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God is coming

By: Rando

Page 1, Benjamin Harris White don\'t know who God is so there6 they don\'t believe in him, but one day Benjamin finds out who he is.

Benjamin Harris White is a thirteen year old boy who lives in Orange City, Florida with his parents, Richard and Sally White and his twin brothers, Daniel and Donald White and his nine year old little sister, Mary Jane White. They live in a two story house on fifty acres of land. The family owns two cats, their names are Mr. Fluffy and Freckles. They both are male cats. The White family own one dog and his name is Buddy. They own four sheep, one goat and thirty cows. Almost every week the White family spends around 300.00 just on food for the animals, minus the cows, because they just eat the grass on the ground. Mrs. White is a stay at home mom and Mr. White works at home, selling hospital equipment on his computer. Mr. White gets paid quite a lot of money doing what he does, he gets paid every Thursday and makes around five thousand dollars a week. Benjamin is in the seventh grade and goes to Orange City Middle School, Daniel and Donald are sixteen and are in the tenth grade and go to Orange City High School. Nine year old Mary Jane

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