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Seven Things About Everything

Essay By: frog
Religion and spirituality

It may be controversial to explain Everything.

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In the infinite space which everything is included, there are seven truths. Everything is cyclical, has equilibrium, can be broken down, is connected, is hypocritical, has the capability to go on forever, and comes to an end. Using various life like examples, we can find out the seven things in which drive people, plants and animals, the things the living create, and the space in which is inhabited by them.
Everything is cyclical. The easiest definition to a cycle is anything that repeats itself. The cyclical nature of the earth's rotation is true in people themselves. The earth goes round and so do humans. Where there is the happiness and joy of life there is the sadness and sorrow of death. A child is born an old man dies. A tree grows and it gets struck down by lightning. An idea emerges and it gets lost within the realms of history. The cycle of rain, seasons, and time are all included. What is true of physics and science and earth itself is also true for John, our imaginary example man.
There are two types of cycles. The first are good cycles which can be defined as any cycle that leads to receiving any necessity of life or seen as positively affecting life. The necessities of life are food, water, shelter, and love. (Love meaning sex and the continuance of the precious gift of life.) There are also bad cycles and these can be defined as any cycle that impedes one from receiving any necessity of life or seen as negatively affecting life.
John was caught up in many cycles that benefited his life and the lives of many others. He was involved in academics and his academic success gained him money which in turn allowed him to buy food, water, and shelter. John studied for school, went home practiced piano, helped his mother with chores, and then went to bed. He woke up the next morning and repeated the same process. These were all cycles that were seen as good and benefited John. When John grew older he found himself doing the same things but instead of school he found himself going to work, getting paid, buying food, and going to bed.
There are thousands of good cycles all of us find ourselves doing. Some examples include; showering, working, singing, dancing, exercising, volunteering, going to church, watching television etc. Now many would question that if John had watched television all his life he would be a nobody, but we must remember that the definition states what is seen to benefit life and leads to the gaining of one of the necessities of life is what defines a good cycle. John's balance of time is what would make him a success and this balance is what we will discuss after we touch on bad cycles.
John may seem so far to be free of bad cycles but there are some poor cycles that he participated in. When he turned eighteen he became very distressed because it was his senior year and decided that it was ok for him to smoke. What John failed to realize was that smoking was a cycle that would not benefit his life because he would soon find out that his "game" was no good anymore. John decided to quit his habit of smoking and he found himself in a worse situation than just not trying to smoke in the first place. He became easily angered and was short tempered after deciding to quit. John also became depressed after quitting smoking. He lost interest in many things and found himself not enjoying many activities he use to. He quit piano, quit sports, and became a couch potato watching T.V. day after day. These ongoing behaviors of doing what society calls nothing are called bad cycles because they cause misery for John and everyone around him.
Many people find themselves participating in bad cycles or non cycles. Some examples of bad cycles include; smoking, drinking, binging, purging, gambling, not practicing, not showering, quitting, prostitution, excessive porn, etc. Keep in mind the definition of bad cycles they are what impedes one from receiving a necessity of life and is seen as negatively affecting one's life. Some may question why quitting is a bad cycle, but remember it is only referring to quitting good cycles. Next we will discuss the fact that the earth is in a natural equilibrium.
I lied we are going to keep you in suspense until the next paragraph to discuss equilibrium. I also lied because there is a third controversial cycle. If numbers truly go on forever it is very possible that not only cycles go on forever but they are only a part of something much larger. For example if we look at time fragments we have seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months, seasons, years, decades, eons, and so forth. Those periods must get smaller and larger forever if we look mathematically at them. There is the cycle that is called the accumulative which is referring to any cycle that starts out small and gets larger. A good example yet a tongue biter is evolution. Another example would be the capacity to get smarter and smarter over time but we know that sooner or later those other cycles will bring that capability to an end. We call that old age. Another improvable theory would suggest that our lives are only part of something much larger just like red blood cells are making us live there is a possibility that there is something studying us discussing what it is our purpose is. This section will make more sense once we continue on with equilibrium and the other facts to life.
