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Questions in a Christian Life

Book By: Mish Mash
Religion and spirituality

This book is about questions that Christians and non-Christians asks.
Some Christians and non-Christians (I think) ask a bunch of questions that some people don't know the right answers to them.
The first question that they ask would be "Does God really exists?", at least that's what some people I know asks.
Some Christians are confused and don't know if some things in the world is wrong or right.
I hope this book will answer your questions.

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Does God Really Exists?

This is a question that have been commonly asks by some Christians and probably non-Christians. One time in Bible class, at my school, a friend of mine asks "Does God really exists?" That made me stop and think, 'Does He really exists?'

I mean you can't see God or touch God so does He really exists?

To be honest, this question has been troubling me for years even after I got saved. For people who don't know what I mean by I got saved, it is repenting for my sins and asking God to forgive me and receiving Jesus Christ in my heart. Yes, as you can see, I am a Christian. Anyways, back to the question, what I'm about to explain is what I think.

Let's put it this way, how does the world came to be? Some people say it came from the big bang while others say that it was made by God. In the Bible, it says, 'In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.' Now think about it, the person that wrote the book of Genesis, how does he know this kind of stuff? Did he make it up or lie about it? If he did, than does that mean that all the history and things that had been recorded in the Bible are made up? I don't think so. Someone must have told these people what to write and I believed God told them.

Another proof that God really exists is us. Who made us? Who made humans and animals? We can't just suddenly appeared so there has to be someone that made us, right? Everything is made by someone or something. Like, the computer that you're using right now, who made it? It has to be someone, right? So, then, who made us? It says in the Bible, God created Adam and Eve and he also created the animals. Adam and Eve are humans. They made many, many kids and those kids made many, many kids. Which explains why there were so many people in the Bible. I believed that God is the one that made us.

In conclusion, I believed that God really does exists. I hope this answers your question. If not, just tell me, and I'll explain it in a simpler way.

Feel free to ask questions and I will try my best to answer your questions in the upcoming chapters.

Where is God and Who Made Him?

The same friend that asks "Does God Really Exists?" also asked "Where is God?" And just recently, there was an atheist that asked "Where is God? A parallel world? In space? Where?" I fully understand why an atheist asked that and maybe other atheists might asked that as well. I think every non-believer wants to ask "Where is God?"

Well, I will answer and explain that question with what I believe. If this doesn't answer your question, just tell me and I'll explain it in a another way.

First of all, to answer that question, God is omnipresent, which means He is present everywhere at the same time. If He is not, then how will he listen and answer the prayers of the people around the world? I mean, many people from different places has had their prayers answered, maybe some not because God is waiting for the right time to answer their prayers. God sees everything. He knows what's going to happen next.

Let's put it this way, why do we pray? We pray because we believe that God will hear us. If God is not omnipresent, how can he listen to all the people's prayers at once? He has to be there in order to listen, right? So he is everywhere. He might even be next to you right now!

On to the second question. I don't know about other Christians but I really want to know who made Him. It is a question that most of my friends and my teachers want to know. "Who Made Him?" Don't you want to know who made God? Maybe some of the non-Christians might want to know as well.

To tell you straight, I don't know who made him, but what I do know, is that he is real and that if you die and go to heaven, you can ask him that question and He might just answer it.

In Revelation, chapter 22, verse 13, it states "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last." It means that God was there in the beginning.

In the Bible, it doesn't say who made Him. In the book of Genesis, it says straight at the beginning, "In the beginning God..." That's the first sentence in Chapter one of Genesis. Although we don't know who made Him, we know that just by reading that first sentence at the start of Genesis, that God was already there.

Feel free to ask questions and I will try my best to answer your questions in the upcoming chapters.

Did Jesus Really Come Down To Earth?

Someone has asked the question "Did Jesus Really Come Down To Earth?" I will gratefully answer his question and explain the answer with what I believe and with the help I receive from one of my best friends. If this doesn't answer your question, just tell me and me and my friend will explain it in another way.

First of all, the answer is yes and I will explain it. If Jesus did not come down to earth and died on the cross to pay for our sins, we would not go to Heaven. Let's put it in a simpler way, if Jesus did not come down, then who was Jesus in the Bible?

It says in the Bible that God sent an angel to Mary, to tell her that she would have a baby and that baby, is God's son. And Jesus was born in Bethlehem and just like any other baby, he was born in flesh and blood. But he was special because he was God's only son.

Jesus can do miracles that no other man can do. In the Bible there were stories about how he healed the blind, resurrect the dead, etc and they were all true. If Jesus did not come down to earth, then these amazing miracles would not take place and that would change the history in the Bible.

Remember God was the one that told the people back then what to write and I believe that everything he told them was true and therefore the Bible is true. Therefore, Jesus really did come down to earth because there have been many witnesses in the Bible like Zacchaeus who had seen Jesus with his very own eyes.

I thank my best friend for helping me on this. Don't be afraid or embarrassed to ask questions. I will not offend your religions.

Feel free to ask questions and I will try my best to answer your questions in the upcoming chapters.


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