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This is a Mature reading for those whising to understand themselves in their experience as a human being.....

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The following pages are shall we say quite different, to say the very least.

It is not recommended for the young and immature. It is X rated for language and adult content within these pages.

This is not a novel or something for a good read, it is a study course in understanding your present human experience and most importantly yourself, your true self , you are more than human my friend, much more.

This reading transcends the normal and accepted secular and religious beliefs that you may hold dear, however, if you complete it you will certainly have much to consider or reconsider, shall we say about yourself and others and I dare say your existence itself.

Many of you will discover things you have always known you will relax and think YES.., I knew that!

This has simply reminded you of what you already knew!

Do not plan on reading this through in one or even several settings, the serious student will take months to complete it. I recommend in the following chapters to take a break as suggested, and allow the information to absorb please follow these important instructions so your brain may adjust and receive the maximum from these sessions.

You have read, "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he!" This is Truth my friend, as you think, so you are! Your mind/brain has the power to create, you are the creator of your present life called humanity thus your present reality!

So guard your thoughts as if your life depended on it! Your thoughts and words have tremendous power.

Enjoy the information, and I pray it will lead you to understanding yourself at a deeper level. And yes you are more than you realize, so read these pages and find out who you really are.

Today our science is looking into and studying very closely the Para-normal, and even the great probability of intelligent life within our universe.

I have chosen to use only layman's terms and language, so you will not be bombarded with hard to understand words or meanings.., I have sought to make it easy to understand. To sum up.., the possibilities before you are without number. Choose wisely my friend, and remember The Universe has a law..,

Harmony/Balance equals GREAT PEACE & UNDERSTANDING!

Bi-human 101

Channeled Sessions of Zub,


Regardless of the movies you have seen, or books you have read…….many on target, many far from it, this is about another species among humanity.

I must inform you however, you will never be the same after reading this. It can actually affect your brains thinking ability because the following information opens unopened, but available circuits within your brain. You could consider it an upgrade to your brains computer.

Considered deeply before downloading the following information!

This is not intended or recommended, for the immature.

It contains very explicit and adult content. It also transgresses the normal and accepted status quo of religion's and popular secular belief, so enter upon much consideration and thought!

You have been informed!

Do you want to proceed ??

Then let us begin shall we?

Understanding the following may take months, depending on your receptivity.

So, you noticed from an early age, that you were different from others. The question that haunts you however is…, what IS normal, and according to whom? So what is normal, and according to whom or what is a most important question my friend.

I am quite sure most of you that read this, will say this writer needs psychosocial help. (Chuckle) Yes, and don't we all in one way or another?

I do believe however, there are many of you reading that will say;

"Yes! Someone else like me, really exists…, I am not crazy after all".

So…, let me ask you…just what is normal?

Read these pages and see if you as well have a different understanding and knowledge about yourself, that you will find is shared by countless others as well.

Many times you have wondered and considered that there may be another species of intelligence beings somewhere in the stars, the Universe? Do you actually think that in this ever expanding universe, of which Earth is but a small drop in an ever growing ocean is the only place of intelligent life? If you do, you really should put this book down or give it away!

A few years ago you would have been considered quite insane to have seriously considered such. History has shown many have lost their lives, to even talk of such.

However, today it is no secret that the possibility of other intelligent life may very well exist. As a matter of fact the reality is actually very high, and increasing for those informed. It is common knowledge that the Universe is ever expanding, and we on Earth are surely not alone. There is actually an aggressive search for sister planets, and much data being discovered suggesting the probability of such.

Is not history, (Religious & Secular), not full of unusual and unexplainable events and encounters?

Strange visitations…recorded through out history. UFO's, unknown or alien visitations. In The Bible and other religious writ, they are called angels or messengers of God, or ministering spirits, none the less the point is that our recorded history is full, yes full of such encounters from another realm of existence other than our own. I will not single out any religion, for they all have much of the same recordings.

I am not trying to take away or add to any, I am simply stating the fact of history and it's recording of abnormal visitations and events. Even the non-religious world has documented strange and unexplainable happenings and occurrences through out the world, to which there are no reasonable explanations.

Now hold on to your seat because you are about to decide if you want to continue reading, "There is an existence of another species, a vast amount, but let us center on Bi-Human's", on this planet called Earth.

Let us continue. Let me begin by explaining, in every sense of the word I am human, yet there is something more added to my mix, something our DNA specialist have yet to discover. They eventually will and as our planet continues to be properly prepared for such and the acceptance of alien/different life and existence and the possibility of such actually being among us, the shock and panic factor will diminish to allowing a greater presence among us. I will call this a "Coming out of the closet time", for us in progress now.

