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When the path of Destiny is already laid at your feet, how do you fight your Fate?

Essay By: alhain
Religion and spirituality

When the path of Destiny is already laid at your feet, how do you fight your Fate?

'The line: 'When the path of Destiny is already laid at your feet, how do you fight your Fate?' originates from UnderxYourxSpell and was used in this essay with her consent.')

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When the path of Destiny is already laid at your feet, how do you fight your Fate? it is so hard to run from the whole thing that one has only one option and it is to give oneself up into this god business. dont get me wrong but there is a creator, there is one who knows better tha most of us, there is one to whom evil can not be accredited. time has come for us as a human family to see what it is all about. love and only selfless love can guide us into a better moment. what is man but only an incubator. man might boast about what he is but he is only a chanal trouhg which the son of god shall come unto this world. let everyman knows that more than a being he is a slave. crazy man therefore think that they are when in fact only he is. man has been given all the means to birth this son of god. as long as we will not do this man will stumble and die, for he seeks to take what doesnt belong to him.it is not what one achieves for oneslef that matters but it is what one does for god that is of value in the hereafter. foolish man buy a picture of jesus they hang on their bedroom hoping to gain entrance in the kingdom of god yet they do not heed moses who told them to follow him out of egypt into the wilderness before entering the promised land where god alone reings. they have deceived one another and they have used the wrong material to build a tower to heaven yet what have they found? that god cannot be fooled. let one who loves god take the hard walk and see for himself that only the creator lives. the cross they impliment on their children and they can hardly tell them what is the meaning of it. the cross is the symbol of the darkness that is within each of us, the cross is our refusal to listen to god, to give back what belongs to him, jesus is more than a man who lived 2000 years ago, jesus stands as the truth of god for men of the earth, jesus stand as truth and love, he is harsh and not so emotional. the jesus and the real jesus guide a man out of the hell this man has created. let us rejoice for god alone is in control. give up the delusional self and embrace the truth of god. know that against your will you are born, you live and shall die. what is it to gain therefore apart from having to follow god. jesus is the bread from heaven, jesus stand not as an object of prayers and supplications but he stands as the road everyman shall follow to enter in the presence of the father by becoming one with him. let us not be deceived by the pharisee of the modern times who do yet understand that the law came from god therefore it must have come with good reasons for us people of the earth. the law is a guiding lamp and the truth is the sword that will divide men and their darkened conceptions. jesus might just make you need gut if you want to follow him. it takes courage to know that you must die yet it is the only way. god gives his love to all of us even when he knows for most of the time that love will be trampled upon, the son of god has no face but the face of god, no eyes but the eyes of god. god is the only reality and we are nothing beside this fact apart from the fact that we are worker in his vineyard. peace be upon you as you see the truth of these few words. God bless.


They hate what they are

Guardians of humanity

They, like their counterpart also lose faith

But they have seen the lord

Therefore they repent


They hate what they are

Older brothers

They have to be there


They hate what they are

Like mothers

They have to care

It were well for them if a millstone were hanged about their neck and they were thrown into the sea, rather than that they should cause one of these little ones to stumble.


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