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God's Own Demons (G.O.D.) is a tale in which a man who has walked the path of darkness (under the influence of Satan) is given the chance to repent his sins and become one of God's gaurdian angels.

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Dear reader,

As you have probably noticed, I am currently only publishing ideas for my books to come. This is because I am in the current process of switching to a new computer (as my old one broke due to it's prehistoric timeline) and thus must take some time to move all my works to this new computer and fix some errors in my drafts. Therefore, for the time being I wish to publish on this website some ideas that I would like to share with you. I hope that each of you can give me your honest opinion on these ideas, as your opinions are what will help me decide whether to persue with my ideas or simply forget them all together.

My first idea is something that I find remarkably appealing, but I'd like to see what you think. I was raised Catholic, and though I rarely go to Chruch anymore I still find myself constantly thinking about my religion. Though I must admit I often question my religion in ways that some may find disrespectful, I promise that I mean no harm. I hope you will all understand that I have a nasty habit of over thinking things, and thus I may be in the habit of asking questions that those of my religion consider blasphemy. I tell you now that I do not mean to be disrespectful, I am merely curious.

Anyway, I'm ranting as usual. Back to my point. After much consideration, I soon realized that there is one topic in my religion that struck me. The priest had mentioned that God is all fogiving, and that he will always welcome us back with open arms if we are willing to except his love. Being the twisted person I am, I immediately thought of those who had once served Satan. "The Devils Rejects", as they're referred to. Does God forgive them? Will he allow them into Heaven? Does he have a purpose for those who have committed the greatest of sins?

The topic became an obsession of mine in a way. And then as I paced my floor pondering over how I could use this idea in my writing, another phrase I'd heard before struck me. They say that those like Hitler, who bring about massive death and distruction, are the ones with the greatest potential to do great things. So if the ones who do the most terrible things have the potential to be great . . . What could the devil's rejects be?

It hit me then. Wouldn't it be aboslutely and deliciously ironic if the devil's rejects; the ones who had caused so much death, pain, and suffering; became the ones who brought about life, happiness, and faith. If God can see the potential within us all, and he is all forgiving, then what would be the best use for the Devil's Rejects. What if when Satan dumped his former subjects, God took them under his wing and began their training and purification? And then The Devil's Rejects would become God's Gaurdian Angels.

Please, feel free to comment and let me know whether you think I should persue this topic or not. Do not be afraid to be harsh or subjective in any way, I enjoy the criticism. Also feel free to share your own ideas if you think I need some sort of improvement or change in my work. I look forward to reading what any of you have to say about my ideas.


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