How are we different? Well, mostly we are the ones that have been labeled with everything negative the human language can articulate.


Because you do not fit the molds our societies have created. You are the ones society and family just can not quite understand. You are the ones, that no matter how hard you try, you simply do not seem to fit in. Your burden becomes heavier when their labels are attached to you of course.

The labels are many and varied and you know exactly what I mean, and I am sure you have your own, I have several. (Chuckle)

So how are you different? You perceive differently. You hear differently, feel differently. You think differently. You dream differently. You seek something that no one has ever been able to give or share with you that confirms what you know deep within your being.

Some of you have been labeled for example;

Loners, eccentrics, bi-sexual- homosexual- radicals, odd ducks, insane, split and multi- personalities, some even called, demon possessed, or just plain Crazy! Of course the labels are many and varied, but I think you get the drift.

The information that follows could very well be the information that sets you free, yes finally peace and understanding about the most important thing in this thing we call life….and that is you!

O the trials endured on this journey called humanity. Now, in another existence, you chose this earthly experience, you and I, chose it for a reason, why will become clearer when you finish this course.

Your task at hand is balancing the two worlds you exist in. Some of you have done very well, others are still struggling to find that balance, and you will in this life experience or the next one, find the balance that is.

I am going to share some things that you have always known, you simply have forgotten them, and as I share you will recall, so understand and find much peace of mind my friend, now remember;

Balance / Harmony is the foundation of all good, past present and future!

Believe me when I say you will have another existence when you pass from your present experience, for we are eternal and, "The Great Source of All Good", is actually within you, and will not allow you to experience more than you can handle, however understand, "The Great Source of All Good", will never override your personal choices/paths. We will talk more about that later.

Since you are still reading I would suggest we take a moment to pause and breathe, and to receive an open channel of Universal Sensory Perception

(or ESP, if you prefer).

This will enable you to continue on a deeper level of understanding. I would suggest you get alone and have at least thirty minutes in a candle lit room possibly, with silence, and then meditate about what you have read thus far.

Then continue reading later.

I am Zub, from another existence and dimension, but yet I am able to be in this present existence called humanity. This is not hard to understand.

Dimensions are simply other realms of existence are they not?

Is not a fish or a bird or even an ant in another realm of existence from you?

Though a different level, do they not live and exist among you?

Consider the biological world as well, different but yet existing right here with you and even in you. Of course you think nothing can exist without water and air, so there must not be life on other planets some reason.

My friend the building blocks of life are Universal beyond your understanding.

Right, but only as you know what we call life and existence my friend, and there is much you have to learn, so it is here you are wrong. There are many dimensions and levels of life existences you have yet to discover and understand.

Let me give a very simple example;

Try to explain to a two year old infant the process of digestion, or the use of Solar power. It will be futile…, until maturity and growth takes place, they simply can not understand at that point of their existence. Such are many humans today, but you are seeking, you are ready to know more, you are understanding more than what you have been told or taught.

We will continue later with our conversation if you wish, but first, let us all ask for and seek guidance in personal prayer or as I prefer the word, meditation.

May the peace of The Great Source of All Good fill you and prepare you for the sessions to come.

Until we meet again, may you continue to seek harmony.

Session 1

May I have your attention please?

Prepare yourself for session.

Thank you.

Zub speaks;

Greetings my friends, I certainly have increased in harmony, and thus energy…, since our meeting of introduction to these sessions. For those of you that did not spend time in meditation, but just kept on reading, apparently you have yet to understand the power and peace one receives while opening up the channel of their other existence. I say that in a loving way, I am glad you are searching. Those who search will find! Those who knock it shall be opened unto them. Search daily, and find daily. May I never stop searching until I am in the immediate presence of The Great Source of All Good.

To those of you that did meditate, I am sure your peace increased as well.

Continue to seek, so you may continue to find.

In my meditation I felt much warmth and peace radiate to me, and I certainly radiated back, thus are we not all the better?

Each session will reveal more to our topic of being Bi-human.

Now, close your eyes and picture in your mind a bird flying into the wind. Do you see it? What struggle this poor bird has….it is almost exhausted, almost spent and yet has not gained much distance!

Now picture a bird flying with the wind, ah yes, much less effort much less struggle, and my soaring miles and miles and miles…..

What was the difference?

The bird flying into the wind was certainly struggling and getting nowhere fast, but ah the bird flying with the wind almost effortless soared and traveled great distances with ease, did it not?

These sessions will turn you around to soar with the wind my friend, read on little sparrow read on.

