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Scientology...Religion or Cult You Decide

Essay By: chesterlee
Religion and spirituality

This is a summery on a few of my findings to do with Scientology

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After reading many articles throughout the press on Scientology I decided that curiosity had finally grabbed ahold of me and I needed to find out further information.

Unlike most common religions Scientology is still a rather new concept of belief systems that has only been around for the past sixty years.

Created by L. Ron Hubbard in 1952 as a successor to his previous self help system Dianetics. Scientology builds on a set of beliefs and conducts in which if you lead your life in this manner you will reach a god like state and complete happiness within yourself. Therefore passing over the bridge of total freedom.

Reaching this goal is done through the forms of Auditing. A counseling type process that reprograms the natural thought processes and enable you to free yourself from past life events that have caused some form of mental scar preventing you from achieving fulfillment and happiness within.

Now all this sounds rather tempting who wouldn't want to feel complete contentment within there life.

The is also a Darker side to Scientology the one that no one seams to want anyone to find out and it was this side of Scientology that I found not only intriguing but also extremely disturbing to read.

The stories contained within the forums that spanned the internet in support of people leaving scientology was some of the most shocking I have ever had the displeasure of reading.

Not only are there strong allegations of sexual abuse within the Church of Scientology but also the amount of control that the church has over its member was overwhelming. Upon reading through hours and hours of past experiences of members who have left the religion it has placed many questions in my mind.

The one thing that came up time and time again was how once you have joined the church you where committed to disassociation from anyone that did not have any involvement

With the practices of the churches and there strict policies. On occasion I have also read of even the church having influences on relationships formed by its members.

With further things coming to light I find myself a little scared to dig any deeper into what seams to be a very controlled society of members.

With the likes of top celebrities supporting Scientology it is a way of life that is slowly growing stronger and gaining more appeal. Especially within the United States where most of the supporters for Scientology seam to reside.

So the question I ask myself is Scientology really a religion or just another cult that brainwashes each member into a way of rituals that drive people into a state of hypnosis. This then enable the so called auditors/councilors to implant a train of thought that somehow pries on the individuals weaknesses and flaws and uses the information gathered as a weapon of self distruction. Therefore always controlling the thought process of the individuals who are participated in the clearing.

The more I choose to dig into the workings of Scientology I find that there are so many flaws like many religions that exist today. The fact that Scientology was created by a Science fiction writer leaves me wondering if Scientology is more a work of fiction embraced with hypnosis and phycology. As like most religions there is always an element of fiction involved but Scientology seams to take this the one step further. Creating a closed community that has become secretive in there actions.

Unlike most religions Scientology has many secrets it likes to keep hidden and it is these secrets alone that I would like to expose or at least bring to the publics attention.

So as I gather my findings I will leave you with the ultimate question.

Is Scientology really a religion or a crazy cult that exists within the 21stcentury?

Once I have gathered more information I will submit in another post that's is the powers that be don't force me to keep my silence.


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