural parents' biology, you also received certain traits from your spiritual parents. The traits you received from your natural parents are physical while the traits you receive from your spiritual parents are metaphysical (beyond the physical) or spiritual in nature. After all, you are the children of God/Universe and it is only natural that His/Her spiritual physiology would be yours as well.

Spiritual gifts are metaphysical because the gifts cannot be measured by scientific or material observation. They are accepted on faith.

Faith is a derivative of love and comes from the actual heart organ itself. If you have worked with the heart organ in thanksgiving and gratitude before selecting this book, then you understand this concept. If you have not worked with the heart organ, then start with the First Step below before you continue reading this book. If you are one of those individuals who can read instructions and follow them immediately as you read, then do it now. Jump into the heart now.

First Step --Living in the heart

Place your right hand over the physical location of the heart. Feel the heartbeat. Find the rhythm of this marvelous organ and listen closely to its tempo. With each beat utter the words, "Thank you." Visualize the blood pushing your gratitude in these two simple words throughout the body as it circulates. Make a conscious choice using your Divine birthright of Free-Will to declare, "It is my desire to live in the heart."

Making the choice is that simple.

Living in the heart means that you are conscious of everything as it pertains to the heart - that all decisions, all thoughts will issue from the heart. Each time that you choose between one thing and another, consciously focus on the heart. Place your hand over the physical location of the heart and center yourself there as a reminder that it is your choice to live in the heart.

The Spiritual Gifts come from the heart and it is from the heart that you will use them successfully. They cannot be used from the third dimension of power and control. They can only be used with love, the God-Consciousness.

Practice the First Step on the previous page until you feel your own personal shift from third to fourth dimension, the shift from fear to love.

Chapter 2

The Importance of Living in the Heart

Currently mankind in general lives in the third dimension, or the ego. All decisions are based in fear, lack, control, separation and other derivatives of fear.

To use the spiritual gifts to their full advantage, it is imperative to shift into the heart or fourth dimension especially now, in 2012 and beyond. In the fourth dimension, all decisions are based in love, compassion, freedom, oneness, empathy and the other derivatives of love.

If we are to save our planet and life for future generations, we must come from a place of love to do so. Love in the key. Love is God. Love is in the heart. God is in the heart of mankind.

It is through love in the fourth dimension that you will create a new reality. The new reality will tear-down the old reality of ego. It will replace the old reality of power and control, the old guard.

Yes, you create your life and reality by your thoughts. Each thought that you have has the potential to manifest into material reality, into physical objects and emotional joy or suffering.

You are the creator of your life!

Currently the thoughts that are manifest in this world are echoes of the third dimension - war, strife, shortage, destruction, greed, separation, and the like which are based in fear.

During the great shift into the fourth dimension of the heart the reality you create will be echoes of love - peace, happiness, plenty, reconstruction, sharing, oneness and the like.

The thoughts you think the most are made manifest by the Universe. Resolve now to think thoughts of love and to create a paradise of love.

It is important to understand this concept because during and after the great shift of 2012 mankind will consciously use his/her psychic abilities to change the world.

You do this now without realizing the implications, without awareness, but later you will have hard evidence of this spiritual law and it's undeniably. For example, perhaps you see a commercial on television that promotes weight-loss. You are interested and buy the product. The product either works or doesn't work because of your belief that it will or won't. Maybe it works for the first 20 pounds but then it stops working. The reason it stops working is due to your belief.

This is the way that every experience is created - whether it is a personal relationship, a job or an idea. You believe and it works. When you stop believing it stops working.

All of it, every experience, is created by your thoughts and beliefs.

Chapter 3

The Purpose of Spiritual Gifts

You have been given spiritual gifts because you are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. It is easy to only realize the body because it is material -- you can see and feel it. But it is your original path to rediscover yourself as spiritual beings.

You are body, mind and soul -- multidimensional. You are the Divine children of God. God is the spirit of all and in all. His/Her spirit is in you and it is this spiritual thread that connects you to the All.

When you work with the heart energy of oneness this becomes a solid reality. Become familiar with this now. Know the love of the heart which is God.

There is a great awakening on the horizon, an awakening to your true self. No more will you see yourself as only human. No more will you feel trapped in powerless situations.

Love conquers all and it is in love that you will be the conquering hero rather than the helpless slave trapped in third dimensional thinking.

