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By: poewhit

Page 1, Prophecy

Peter the rock, in part MATT: 16-18, upon this rock, I will build my church. Saint Peter's in Rome, built upon the rock, Peter's remains. Peter as an omen was crucified upside down. Signifying man's waywardness and sins. Turning to Jesus who was crucified upright, brought rightness and salvation.


The Romans, Constantine, SOL worship, and heretics probably instilled Sunday as the Sabbath for sun worship unity and other dictates. Peter wrote in 1 PETER 2-20,21-in parts, about being buffeted for faults, having patience, being called, Christ's suffering and that ye should follow his steps. As the four gospels are filled with the key word FOLLOW.


I feel, the church like people, has to be wayward. Like Peter upside down, then finding Jesus, becoming upright and saved in following Jesus steps. Casting away old Romans, Constantine, and heretics, which became institution and traditions. Fear holding rightness and change in bondage.


Again Jesus stated in MATT: 16, the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. So, hell is in conflict with the church. I see change coming into a more unified Church of God, FOLLOWING JESUS the cornerstone in his steps. WHEN / Only GOD knows.



10/3/2011  POEWHIT



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