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Do you want to connect to a power that is hidden to most people, understand those around you, and make a difference to your own life? You are an amassing individual, and more powerful than you can ever imagine. You have no limitations other than those you impose yourself.

What is the key? Well I will tell you, its simple, just relax and it will all happen without effort. There is nothing more to it, it’s that simple.

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THE Journey on which I have embarked has so far been unbelievable. If I can pass on some of the knowledge that I have been given, you can either disregard and class the information as the ramblings of a poor deluded individual, or try to use the information to find your own way. At the start I scoured bookshops trying to read as many books on this subject as possible each one would be embellished, filled-out, and stopped short of giving me the explanation I really wanted. I desperately wanted to know all there is about Mental Mediumship and to this date I have yet to find a book that satisfies both the beginner and the more advanced. Still some practitioners try to surround this skill with mystery, and I believe that a mystery is the last thing it is. I will try to keep each section of this journal short and to the point, whilst keeping it as accurate and honest as possible. I only ask that you keep an open mind, and for you to understand that all that I write, say and do, I do in the name of love. I mean to give no offence, or pass judgement. There are many ways of achieving the same goal, who is to say which path is right. I feel that none of these thoughts have originated from within me, all I am has been given to me. I am a product of my experiences and my genetic makeup. When I came into this world I came with a blank canvas. The big question will always remain why do we exist, is it a freak accident or is there some kind of divine plan. Maybe that question will never be answered. There is however a school of thought that speculates that we are here to remember and not to learn. So I hope the following either helps you remember or learn. Always question, never accept what you are told as the truth. I wish you good luck on your adventure. Keep the wind to your back and good cheer in your heart. Mediumship The Medium has always suffered with bad press, because of the number of frauds and deceptions that have taken place over the centuries. It seems even today controversy still follows. There are fewer physical mediums than mental mediums today, compared to the late eighteen hundreds when physical mediumship was in vogue. In recent times there has been an influx of stage and television mediums each making small marks on the credibility stake, but some of them have been the cause of starting rumours of fraud. Mediums have gone under many names, Fortune-teller, witch-doctor, necromancer, wizard, witch, shaman, oracle, soothsayer, mystic, prophet and channeller, and I have no doubt many more. Oh, and Psychics. So what is a medium, this term describes a person, who has a heightened sensitivity, because we are all spirit in a material form, we all have this ability in varying degrees. The psychic and mediumship abilities within you can be shown, and developed in different ways. Each day we have this link into the world of spirit but seldom are we aware of it. The psychic medium is sensing and interpreting the individual, place or thing on a subconscious level. Due to a developed heightened sensitivity, mediums can form a connection between the material and spiritual worlds. Through this slightly altered state of consciousness the mental medium is able to interpret what he or she is receiving from a person that exists in another dimension, and at the same time communicating the information to a person in our living world, in other words being a conduit for communication between the two worlds.


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