We are always in search of the right balance, we don't want too much and we definitely will not settle for less. The earth needs good just as well as evil because what a boring life it would be for everyone without bad. There would be no heroes, no Nobel Peace winners, no need to get off our ass to do something because everything would be good just as is. I couldn't imagine a world without good either. Life and death fall in this category of equilibrium because without one there isn't the other. There is a female and male to create life without man or woman neither would exist. Even our biological bodies follow this rule and we call it homeostasis. What is true for the world is true for John.
What occurred to John after quitting was a physics term called equilibrium. What is true in physics is true with John. John deciding to quit a bad habit led to the effect of being ill tempered. It is true that it takes two negatives to create a positive. Because John did decide to quit(bad) something bad(bad), the two bads created good. Some may ask what about killing someone bad? Because we are dealing with life and death which is a natural cycle killing is always bad. It would be like trying to stop water from flowing downhill, possible yet stupid.
Each action has an equal and opposite reaction. There are many examples that we have hidden through our words. Stress is a label we put on uncomfortable living in everyday life. In health class we are taught to get rid of that stress by journaling, screaming in a pillow, and in anyway venting. Another example is what we find if we as humans move to space. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. We move to space which is good because we save the planet we are on from overcrowding. The negative is obviously unknown, but could include littering space with random metal objects from space shuttles. Beginning wars in space could be a problem. The cost of living in space and those who die figuring out how to live in space could be a few of many other problems to match with the good effects of living in space. A better example would be here from earth. Why were older siblings and adults able to get away with more in their age time? John's parents were able to get away with more mischievous behavior than John was ever to get away with. John found it hard to vent growing up. This is because John had to work less than his parents. His parents mowed the lawn with a push while John always got to use a rider so therefore the bad things he is able to do are less because he has spent less time doing good. Those who spend more time doing good spend more time doing badly in a sense.
What about relationships some may ask. Ah yes, the chemistry between people must follow the rules just as everything else. She or he must complete me. Personality plays a great role in relationships. If you have two people with the same personality they will have the same interests but will not make the best companions for each other. The magnet example opposites attract and similarities repel sums it up well. In our world putting two people who are exactly alike together for a long period of time is going to cause problems. If you were to compare a parent who had a major problem with a specific child to the child, their personalities would show up as the same. "We don't want them to make the same mistakes as we did" "you're acting just like your mother". Women complete men as men complete women and their personalities in the cases of failed marriages will be similar and vice versa.
What about John and Sabrina? John and Sabrina should by all means get a divorce if their personalities are too much alike. They are friends who met and just had many of the same interests. They like to volunteer, they both have happy personalities, they are very generous, and by all means that relationship really ends in a disastrous divorce because the divorce (negative) needs to match there successes in the past. Only after messy kid dividing divorce can John and Sabrina make a realistic life. No one has a perfect life.
Equilibrium has been present in the description of humanity for age's .That's why Christianity has the fight between good and evil as well as other Zoroaster based religions who took the idea of good versus evil to describe humanity as a whole. Equilibrium is found in science, religion, math, and relates to all aspects of life.
If you build it they will come, and sooner or later destroy it. Whether we are talking about abstract ideas, food, education, politics or anything, it can be literally destroyed or more specifically broken down into smaller parts. Things can be broken down physically, emotionally, metaphorically, and just about anywhere in between these.
Looking at John's life we will say it went relatively well, but how do we define well? What makes up a well item? Can it be defined? Defining well done depends on the goal of whatever the item is. Let's take water for example. Water can have a variety of goals. Let's makes the waters goal quenching the thirst of a person. The person can be satisfied or not satisfied by the water in which they choose to drink. They take the glass of water and are expecting fresh, cool, satisfying water. They get warm salt water and spit it out. The goal was not satisfied. Why was the goal not satisfied? First we need to decide what makes up a goal. A goal is something we want to get through action whether physical or not physical. For example, the person had a goal of drinking water to quench thirst. How do you quench thirst? We need to define what makes thirst to answer that question. Thirst is what happens when the body gets deprived of water. So thirst would equal body deprived of water. But, what does deprived mean? Deprived is when something is lacking what it wants to satisfy its needs. What is needed? Needed is what is necessary for something to survive and sometimes something that is wanted really bad. For example people need food to live but what type of food it is may bring better satisfaction. What are the types of food? Well there are many sub categories of food, healthy not healthy, salty, non salty, fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy, fat, breads, etc. What makes fruit different from a vegetable? A fruit is something that comes from a flower, and a vegetable does not come from a flower. Does that make a fruit the opposite of a vegetable? Not necessarily because defining well has nothing to do with fruits or vegetables. This proves the relationship between two originally non related items of doing well and vegetables.
