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Its about a life from childhood till i died ! its about life,with love,with etc etc.. All you would need to take time to understand this & my view.. it took me year, dont expect that you will understand it in hours ...

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Note : Read this only after having 4 peg of Rum ! or else you will not understand that lanuage !!

Hi All,

I know many of us wanted to be a writer, but who becomes a successful writer , its all you guys who need to answer ! don't expect that I will answer for you or you can put this in a different way , "I am not the one who lived your life who encouraged me to be a writer."

For me I need a beer, that'sall I need to write, but what actually encouraged me to drink that's a question ? now I don't want you to answer this, because you did not lived my life.

Its only me. And me who lived my life.may be a song which encouraged me to fall in,as usual. But this usual people don't live.may be you lived but here we will talk about me because I am writer a foolish writer ,a writer who's life is nothing a book, which people will read and learn, how I fall in love , and end of the day what love left me with. And that's the suspence which I think either of answer ! may be you know the answer but I am still not sure if you loved the same girl.

Know what happened to my story !

Best regards,


I am only 25 year old , but every age told me something and thought me that life is not going to be simple as I thought , and actually I realized when I have not even coresed my half of my life.

That's why I keep saying love is something which can teach us everything which people spent whole life to learn. It loving a poor guy who call you with respect but you ignore saying " Sab to thek hai tujpe , phir bhik kyo mangta hai" . you know why we say this ?

Because we don't don't want and we don't want to know about his life. But just think when you need a extreme help and people don't help you. I am sure other will think the same thing , because they don't understand you,

Hay I on a drink , its her birthday at mid night today, I am missing her as never before,

I wish if she understand may be I could have understood her before even I thought so.

Anyways I have lost her but still a hope in my heart that one day she will call me and say you stupid why have I behaved like this. Yes its love which make us to think and which make us apart from the world who are not like us , and make fun of us and say "sale pagal pyar wyar kuch nahi hota "

Today 30th July 09 , I don't know why but I feel very alone, and happy too that I am trying to forget her. People don't understand or I am Mad . but love is beautiful . and like a blackhole which things go iin but , really don't know where how and why . just fall in love.

Today 08th Aug 09,

I just realized that I should write , or else if I die then nobody know what I born for. I am a Human who thinks about himself.family. etc,,,but still there is something in me which talks about you , your friend ,, your family,,, trust me guys , life is only after drink. When you realize what you are all about,

My Mom called me today . her first word was Pingu.. in a way that every child can feel what a mother is … but still in my herart something happed and I just shouted and said that don't call me ever…. I love my parents but what was that…???

Its life which you don't understand ,, you love someone they don't understand ..

They love you ,, but you don't understand,

We understand ,, but we don't love eachother,

We love eachother but we don't love..

WE Love and understand but I don't know why I behave like this… you know why , bcos we cant explain love.. and I am sure you realize when you lose them and time…

23th Jan 2010,

I am coming back to Delhi after a long leave of 7 days , I am sure that left you question on your mind that why I called it as a long leave, i will leave this question unanswered as most of readers know this answer , just simple if you are working in a MNS with No backup of your role then 7 days is long leave…I am sure you guys understood now.

Ok my point here not to tell you that I am very important at my so called MNC company but to tell you that I have actually enjoyed and wanted to share sone beautiful movements with you .

For this few months I have not even thought about my ex-girl friend , yes not even once… I think ,, I don't love her anymore, not the way I loved her on my college days , as I girls proudly say when you have a broken heart " Move On" and I have done it.

Today I will tell you a story about a Boy who fall in love.

This boy as a special, the boy had a quality of getting passing marks on his whole academy period , who just moved from intermideate to high school with the grace marks.

His parents were always been discussed among every year parents meeting and only because of their special son. I am sure no other parents got this opportunity ever.

Shayam always had a strong feeling that he has somting in him which is special and which he is trying to find. I know shayam since we were in 3rd standard. He always had a different way of approach and priority.

Istil remember., at the age of 12 we used to puncture the bicycle tire of our fellow female school friend , its only a sake of walking along with her for few kilometers and just talking about school stuff, we never realized that why we used to do this ,, cont......................................


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