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Charlotte Parker has just graduated high school, and moved out of her parents house. Living with her older sister Rebecca, and best friend Andrea Smith in new luxury apartments the girls find themselves experiencing many firsts. When Charlotte meets the handsome Cam Carter she is smitten. Butthen she finds out that summer love has consequences. She finds herself pregnant, and Cam wants nothing to do with the baby. With the support of her long time Jacob Ryan, will Charlotte make the right choice? Will she chose death or life.

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Chapter 1 - Moving in

"I love our new home," Andrea Smith said putting another box down in the floor of our new apartment. The three room apartment resembled a hotel more then an apartment. Soft beige carpet floors, freshly white painted walls, marble sink tops, and wooden widow shades.

Riverside Crossing are definitely luxury apartments, I thought to myself.

"This place really is too much, Andie." I said taking it all in. I couldn't believe Andrea Lindsey was actually having us to move into River Crossing apartments with her.We have been

best friends for the past two years, and I know she do anything for me. I just could not believe how beautiful the place was. I knew my older sister Rebecca would love it too.

"It is." Rebecca said, looking overwhelmed.

"You should see it when I get done decorating." Andrea said pulling her black hair up into a ponytail. With her thick straight black hair,fair skin, and rose colored lips she resembled Snow White. Most guys adored her. Anytime we were eating out the male waiter always refilled her drink, and made sure we had plenty of bread. Once they even brought us a free dessert. I never get that type of service when she is not there.At the mall men would always open door for her. She would just smile like it came natural to her. I suppose it is second nature to her being the former beauty queen that she is.

"What all are you going to do?" I inquired. I knew with Andrea there was no telling.

"Just leave that up to me, and my team." said Andrea.

"Who does your team include?"

"Some people my daddy hired to help me, and you know Jacob is coming by soon with the couch I ordered from Max's furniture store." Andrea voice gotten higher as she said Jacob's name. Jacob Ryan was one of the f

Other then Andrea, Jacob was my best friend. I've known him since I was four and he was six. We meet one day at the park where he was playing with his older sister Tabitha in the sandbox. My mom encouraged me to go over there, and talk to him. I remember telling him my name was Charlotte Elizabeth. He just smiled with his big brown eyes, and we build sand castles together in the sand box for hours while our moms talked. We found out he moved in the house across the street from us. From that moment Jacob was the boy next-door, and we'd grown up our whole life together. We went to the same school, church, and even the same summer camp. I thought I knew everything there was to know about Jacob Brown. One thing I knew for sure was that Jacob never really dated. Not that he couldn't. He had grown into quite the babe. Golden shaggy hair that fell a little past his ears, tan skin, and chocolate eyes. My sister Rebecca even commented he could be a model. And she rarely talks about guys. Still, Jacob never really had much interested in dating. He had one girlfriend his senior year in high school named Lucy, but that ended before it really started. Of course, Jacob like my sister Rebecca had the belief that dating should not occur until you are ready to start a committed relationship that results in marriage.

"I am not going to waste my time dating a girl if I can't see myself marrying her," Jacob had told me many times. I could see his point, but I still longed for romance. He even made the commitment not kiss a girl until his wedding day. Well, other then the kiss we shared when I was twelve and he was fourteen under the Oak tree in my backyard.It was no big deal. I told him I wanted to see what kissing felt like so he told me to close my eyes and count to four. Then he gently placed his lips on mine for about it a minute. His lips reminded me of butterfly wings brushing across mine.It was a day I had always remembered.So while Jacob's promisenever to kiss anyone else again until his wedding is commendable I know it is not for me. I desired romance, and dreamed about the day of my first real kiss. Not that they iccocent childhood kiss with Jacob was not special. I was just ready to be kissed with passion. An adult kiss you might call it.

"What time is Jake going to be here?" I asked Andrea who was carrying in even more boxes that all said shoes on them. I was beginning to think she'd need a whole room for her shoes alone.

"It should be any minute Charlotte, if you need to go fix your hair." She said pulling on my blonde curls.

Andrea alwaysgave me a hard time about Jacob. You see when she first moved into town she thought he was my boyfriend, and that was why he would not date her. At first she couldn't stand me, but we all ended up being good friends. Most people don't understand the type of relationship I have with Jacob. So I could not be mad at Andrea for giving me a hard time like everyone else. Jacob was simply a friend.

"Very funny." I said blusing.

