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Madison Master's Commission

By: CaylanLadd

Page 1, What MMC is

What is MMC?
  Master's is a 9 month program that the heart of discipleship and ministry is its focus. Being in MMC puts you in a place that forces you to either lay down your self for God to move in your life and the lives of others or to be stagnant and do nothing. It puts you in a place to take steps of faith in the things God has led you towards. This is cliche', but the saying "what you put into it is what you get out of it" is essentially the motto of MMC which is where the "force" comes into play. Nobody is forcing you in a sense, but you have to force yourself to be pushed and "when you allow yourself to be pushed in the times that you would rather do nothing, is truly where you can see growth in your life." Then that's when you get to see the people who you are living life with what their true colors are and yourself.
  Which is why I really believe Master's is like a quilt that has a bunch of different colors and patterns when they come together you don't know what to expect but it's beautiful. People have their true colors and patterns of life. Sometimes they're beautiful colors and even in that people have their true hideous colors that outside of that of that quilt you want to ask the Person who made it, "Why did you use that?" but I don't really think you can argue the Maker when He chooses to use even the most off colors to create something gorgeous because each piece of His creation is a reflection of Him. Everybody's patterns are complex and not everyone has the same ways of life. That's why we're all unique and when we all have the same foundation (Like the material holding the quilt together) in Christ, Jesus holds us together and we see the Master behind the master piece that you can really begin to appreciate.

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