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Lady Luck is a Fickle Bitch and Her Name is Karma.

Essay By: TheScribe
Religion and spirituality

I have gambled all my adult life. My father gambled most of his 75 years and he won the lotto twice. Now what are the odds of that? I have come to the conclusion that there is no luck in the Casino, or in Wall Street.

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Lady Luck is a Fickle Bitch and Her Name is Karma.
As many concepts in Human history are made up in error we can look upon luck as such an error in thinking.
Why are some people lucky while others cannot win for losing? There are no lucky people or unlucky ones; it is their thinking or fate that we must examine.
There are no accidents and happenstances. Everything is fixed.
Jesus said "And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail."
Here, Jesus is talking about the Law of Karma. Even so the law of Karma is most prevailing; there are other Laws in play. Know this; the Human mind is the most powerful tool.
I am sure many of you have heard of the Power of Attraction.
This is the Law of thought vibrations attracting each other. Good and positive thoughts attract similar, positive thoughts. You could think of the Human mind as a radio. If it is tuned properly it receives positive and affirming thoughts of the myriad of thoughts in the ether.
Thoughts create vortexes, which are group of thoughts of a similar pitch.
When people play the stock markets or gamble in a casino, they are filled with fear and greed. These thoughts are not wholesome or positive. At the same time, uncertainty and self-doubt are ever present in the mind of the average gambler. These groups of thoughts act as a repeater or enhancer to the thought of the individual. Everything is connected, naturally our thoughts effect others and we get feedback from the great ocean of thoughts according to the quality of our thinking.
Be careful however, these thoughts must be genuine and heartfelt in order to work.
You cannot simply tell yourself "I m a force in the universe and I will attract wealth" and deep down in the subconscious still believe the opposite.
This naturally causes events to turn against the person who thinks this in a self-defeating pattern. What you believe - IT IS.
I am not talking about idle thoughts but when emotions enter into it and money, these thoughts are magnified. You really start believing that you are unlucky and this will cause it to be so.
If you do not believe me, would you believe Oprah? She helped making the DVD the Secret a best seller. Essentially the secret is describing the power of thought.
Our mind has the capacity to manifest ANYTHING. Powerful mind is a powerful tool. A feeble mind is not using its full capacity. The good news is that we all have the ability to train our mind to be powerful so we can conjure up anything we want as long as it does not interfere with our Karma.
Yes, this is the catch; the Universe is not an ATM machine for all. We can only get what we deserve.
When we pray it is best to leave out needs and wants from our prayer. Jesus said "your needs are known". You shall always have what we need but seldom get what we want. Oscar Wilde alluded to this; often the Gods would answer our prayer to punish us. We simply do not know what is good for us down the line.
This is because our destiny is karmically predestined. It is utter futility to attempt to fight it with prayer or with white magic.
As you can see these two Laws act in tandem and explain all events in the Human condition. If something is not karmically opposed it can be manifested at will. This is the real Philosopher's Stone - the true alchemy that man searched for since the dawn of times.


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