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Good and Evil and the world around us.

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Sometimes things in life just fall apart. I wondered about my life. Here, only a few years, I was on top of the world. Then, GOD, came into my life. All around me, I saw vanity. Images,that I worshiped. Spent hours in reverence. They took control of my life and ways of thinking.

I myself was naive to the real meaning of GRAVEN IMAGES as in GOD'S second commandment. Then, I saw the graven images in movies, on television, verbal images in songs, ads in papers, magazines, all portraying an image.

My eye's were opened and I was bowing to these images. They took control of my life. Style, fashion, status, social standing. Do this, do that, this is proper, that is right, all part of a beast like monster surrounding me.

A friend told me these were all inventions of man. Motives varied, but they were not Gods or GOD'S ways. He gave me a Bible to read and that was what opened my eye's to this reality. I told the friend, I was happy for his opinion and help. He said, even King Solomon in all his glory followed other Gods. GOD, took the Kingdom away in due time.

The friend said, many take light of GOD. But, GOD is real and not some big sugar-daddy in the sky doing nice things and bad things. There are law sand ways, that GOD wants people to live. GOD, is a rewarder and a bringer of wrath upon the ungodly. GOD, killed all on earth in the flood of Noah, except 8.

Thanks for the help friend. Keep the faith and stay away from those idols. So the sun does rise and set in it's traverse of time.


HOBO-A was down and out again. The bottle had taken its fill of time and space. Walking slowly with a cup of coffee spilling over his hand, as he slumbered along the pavement. Lost to himself and all cognition of reality at the moment.

By a chance encounter, the friend had seen him. Walking over, demised the status of HOBO-A. "things looking down HOBO-A". YEA, been in the bar, need some work, you got the picture. My act got ragged again, need the next act.

Well HOBO-A, your going into those bars which you made, ALTERS of WORSHIP. You have made the bar your temple and sit on a stool in abstract prayer, drinking oblations of ALCOHOL to your idol god-ALCOHOL. You know, that BIG MOM TV. makes it all glitzy and cool in the unreal world.

People go to worship once a week in church and spend the other days in there bar temple alters worshiping. You need to sit with your Bible and tune into GOD, like I told you before, all this show here on earth ends one day. Then, GOD, is going to look and see, who you really gave your heart, soul, mind, and strength to, REPENT HOBO-A - REPENT. See you again soon.


HOBO-A, had been down on his luck. There sitting on a lone park-bench, his friend just came into view. Upon contact, the friend came over to the bench to converse with HOBO-A.

Well long time HOBO-A, how things truck-in along in life. Well, I'm down and lost again. The dope and alcohol, all I do is sit and watch TV. I feel like the world is squeezing me dry.

The friend said to HOBO-A, "that watching BIG MOM TV. was idol worship". They were filling your mind with all sorts of beliefs. Like before, It was created by man, a product of man and not GOD.

You, HOBO-A, have to get, GOD, back in your life. Pull the plug on that brain washer golden calf and pick up a Bible. Spend your time with GOD. You know HOBO-A, one day all this show here on earth is going to end. Your going to have to meet GOD and explain your life on JUDGMENT DAY.

HOBO-A, I have some things to do. Get into the Bible, stay away from the drugs. Stay away from those graven images, idols of man's making. REPENT, man, REPENT, that is part of the salvation of GOD. Pray, and GOD will make paths in the wilderness and four lane highways in the desert for you.




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