Now humanly speaking, when one begins to awaken from sleep there is always a time of adjustment to a different reality or state of conciseness. We are all truly quite different and yet the same are we not?

For example;

Some wake up in the morning rather quickly some of you need a little more time. But we all wake up, don't we? Some of you are more awake than I am and see further down the road, to you I give honor and respect. Please watch over me, for I am asking your presence to abide.

To those of you attending/reading these sessions, it is a privilege to experience your presence and recognize that we are one.

To those of you that must have a couple of cups of coffee first, take the sessions slowly, but finish the reading, you'll be glad you did. You certainly have nothing to lose…, and much to gain.

Well, having said that,

Let me say, I am the least among you, I have been selected however, to lead these sessions, and with joy do I accept this exciting experience of sharing with you. I am part of this world and yet, I am part of another world of existence as well, actually several but more on that later.

Now, I will speak in these sessions with mostly human language, for the sake of you that are slow risers, trying to finish their cup of coffee and getting it together. I will speak is simple terms, occasionally I will speak in Bi-human language, for those of you awakened and seeking, and then of course in meditations embrace many of you and go deeper still.

Many levels of understanding and communication will be achieved throughout these sessions. We will speak more on this further down our path.

This is truly an exciting time in which we find ourselves is it not?

Every movie that comes out flavored with the spices of intelligent life elsewhere, other than earth, to every news report of universal attempts to reach further, and our data received from information seeking probes sent out by NASA and others, cause us to realize how close we are as a planet, to accepting other intelligent life forms. It has taken me personally, many human experiences, along with my present human being status, to even be in this special awakening.

To those of you exalted above me; thank you for your presence, I sense and feel your peace and harmony, I ask for wisdom and more understanding please may I receive more?

Now class…, I will be sharing some of my experiences that will result in helping your understanding/Awaking from sleep. You should not concern yourself with passing any judgments, but rather concern yourself with listening.

Ever wonder why we have one mouth, and two ears?

(Many Chuckles)….

Let me begin with one of my first experiences of another reality. The time I realized there was something else within me, other than myself.

I was about ten years old or so, in a church that my family attended every time the door was open. It was a Pentecostal type church, for those of you wondering.

Now in one of these church services I began to cry uncontrollably and could not stop. This was interpreted as a time to get me to the altar, from my mother and grandmother with Pastor and of course the likeminded surrounding me.

So in human terms of Christianity, I became saved or reborn, into the Christian faith, as those in the Christian Faith understand this. Jesus was asked by one, "How can I being alive, become re-born"?

Well, back to my experience, at ten years of age I really was sensing and feeling, something moving within me. Something strange and unusual certainly something I had never experienced at this point of my life!

Let me say quickly, I am thankful for all the churches and religious intuitions that help others to look deeper, to help one realize there is a higher power and something other than this world…, yes, certainly not of this earth.

There is no wrong with pointing one to another existence other than this life we call humanity, and I might add pointing to The Great Source of All Good.

In my present human experience, my lessons began with this experience, and I continue to seek and learn.

I will seek to speak to those who have had similar experiences, and to those who have not yet, unique to those of this class of Bi-human 101 that have no such experiences, you will be able to relate as well I am sure.

Please pay attention, and simply listen…, much can you learn.

Here we go class buckle in we are going warp speed! (Many Chuckles)

Let us start with something all can relate with, some in this class have gotten past the color or race issue, but are still having trouble accepting…, accepting…, I'll cut through the chase and get right to what I mean.

Let's say a homosexual.

You just can't handle it, you just can't accept….

Must you experience the existence of a homosexual; must you walk a mile in their shoes (shall we say), before you accept them in love?

Because, if that's what it takes my friend it will be arranged for your progression to Perfect Love. You see you do not have perfect love if you cannot accept one as they are.

Many of you are still struggling to understand you are part of the same, sense you have awakened to realize your worth.

Say to your little toe, I don't accept you? Say to one of your ears, I do not need you? Cut them off and cast them from you, and then come to realize their importance as part of yourself.

Each and every part of your body is quite different, but each part of the body.

Understand each person you meet is meeting part of yourself.

Accept yourself and soar into another realm of existence, gain strength- energy, and power and of course bask in perfect love.

If you hold within yourself un-acceptance or conditional reserved love, then you will be assigned extra homework/assignments, or shall we say extra human experiences until you do understand and able to accept.

You may have to walk this earth as one you detest to learn the power of love and acceptance, but reject such, and find yourself enrolling in such.

To walk in another's shoes will certainly give you a new understanding.

Do not have to experience living on the street to have compassion on those that do my friend.

