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Creation Theory Revised

Book By: creationtheory
Religion and spirituality

This book is an exploration into the mind and creation theory.

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Creation Theory Revised

Why do we exist?

Everyone wants to know the meaning for their own existence. Why they are here and how they came to be human as they see themselves now?

Creation Theory Revised explores all areas of matter creation, how we are formed from the original elements through to the complex nature of our physical bodies and how they are shaped within matter. Through self exploration and study, a new method has been devised to see how the original structure of creation is formed. Looking at creation from the original spark all the way to the formation of our three dimensional state. Whether delving into the mind and consciousness, the dimensions of space, material matter formation, force, mass or time, this book focuses on the basic foundations in the most informative way. It also highlights detailed information with organized diagrams, making it easy for everyone to follow the journey through the formation of this uniquely formed creation model.

Join in this journey of creation, and maybe you too will find some answers to your questions on the subject of life and the meaning for all that is.


Introduction to the book:

The biggest question, 'why are we here', is asked by all at some time in their life. All want to know why we are here, why we exist and the very reason for being alive. Why are we here? Why do we make choices? Why do we think? Why do we see? We even at stages question why we are on this planet earth. If it is all that we know then why do we then question the core of our existence? Why do we not just take life for granted? See it as all that is? Why do we look beyond ourselves? Are we explorers by nature, needing new stimulation? Or is it that we are linked to memory of other experiences?

There are many questions we can ask ourselves that do not seem to have any foundation for understanding, yet for some reason it is so important to us. It is so important to know where we came from, why we breathe and see through our eyes. Why we are human. It is a drive inside that makes us curious to persist finding an answer. We need to know the machine not just the workings within, but the whole model of creation.

Is it possible to know such things, to find out all about existence and why we are here? Would it help us to understand things better? Could it change the very reason for our own understanding? Is it important to know the foundations even though we are the result? Would it help to enhance our lives or make us more confused of our purpose? These are all questions based on the desire we have to change and see ourselves for who we are. We look beyond normality for purpose and meaning. We all want a purpose to exist, to be seen as an important design of creation.

I have also myself questioned life and its reasons. I asked myself very early in my life, why can I not know and understand all of life?

Why can there not be a simple foundation for purpose and reason. If I am the result of a cause, then what was the cause? What made me who I am now? There had to be within myself a model that gave reason and purpose. I searched for it inside myself, exploring through visions and feelings, until I had come up with my own thoughts on creation. Until I found the light of my own very reason and purpose. It is a foundation from reading and exploring from my own sources. Listening to others stories and reasons, through to exploring models in my own mind in life experiences, interaction, visions and thoughts. It is my foundational model and understanding for life and the formation of creation.

We all have a mind in which to think and to understand. Everyone has their own purpose, and personal reason, and all with their own motive for doing what they do and for choosing how they wish to see. This is the freedom of choice that we have within our mind. That allows us to choose to believe or not. We can make choices for our own singular existence, on how we see all around us, and how we decide to react to these experiences. This makes the mind such a beautiful thing, the level of individuality that it has. It allows us to makes choices no matter what happens around us. There are always choices, even such choices as to whether we live or die. Choices that give us very reason here now and allow us to explore every possibility, no matter how limiting we might choose to see it.

I choose to see life as an exploration, to find out knowledge about my very reason. In this book I have written about my own models of seeing creation, and what I find the most important aspects of understanding my own individual foundation. It might not be important to all, to see the same way, but for me it is a choice to share this book with others, showing what I see and feel to be truth within myself, to share a part of myself with all. Then not only is this book an exploration of creation, but a journey into my mind.

This is my mind, my thoughts and feelings. I welcome all into the journey of my point of view, however bizarre it may seem to some, or even unnecessary.

It is what I love to explore, an individual and personal journey of perception, an exploration of possibility and a search for understanding. If life were as simple as a thought or an idea, what would your life consist of? Well certainly this world would not be created by one thought alone. Its complexity I would consider as somewhat daunting, yet interestingly beautiful. There are an amazing amount of things to explore when it comes to material matter alone let alone the mind in which we conceptualize about the space that we live in.

The models to which we call life, the categories to which we place all ideals, are ever expanding. Everything has its position, a group to which it belongs. To build a house there is a model, a plan to which the house is formed. Within our bodies there are set formulas that we go by, things that we all have in common. We all have eyes, nose, ears and so forth. These things are objects that build a structure. Also in a business there are staffing levels that are used in order to get work finished, hopefully, effectively and efficiently. All tasks of a job are approached by different levels working on the project to complete the final result.

What would this be called? Are these things a cog of a machine, a working component of a whole, or are they components essential to build the final model? What if our face had no eyes, then it would not longer meet the model of a face. Then it would seem that all components have an important role to play in the whole formation of the overall purpose. That without eyes the person would not see. It looses a component of importance when viewing the world outside itself. The mind would not see outside. It would not view life beyond its own inner world; only use other images that it makes up from sounds, tastes and feelings through the rest of the body.

All components of material matter have their place, their formation and reason for importance within the whole model of creation. They are ordered not just through natural means, but also through man made endeavors and exploration from our minds.

They are created through cause and effect, possibility and purpose. We are constantly working towards physical achievements that better the material environment around us. We try in all ways to perfect our living conditions, to better ourselves. We desire inside us so deep perfection in material creation, ordered on models we create ourselves and things we label as important. We are all wanting more and more, to achieve the best possible of all possibility. This is perfection in our minds in this world of material.

In this book I want to explore the mind and the reason for why we have such perception. The reasons we aim to achieve so much in material creation. I want also to explore creation and its foundations, to see why we have such a strong concentration in the physical. What is creation? I will detail my minds perception of creation, a model to which I have worked on some years now.

I find it very interesting exploring how the mind works and the ways in which we see all that is around us. I will detail my thoughts and show all the models to which I have devised a creation theory. This is the exploration of my mind, and what I have discovered on my path to find reason. This is my answer to life and all that is. If it is not the true answer, at least it is an interesting discovery of a new world. That gives me a new way to see life and to categorize the world to which I live. It has given me new eyes in which to seeā€¦


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