"I also ordered a black tables, chairs, and recliner. So I am sure Victor will be delivering with him." Andrea said rolling her eyes. Victor ,was one of Andrea's latest ex boyfriends , who worked at the furniture store with Jacob. Andrea had actually gotten pretty serious with him after the two attended the Senior prom together. Then she found out he cheated on her with Taylor Wood, a freshman cheerleader. After crying for two weeks with me for two weeks, eating chocolate ice cream, and watching sappy romantic movies Andrea told me she was over the jerk. Now she avoids him at all cost. I have been praying for her to find the right man. If only Jacob was interested in Andrea. He would never do what Victor had done. And Jacob could have the beautiful girlfriend he deserved.

"Look Jacob and Victor are here," Rebecca said interrupting my thoughts about Jacob and Andrea.

"Great." Andrea just rolling her eyes again tugging at her blue jean shorts.

The two boys parked the company van inclosest parking spot our apartment.

"This place is impressive." Jacob said unloading the couch with Victor on the other side.

"You can visit as much as you want, Jacob." Andrea said batting her eyeslashes at him. I am not sure if she was doing her normal fliration with Jacob, or to make Victor jealous. Knowing Andrea it was probably both.

"Thanks, Andie. Where do you watch the couch?" Jacob asked looking her with those dark intense eyes.

"Right in the middle of the living room, and the recliner right beside the couch." Andrea said pointing to where everything should go.

Rebecca and I simply stayed out of the way. We knew it was best to let Andrea do things the way she wanted. Being a only child her whole life she was used to getting her way.

Rebecca pushed her brown hair out of her eyes then headed our car to get the rest of her boxes. I hadall my boxes out of the carso I stood and watched as Andrea bossed the boys around. When Jacob unpacked the last chair, and he looked over at me.

"We're both about to get off work, and we'd gladly come back to help you girls finish setting up here."

"My dad hired some people for that." Andrea replied. The idea of Victor helping out here was more then she could bare.

"Actually, he hired us." Victor replied. He was looking over at Andrea his blue eyes shinning. Victor was not the typical guy Andrea dated. He was bigger guy, perfect built for his football career, and was not cute in the conventional way. Still when he smiled his whole voice light up, and his blue eyes would dance. So even though he was not the cutest boy at school he could charm anyone. And that was the reason Andrea had fallen for him. He had enchanted her with his big blue eyes.

"He hired you? Like you really need the money." Andrea said at Victor looking like she was going to slap him. Victor family was one of the wealthiest people we know.

"Well, unlike you my parents don't just give me money whenever I ask." He said glaring at her.

"Okay. Whatever, but don't use this as excuse to hang out with me." Andrea said as loud as possiable. Her way of getting her point across.

"She's not to forgiving." Jacob said as we leaned up against the white work Van. Our hands locked in each others. Holding Jacob's hand always brought me comfort. The softness of his hands just felt so right against mine, and reminded me of simpler time in my life. Holding hands was something we started doing when as kids. I asked him to hold that first day we meet at the park, and now we did it all the time. It was second nature to be. I could still see us as little kids walking around hand in hand. When he let go I yell ,"Jacob,I want to hold your hand." Then he quickly place his hand back in mine.

"Should she forgive him? I mean he cheat on her with that Taylor girl."

"It was only a kiss. People make mistakes, Charlotte. He's a good guy, and loves her."

"I just don't know how she can forgive him for something doing that."

"Everyone deserve another chance. Just think how many times Jesus has forgiven us." Jacob reminded me.

He always knew the right thing to say.

"I thought you did not believe in dating." I joked with him. His courtship ideas about dating often caused him to be teased in high school. Not that I would ever make fun of him. He is my best friend.

"I do believe in dating if you are planning on getting married. I believe in dating with a purpose not just for the fun of it."

"You really think Vic would marry Andrea?"

"The way he talks about her. Yes, he wants to marry her."

"They are so young though." I said pulling his hand closer to mind.

"Not if they both know what they want. Besides Andrea going to date regardless. It would be nice if she she actually dated someone who really cares about her."

"I'll try to go on easy on him. If you like him, but I was the one who there drying her tears the last time."

"Allright, fair enough. But he begged her dad to hire us set up this apartment just to spend time with her. He even agreed to take less money then the other guy her father hired. If that it not love I don't know what is." Jacob said his hand still in mine.

For moment neither one of us said anything we just stood they holding hands leaning against the truck. It was nice moment just enjoying the silence after the excitement of the morning.Then Victor came over,and interrupted the moment.

"We've got to go return the company van, and get my truck." Victor said.

"Allright." Jacob said giving me a warm hug as he headed to the van with Victor.

"I would give anything to have what you have with Jacob." Andrea said as we watched the boys drive away.

"I know. He is such a great boy." I replied not thinking much of it.

Rebecca and Andrea both smiled at me.




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