This is your choice. We all choose the paths we need to help us grow in love. Love is the supreme goal, for love is, The Great Source of All Good!

Always remember, each and everything positive you experience adds to the energy of the eternal part of you, which is of course our main direction of upward flow. Everything negative we experience points us to correction.

Evil/Darkness is not good, and it does not satisfy thus you are pointed to good, which does satisfy. The Sun is greatly appreciated after a season of Darkness is it not?

Cancer is not good, but it has awakened many that have experienced it.

Bankruptcy is not good, but it has awakened many that have experienced it.

Divorce is not good, but it has awakened many that have experienced it.

There are many things or happenings that you will experience, but they are simply an opportunity to grow in understanding about yourself. All things are not good, but all things can work together for good to those with understanding. Receive this truth and experience peace and contentment!

If when you see a homeless person, a cripple, or an afflicted person and don't have compassion, then should you not seek to increase your compassion?

Become a friend to such, learn from them and extend your love and harmony and receive from them an added experience to you.

Give and it will be given unto you.

Of a truth I say, there is no way around this. For to with hold your love is to stunt your growth. Now some of you may think, and if I don't pass this class, what then?

You will pass this class. No one fails; it is just some take a little longer, for personal growth.

Let's take a moment to visit and get to know each other on a human level.

I am presently a white male in my sixty's and in human experience number five.

I have experienced and have good recall of being black, white and American Indian. I have been both very rich and very poor I have been both male and female, very powerful and then again, I have experienced being very meager. This was understood in my times of regression/reflection.

I understand many of you have questions, and we will have a question and answer session later on in the course of studies but for now let me continue the introduction phase.

Our class is being observed by a great host of witnesses, their presence and energy is most welcome. You will become acquainted with many of them through special acquaintances.

Now for the first assignment class,

I would like for those that have never meditated, to commit to an attempt of meditation. Meditation is a requirement to fully understand yourself you must develop this ability to continue to grow and understand. You have heard, "Be still and know that I Am God". Meditation is just that, a time of being still. Simply start by secluding yourself away from distractions at the end of your day, light a candle and then as you are watching the flame, focus on your breathing breath by breath. Clear your mind and thoughts, do not dwell on anything but simply be still and imagine yourself as the flame ever reaching upward. Spend a minimum of not less than one hour. Do this on a regular basis of your choosing, also have a note book close by. After each time of being still, write down what came to you no matter how unusual it may be or seem.

To those already familiar with it, I would encourage you to focus on our times, and continue to keep open a clear channel of communication.

At this time I think we should pause and reflect/mediate, on the information given thus far.


Love, Zub

May I have your attention please?

Prepare yourself for session.

Thank you.

Warm and Tender Greetings,

I have had a busy day in my humanity, but I have felt the presence of peace and contentment, and I must say it has been a glorious day.

The presence of each one of you sends energy and adds to our experience of being Bi-human. We all receive the same energy from the same source you know, and we all may increase in knowledge and love. What a tremendous experience and feeling!


I sense the word feeling; have caused some of you to process… the thought, of spirit and feelings, not being connected.

Now understand the world of being, Bi-human.

You have chosen this experience because we had opportunity to increase in knowledge and love through yet another door of learning set before us. The Great Source of All Good ever mindful of our progression upwards.

As humans we are experiencing many realms of dimensions, some which are hidden from our eyes of humanness, so we can experience humanity without the foreknowledge in the beginning stages.

Now, in the adulthood/maturing, of humanity and awakening or say we say coming to understand who we really are, we begin to receive some of our other knowledge and awareness, which was not attained from humanity, but there all the time, will now be revealed to you slowly in equal proportion with your understanding.

Obviously, if we carried our other existences and all of its knowledge, into our humanity we would forfeit our experience, of experiencing…, true humanity. We will share more on this later.

If we are of, and from The Great Source of All Good, then we have always existed in some way with The Great Source of All Good.

Thus in wisdom we chose to lay aside, our higher side our other existence, for a moment (humanly speaking) so that we might truly be human which we are experiencing presently, in every sense of the word.

One that is full can not relate to one that is empty, unless of course they have experienced being empty.

We are Bi-human, two beings… becoming one.

Because of such we all can say as Bi-humans, yes I understand feelings, yes I do. There are different feelings for a host of different reasons and things.

My higher self has experienced them with me, thus experiencing humanity as well, minus the form of flesh and darkness, or what we call sin.

(Let Us Breathe)

The human body is corruptible, and of course The Great Source of All Good can not experience corruption.

Only the feelings of Peace and Love, Goodness and Light…in other words, anything negative in and of your humanity, never ascends to your higher self, you understand filters don't you?

