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Where would you be if the World Ended? Read this and maybe learn things that you can do. Thankyou! Comments are always appreciated even if they aren't nice.

Submitted:Jan 4, 2009    Reads: 130    Comments: 6    Likes: 2   

Hey! Well, today we learned that someday Jesus is going to come down again. If you don't know, Jesus IS God. When Jesus Christ comes down he is taking the people that trust in Him up to heaven. Do you know if you are going to heaven? I can honestly say that I know I am going to heaven, and it is not because of my good deeds. A lot of people think they are going to go to heaven because of going to church or helping a needy person, but that doesn't work. The only way you can go to heaven is by asking Jesus into your heart. By trusting that He is the one that saved you from sin. That He died on the cross for US. If you trust and believe this and you ask Jesus into your heart to be your saviour. He won't deny you. This tells you for sure that you are going to heaven. Believe it or not once you do this you will really start feeling guilty for your sins. Take it from me. Your probably wondering why I'm saying all this, and I will explain.

If Jesus Christ is coming down he is saving the people that trust in him. Well, what happens to the people that don't? You will go "Down There". It's a terrible place to go. And I feel that Jesus could come down any day he wanted, and at any time. But would you be ready? He can't let anyone with any sin in his or her life. He is clean of all sin and cannot have that in heaven. Now no one can say they do not sin. For everyone sins. And the wage for sin is death. That's what would happen before. Now there are still consequences for sin but not death in most cases. If you really think about it. God is really merciful. He lets the people that has had the worst of a past come to heaven. If you just trust and believe that Jesus died on the cross. Now that is a miracle. It is never too late to be saved. I guess why I'm saying this all is because I want the people to go to heaven not "Down There". I want people to know that they are going to heaven. It is an amazing feeling. The more people that are saved the better the world will be. Don't we all always say, "I can't wait to see that person in heaven." Well, if you don't get saved you won't. I may not know any of you that are reading this but it doesn't change anything. This could change your life.

Some of you are probably reading this and thinking that I'm nutts. But everyone has a right to their own opinion. Just think if the world would end tonight in 10 min. where would you be? That's a scary thing to think about for a lot of people. If you have a pastor in the area or someone that you know is saved please just go talk to them. I'm sure they'd be able to explain it too. Well, I guess this isn't really something to be critiqued. I think it is just a thing that I felt the need to get out there. Thankyou for reading! God Bless you all!!

~I understand I probably won't get all nice comments on this as everyone has their own opinion. But either way I fulfilled the need to write it and I am happy. :) Thankyou again :)~


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