Let's take something physical to describe breaking it down, for example, a rock. Rocks are a subcategory of science and they are a consolidated group of minerals. Depending on what type of minerals are in it and the processes that formed it are what decides what type of rock it is. If it has sedimentary calcite in it we call it limestone. The calcite is part of the rock and the rock is part of a larger structure called a river valley, which was created by geologic forces. Geology is a part of science. See the mineral is what makes up the rock, the rock is what makes up the river valley, and river valleys are a small piece of geology, and geology is a part of science. This is just like vitamin c makes up oranges, oranges are a fruit, and fruits belong to the group of fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables are food, and food is a part of agriculture, and agriculture is science.
Some may ask how limestone and oranges relate and on my previous example they relate in that they both have to do with science. If we think about it everything has to do with science in some way shape or form. This is why everything relates. If we could look at John's family tree we would discover he blood related to everyone and possibly an ape also even though Darwin never mentioned it. If it is true amino acids are the start of all life, than it only proofs that everyone is related and that everything can be related. So, you sing different turkey licking at the bays and high hills in Virginia, could technically mean, I want to be finished with the explanation of everything is related and everything can be broken down or into parts. Take anything and break it down and the result will be the basis for everything.
Everything can go on forever. Infinite, is the most confusing idea since jumbo shrimp. Life will go on forever and many religions believe in an afterlife. Even the most respected idea on the planet has the capability to go on forever, but it will end. Numbers have the capability to go on forever but there is always something larger. Whether the idea is good or evil, like Hitler's Aryan race, it has the capability to be around today. Sooner or later that idea will drift off and a completely new evil idea will emerge. Everything, which directly correlates to life, leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions. What is the meaning of life? The meaning of life is deep in the center of everything good and evil, and that center is nothing t but the number zero. That is right everything we ever do is worth nothing because it will just die anyway. I cannot answer what happens after death but what I can guess is that we will return to what we started from in order to achieve equilibrium, we will then return to live life because everything is cyclical, Life and Death make up nothing and are related because they are complete opposites, Life and death are hypocritical in the fact that they are the only thing that will definitely go on forever.
Speaking of hypocrisies, what is with the earth not spinning in a perfect circle or being perfectly round? Why do the planets and its inhabitants spin in an imperfect orbit around the sun? Why would someone tell you to turn off the lights but not do it themselves? If a shiazazle is a shizoozle and a meat is a shiazazle what would be a meat? Anything that sticks out as different or unconventional like homosexuality is simply hypocrisy. It is best to be aware that hypocrisies exist because than we can understand why the message of religions is peace and love yet religion is the cause of many wars, hate, and death. Hypocrisy is not an attack on religions it is just an explanation to why we are alive. It relates back to equilibrium. Imagine a world with perfect equilibrium. If you have imagined this correctly you should see nothing happening because a balanced teeter totter will not move.
I might be controversial to summarize everything in an essay with 22 paragraphs about everything and its meaning, but we could spend forever discussing specific examples and coming up with a plethora of probable possibilities. Like any writer, even if on an internet writers club, I would hope you take something away from this. I will specify what it is I want people to take away from this piece of writing.
We live in a not just a world or a galaxy or star system, we live under something much larger, complex, and very incomprehensible. To believe that there isn't one thing that pieces us all together including the tangible and non tangible is just pathetic. I cannot for the life of me believe that we are just here amongst the vastness participating in useless cycles trying to discover the meaning of life. I believe we participate in that unanswerable question every second minute and time period imaginable. Even if that imaginable is the definition of infinite and our lives, which rocks out like John to his music by forces that just don't make sense, unless we discuss seven things about everything.


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