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Who some of us are.

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In the book The 12th Planet by Zecharia Stichin he marvels at how civilisations came about. He explains that it took a million or so years for man to find stone then to craft it into tools, this shows that in natural evolution it takes millions of years for what we would call minor developments. Then how did from the hunter gathers of the Middle East suddenly came up with houses,governments,armys,citys,waters pumps and huge monuments?
Did someone help us? A distinct possibility. In the ancient writing of these civilisations (which our very own western culture is a direct descended of) they say how the Gods came down to Earth and lived among us appointing kings and leading ceremonial but very much human lifestyles. For the humans to carry out these advancements would the humans not need intelligence close to that of their Gods? You would think so. We humans might have also been given language for easy communication.
Who were these Gods though? I think that these Gods were from another planet far from our own, they may have been on an exploration mission and got lost and running out of resources so seeing that earth had life forms similar to their own decided to make contact. Now as they went down to the Earth and scratched a living, seeing that these humans could be used and become friends they might of mixed their genes with humans to create intelligent beings that would help them because by this time the Gods probably doubted that they would get home. After thousands of years these Gods had become part of the human civilisation. I believe that the intelligent humans have the most God blood in them, also the white people through the Greeks.
Now I believe that we will gain the technology to go to out and meet our Mothers and Fathers, to go Home.


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