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By: poewhit

Page 1, A Story of HOBO-A

Things in the life of HOBO-A were looking upward for a change. Odd-jobs and fighting the devil in the bottle. HOBO-A was in the park, sitting on a bench, with a new Bible he bought the other day. The sun had a halo glow of life, with, future radiance in the new spring day.

The friend out walking, seen HOBO-A and sauntered over to give salutations and check out HOBO-A. OH, see your reading your Bible HOBO-A. Real good sign, real good sign of life. Any thing of interest to you in your readings ?

HOBO-A first stated that he didn't realize, Jesus, was a Jew. Went to the temple on Sabbaths, and did good things, which upset some of the leaders of the temples. Then HOBO-A wondered why people went to church on Sundays.

The friend said, those were trying times. Here Jesus, teaching people doctrines and people following him in herds at times. Saying he was the son of GOD. Rocked many boats, that's probably why that killed him.

That Sunday thing probably goes back to Constantine, the Roman emperor at the time of around 312 AD. After years of killing Christians in the arenas with lions and purging doctrines and meeting places. Constantine became a sort of  Christian and was nice to them. Though they were SOL Romans [sun-worshipers] with their gods in tow. They figured Sunday was the day probably. Maybe also to segregate from the Jews on Saturday.

Then again, who is to tell the Roman emperor any different thing, along with politics and that era of time. Though records and times over years, only give a glimpse of the real life times and ways. We can go on and on, but things are calling HOBO-A. Keep doing what your doing, catch you latter.


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