Now more than ever it is time to move into the heart dimension. The heart dimension is the fourth dimension. It is a growth process that requires the choice of your personal free-will. The great shift requires mankind to move or shift into the fourth dimension leaving the ego mentality or old guard thinking behind.

The fourth dimension is conscious of the oneness of all. The fourth dimension is the place where love rules. Love seeks goodness and plenty for all. Love sees the oneness in all things and all people. Love understands there is no shortage of anything and freely gives.

Keeping the differences in third and fourth dimension in mind as relating to the old way versus the new way, it is understandable that the shift will not be easy for some. Thankfully the Universe/God has given gifts to make this transition from third to fourth dimension easier.

Do not be afraid of your gifts. Open your heart to receive whatever gifts are yours and begin to work with them now. Become familiar with these gifts so that during the shift and beyond you might have what it takes to help others during their transition as well.

Chapter 4

Spiritual Gifts Today

Many who have spiritual gifts are cast in an unfavorable light in our society. Most professionals prescribe medication for those who are awakening to their spiritual blessings. Since there is little information available about these gifts many struggle on their own to understand the changes in their lives. As a result these gifts are often seen as a curse rather than a blessing.

Spiritual gifts are a blessing. It takes training and persistence to fully understand all things and spiritual gifts are not an exception to that rule. For example, a budding channel begins by first hearing voices. If the channel tells another channel, the two compare similarities and the channel knows he/she is not alone and that the experiences are normal for other channels. However, if the channel does not know another with this same gift, he/she stands a greater chance of being misunderstood and criticized. Well-meaning friends and family might tell the channel that hearing voices is a sign of mental illness. They might suggest she seek counseling.

For example, an Indigo child was tortured by her family for seeing spiritual entities beyond the age when most children stop seeing. The mother and all siblings repeatedly told the child that nothing was there because they could not see anyone. The child, a budding medium, could clearly see spirits and communicate with them. As punishment for using her gift, she was sent to stand in the corner and missed out on treats that the rest of the family received whenever she had conversations with spirits. This child spent a lot of time crying and even though confirmation was given by an outsider about the child's capabilities it was unacceptable proof to the mother that her child had a gift.

Another example of such misunderstandings happened when a young empathic boy visited his cousins one summer. The family's pet hamster was accidentally dropped when one of the cousins mishandled it. The young empath immediately cried out that the hamster's back was broken from the fall. As a result of this outburst, the young empath was misunderstood and ridiculed for expressing the shared pain of the pet

Be observant of your children. For example, if you take your children to a large, busy department store or mall and your child begins to get stomach aches or puts their hands over their ears as if to stop the noise - pay attention. It is possible that your child is empathic and is picking up the overwhelming energy of all the customers in the store. Any large center can have the same effect on these children - stadiums, concerts, fairgrounds, etc. The child can also be affected by a smaller group of people who are in a constant state of strife. The empathic child can become ill from the onslaught of emotions without proper guidance.

Another instance of spiritually gifted children was observed in a preschool day care program when the workers noticed a toddler who often stood alone while engaging in conversation with no one who could be observed. The child who was about 18 months old and had not yet mastered his native language was speaking age-lic fluently. Superstitious beliefs of the employees ran wild and the parents were asked to find another school for their toddler.

If you make your child feel bad because they have metaphysical experiences, you are not only invalidating their gifts, you are criticizing their core individualism. If you don't understand what they are experiencing, research it and find helpful information or a spiritually enlightened person who can help your child transition into the full blessing of their gifts.

It is not only the youngest who are having these experiences. Adults, teens and children alike can become open to spiritual gifts from near-death-experiences (NDE) or out-of-body-experiences (OBE). Any brush with the spiritual world changes a person. How could it not when everything you have been taught has just been proven different?

Many of you reading these words were born with spiritual gifts but as young children you used your abilities in a child-like manner with innocence and without guile. As a result perhaps your parents or older siblings ridiculed or shamed you into putting away these capabilities. Keep in mind that being sensitive to the spirit was often labeled or described as being fragile or having a weak constitution. You may have been told by a concerned parent that you were different as their fears tried to shape you into a preconceived mold of what was normal. Children especially have a difficult time holding onto their individuality under such pressures.

Be open to the possibilities and listen without judgment when you or someone you know has experiences that are unfamiliar to you. There is a lot more of the unseen and mysterious Universe than what you can see with your natural eyes.


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