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Jesus the Misunderstood Prophet

Essay By: TheScribe
Religion and spirituality

Jesus' teaching was hijacked by the Constantine backed church/state that wished a new religion, a passive one that will not revolt. Most of his teachings were altered some of the books that should have been included in the Bible were omitted on purpose. This was the biggest crime of known history. Not something unique to prophets in general but the extent of the omissions and lies about Jesus' teachings were paramount to a crime of unheard in history. It is my goal to set the record straight and find willing and receptive ears.

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Jesus was the most remarkable esoteric teacher in human history.
Unfortunately he is the most misunderstood of them all. Jesus and Apollonius of Tyana both did remarkable feats, healed the sick, they were clairvoyant and prolific Esoteric Teachers of the Ancient Wisdom.
Interestingly from these two Masters Apollonius' name is all but forgotten by the masses. Why is this?
Jesus died on the cross and Apollonius of Tyana disappeared after sensed that persecution is foreboding. This death on the cross that made Jesus the most talked about and most misunderstood of the two.
When Constantine had his wholesale conversion of the Roman Empire into Christianity (after and before the Council of Nicea) he had to come up with some new ideas from the historical facts in order to make the new religion more palatable to the masses.
The Council of Nicea was important for several reasons. Beside bringing together church leaders, the council was the first time that church and state had melded. Constantine, via his position as head of the council, was the first to assert political power over the Christian Church. And, many church laws were formed at the Council. Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code discusses the council as the time at which Jesus was declared more than just a charismatic prophet.
Despite the "Da Vinci Code" popularity I suspect very few people cognitive about that indeed Jesus was VOTED into a "Son of God" status by a slim margin.
The declaration of the Son of God has special meaning. The masses that questioned the logic behind Christianity by asking "what prophet would allow his execution especially when he had the powers such as Jesus did" and "What God would allow his son to be murdered by a fickle and hysterical mob?" had to be satisfied. To answer all these nagging questions the new Church/State declared that Jesus died for your sins. This idea at least had some cohesion and logic behind it. The reality is that all Teachers have a theme and Jesus' teaching was Love and Sacrifice.
"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."
As you all know best teaching is by example. When the authorities came to take Jesus away they came for the whole group. The twelve disciples were to meet the same fate on the cross. This makes sense since the whole movement was to be eliminated and extinguished as they authorities feared riots and the Romans to step in. So when the men came in the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus stepped forward and asked them
"Whom do you seek?" this direct confrontation made these men stop in their tracks. I imagine the force of the voice and Jesus reputation must have helped. These armed men who came to take the whole group away, answered. "We seek Jesus of Nazareth." "I am he. You came for me, now let these men be" and the disciples ran forth into a dozen directions, some naked.
The Church crystallized the falsehoods and dogmas about sin, redemption and Jesus' new status as God incarnate. With all this the church would later sell redemption notes and decide what sins require what penance (in terms of hail marries or other prayers). The reality is no incarnation of God exists or has ever existed.
Let me suggest that something that is pure, infinite and omniscient is "only" just that. By taking the form of matter it becomes something that it (the infinite, how can that be?) was not before...
Let me ellaborate...
There must an understanding of the Infinite and Transcendental Principle first. For something to be pure and omniscient it is required to take no carnal form or be of matter as matter by definition is finite and hence cannot be denigrated as "Godly or Divine in Form".
Despite the convenience of 'do as you please as long as you confess on Sunday' - Jesus' death does not lift your Karma. Everybody needs to account for his/hers deeds. If you think about it - it make perfect sense. If it is too good to be true - is usually is…

Copyright 2006 by Andras M. Nagy


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