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A Story of HOBO-A

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HOBO-A was sitting on his now favorite park bench. HOBO-A was in contemplation of people. HOBO-A had his head back looking for GOD, so it appeared. The friend walked up to HOBO-A, in greetings of the day. HOBO-A told the friend about trying to realize GOD and people.

The friend told him about Noah and his family. GOD, after allowing his creation to grow and expand, had found people wicked upon the earth, except Noah. GOD, told Noah this and told him to build an Ark. Save creatures, when the word comes to him. HOBO-A, you can imagine the talk and laughs at Noah, building this hugh ark on probably dry land for years. BUT, Noah had faith.

Though, the time came and the earth was flooded and only Noah and his family, eight persons were alive after the flood. GOD, is wrathful toward unbelievers, so the earth must have been really corrupt for GOD to have done that, to all those people. Sort of like flushing the toilet bowl, so to say.

BUT, Noah and his family survived and populated the earth, for what it is today. We are all really brothers and sisters from one blood line of Noah. Some went to Africa and acclimated to the sun and heat. Others went north and acclimated to the cold. BUT, the bottom line is, we all come from the family of Noah.

Sodom and Gomorrah, the same destroyed because of their wickedness. GOD, with time brings judgment on peoples for good or evil. Read DEUT: 27-29 and you will see GOD'S blessings and curses upon people. Hope I was of some help to you HOBO-A. You haven't been playing, LITTLE COOL CHICKEN MAN, any more ?????????




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