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Tabi tabi po. For years I want to write a thesis about different perceptions of human about religion. The content of this essay is based from my opinion only and not to disrespect others belief.

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"The truth will set us free."

This was the most noted message received during Praise and Worship Explosion held last year. But what is really the truth? I don't care much of what denomination a friend or a colleague belongs. As long as he believes in a superior being then it was fine with me. I have this notion before that perhaps God has reveal himself in so many forms that different belief about Him exists now. I equate Him to Allah to Buddha. I want to give each a chance for I know everybody is already save. Only to forget that only through acceptance of the Redeemer that we are truly save. This has confused me more for I gave them excuses on their belief. For instance, the Moslems regarded Jesus Christ as only a prophet. I just guess then that they just don't know that He is also God. What important is that they believe in one God and so am I. Though I also believe that God so much love the world that He descended from heaven and became a Man to save mankind from sin. While Buddha is also called the Enlighten One. Isn't it nobody can be compared to Jesus wisdom? He never failed to enlighten our mind and so that's why for me He is the Enlighten One. So He is the same as Buddha. A Christian friend though not with same denomination had helped me realized that my belief is false and my search for truth began. I wonder that even though I am also a Christian, there might be wrong with the denomination I am in. I first looked to the group called Protestants. We have the same triune belief but they have issues on saints, images and veneration of Mary. But I don't have same issues with these matters for saints for me are role models for my everyday living. The petitions I prayed for them? Well, I believe that they have pleased so much God because of what they have done here on earth and wherever they were right now I am sure it is closer to God. And it's just making an alliance with them, to ask for help to grant my pleas for when they pray, God will surely answer. The images for me are just like a momento of a love one. Isn't it we value the pictures and figurines of our love ones? What more if these pictures our God. I remember too from one of my religion classes that these images help us to focus during our prayer. We do not really adore the images but what really it represents or what it reminds us - and that is God. Mary is given the highest veneration among the saints because she is the Mother of God. Okay why give her such title as if she is higher than God. But she is the one who took care of Him when God is human. And God will never be reincarnated if she didn't say yes to angel Gabriel when asked if she would obey God's plan. She has a part in the salvation of mankind but that doesn't mean she is also a God or higher than Him. She is just like any saints who pleased so much God that everything she would ask for will be granted. And with a heart like hers, she wouldn't fail to care for us sinners. She will always want that each one of us will meet her Son. What confused me more is to find out that these Protestants are further divided into different sects. They have so many issue that they don't agree among themselves. The next denomination I looked into is the Iglesia ni Cristo. Okay they believe in one God but regarded Jesus Christ as only a man. Well all I can say is read the bible and the proof is there, that Jesus is same as God. Jesus is the Word and in the beginning there is only a Word. And isn't it the Word became flesh? Next is the Dating Daan or the Church of God. They took the bible literally. For instance, they believe that women should wear skirts all the time because according to them it is based in the bible. Time has changed people lives. Even their sense of fashions, the technology and even their culture. But God is not. He is the same as ever. So why focus on these trivial things? They don't believe in Trinity. They believe there is only one God but they believe that Jesus is also a god but not the same as the other God. Okay this is confusing. They don't believe in angels. Well I haven't seen one but I feel protected and I know these were done by my angels. And isn't it they exist as stated in the bible itself? Their head is uttering bad words in the national television. Well they insist that Jesus himself did got angry when the temple was made like a market place. But that is not the same as speaking bad words. Jesus didn't say any bad words. Even Catholic clergies do not escape these acts. There are priests, who are also guilty of saying bad words, involve in sex scandals and different immoralities. We should be in Christ's likeness in thoughts, in words and in actions. These leaders should take seriously their roles and note that their actions are in the limelight. Next denomination is Hinduism/Buddhism. They believe in karma and rebirth. Okay so don't kill a fly. It might be your dead grandmother. I don't think people deserved to experience crisis and hardships just because of what they did in the past life. Then going back to Moslems. They kill for their faith. Christians died for their faith. See the difference? They both fight for their faith in different means. But Christ emphasize more on loving one another. Meanwhile atheist believes on no god. Therefore believe that we evolved from the monkey then later on to what? From the fact that there is life, existence and moving is already a proof that there is Somebody out there who created all these things. By separating each denomination, I conclude then that the truth I'm searching for is what really matters in my heart. It is choosing what I think is right and just. God loves us. And the truth is, He is good all the time. I know HE died on the Cross for me. And it is my duty to evangelize so that others may come to know Him. I'm not a preacher. I'm not a good conversationalist either. By showing others compassion and how to live right, I know I'm already evangelizing. That is, letting them see Jesus in me.

"Actions speak louder than words."

* * * * *

I will not build another religion just because of seeing human flaws to my current denomination. There is only one church. Then Jesus said to Peter, "From this rock I will build my church."

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.


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