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Should we amend the Bible?

Essay By: MichaelS76
Religion and spirituality

A personal voyage that I took when examining the Old Testament and the New Testament and whether they related to modern times. Should it be amended as the Constitution is amended, should we reinterpret some verses to conform to modern day thinking and more.

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I often write about controversial topics, like the bible. I recently thought why not amend the bible like we amend the Constitution? It's been amended before, books taken from the bible as an example and its numerous translations. Some amendments might be things associated with modern life like cars, airplanes, basically inventions and their effect good or bad on man. Our Earth and things like dinosaurs, fossils and other animals that have lived and perished in the earth's long, long past. Moral issues like gay marriage, racism and equality between man and women. Some useful topics that I wish were included in the bible are Living Skills, Science, physics, mathematics, and most importantly current moral issues, not to mention biology and dozens and dozens of other topics. Perhaps I desire too much from a single book. Scriptures contain everything humanity needs to know about God, but it does not reveal everything that we want to know, especially now. Several thousand years ago, perhaps yes. The truth that God has revealed is sufficient but not exhaustive. Like So many things that are not addressed or mentioned. If I were to believe the bible to be the complete, written, inspired, inerrant word of God, why are so many things missing or not revealed. If I am told to search the scriptures for my answers regarding life's complex issues, I find myself lost as if I were at a computer with no internet connection. The scripture is so complicated to understand and relate to modern life and times that we need some type of external authority to properly interpret and understand it. Most people I know do not read their bibles at home for a reason, they go to church so they can get an understanding of what the bible is saying, but that in itself is subjective and dangerous. There are many preachers out there, masquerading as angels of light. They are fathers of lies and mothers of hypocrisy. To them, church is not the stairway to heaven but a super highway to obscene wealth. They build churches that compete with the Basilica in Rome, fly around the world in expensive jets, and spend vacations in the most exotic tourist destinations across the world. Some Pastors who have manipulated the Bible and it's teachings like Jim Jones, David Koresh are extremely dangerous and use the bible for personal gain and to not spread the word of God but to become a God. Unfortunately the Bible is no longer Gods word; it has a large number of contradictions between the words, the facts and statements. There are so many historical anachronisms, scientific absurdities and too much human adulteration. Various people in the early church, including the Gospel writers themselves, felt free to invent sayings of Jesus that had little or no basis in what He actually taught. If a saying can be demonstrated to promote later Christian causes, it could not have originated with Jesus. To this day it is being continuously edited, corrected, and modified. Some well-known but unknown to most missing from the bible are Angels, at least not the angels we think of. The devil is not depicted as having horns and being red or having a pitchfork or goat's legs. The Holy Grail is not mentioned, there is no mention of an antichrist and hell is depicted in many ways but none speak of fire. Then there are books that have been taken out of the bible, verses removed or changed. We have so often failed to realize the Bible is not about us but about God. We have been taught wrong and then read it that way, instead of really looking. Now, some people think the Bible is a book of rules, telling you what you should and shouldn't do. The Bible certainly does have some rules in it… But the Bible isn't mainly about you and what you should be doing. It's about God and what he has done. If I were to follow the bible word for word and believed in nothing more, not modern medicine, not current ethics and social interactions of modern man, I would either be dead or in jail. If our Constitution was treated this way, would we still feel united under the Constitution as we are today? When joining the Army would I have still taken the oath to protect and defend it knowing it was not rock solid and addressed not only past issues but current issues? I don't know, and ultimately my opinion means nothing, but it's just something to think about. If you are going to believe in something and incorporate it into your core beliefs you cannot pick and choose which parts to believe. You must either believe the entire ideology or none of it at all. The decision to amend the bible would ultimately depend on the understanding of the people who believe in it. If you understand that it is a kind of work of art describing what God has done then no, you would not amend it. But if we are to believe that the bible is the word of God and we are to obey its teachings and live by them alone, then yes we need to amend and update its message to be better understood by everyone and to a broader audience.


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