Yet feelings that are positive and good, feelings of joy and happiness ascend to The Great Source of All Good as a…, sweet smelling savor.

Ponder this and let it sink deep within you.

Even sexual experiences? The answer is yes, even sexual experiences.

I almost feel I should give some of you a short break, however you did sign up for this class so hold on and just relax, class is still in session. (Chuckle)

(Many Chuckles)

Let us continue…

Now that we have been awaken, and realize just who we are. And that all of our lives our history has brought us to this point. Have we experienced it all? Of course not, there is much more to learn and experience.

So yes, feelings are part of your higher self. And feelings are part of The Great Source of All Good.

Now let me give you fair warning, some of the topics in this class may give you offence. But remember each offence offers an opportunity to learn and grow…and remember, You always choose.

For some of you I will explain a little further. As mentioned before if there is a person you meet, and you cannot or do not have a connection with that person or relate to that person, you can not love, then you must submit an essay on. "My Experience as…, we have already made mention of such. There is no skipping class. You can not progress until your road blocks are removed and it is far better for you to choose to remove them.

Presently, I am in at least, my fifth experience of humanity, and may experience another if it will increase my knowledge and love. Such choice will be made at my next time of evaluation/judgment.

My goal is to Love and Thus, Understand.

Let us take a short break, stretch and relax our bodies and maybe have refreshment. Let us dwell upon our experiences and feelings, our joy of coming together, our increased energy. Let us look forward to our meetings and above all, experience this life called humanity!

There is a reason you chose it.

My I have your attention?

Let us prepare ourselves for session.

Thank you.

Greetings to you all, with warm and tender mercies.

It has been brought to my attention, that some of you are having a little trouble adjusting to this type of class room setting. Relaxing is very important. Bear with me it will become more comfortable to you as we progress. You obviously have the interest or you would not still be here. So, let us continue shall we and I assure you, you will adjust more quickly than you can imagine.

Now let us continue the introduction of Bi-human 101.

The difference between you and other humans is simply you are more than just human! Every one here is aware of this, well maybe not everyone but certainly most. This class is designed to help you, (those aware and those of you beginning to awaken,) cope and understand more clearly with your existence here.

We have already met, and may meet again in human form, at any rate we are now completing our predetermined existence as Bi-humans, to continue on together and drawing strength from one another. Have you not already received and sensed that extra energy and strength? Have you not sensed the spark has burst into a flame? Have you not discovered another undiscovered room in your house? Each one of us has a chosen path. You are traveling yours. I am traveling mine. Our paths have met by these meetings in the higher levels, and that is far greater than you can imagine. The very fact you are attending/reading these classes show your advanced level of understanding, and willingness to continue to seek and learn more.

Now, do not forget… Dear ones, as a Bi-human (meaning you are still in human form), you will always have human trials and tribulations, so long as you exist in humanity, you also will have the opportunity to grow and learn from each, however, they will all be perceived now, quite differently.

As your understanding increases you will notice your trials and tribulations will be looked at as a refresher course in an area you need help in. Many of these areas will surprise you, but of a truth you need them to learn and experience what you have chosen to learn and experience, thus why be afraid?

What a win/win situation. Each trial will call attention to an area for you to address, to improve and overcome. It is there for your advancement.

Now understand…, when you graduate Bi-humanity, you will simply go to the next level of learning and growing in love in another form. Imagine if you will you are climbing a ladder, each rung upwards…, reveals a different view or perspective to you, as you look down, and as you look up or around.

If you have the same view and perspective for an extended period of time you realize, you are not climbing higher?

Understand, The Universe is ever expanding!

So Dear ones, should you. Is it normal for a child to always remain a child?

There comes a time to put away childish things.

Understand and remove the sting of physical death from you.

You will never die (humanly speaking) you have and will always exist!

Death in human terms is final, ending and dreaded. Yet death is not final to you, it is merely stepping through into another existence (Transmigration) separation from flesh/humanity. The taking off of one garment and putting on another. Moving from one house to another. The fear of death has no hold on us. Oh grave where is thy victory? For fear itself is strictly a human reality, and not transferable to our higher self.

So we begin to realize when we operate in the knowledge of understanding we grow, and increase in knowledge and peace. I personally am enjoying my human life. I have experienced many negative and remorseful times in my years, but I will have to say, each one has brought me closer to the truth, and allowed me advancement by understanding even more about myself. I seek to bask in peace and contentment, whatever befalls me, do you?

What you have experienced can do the same, let us continue to learn and grow. In our up-coming class I will take a few questions. But for now let us depart and reflect. Some of you have assignments to complete before our next meeting, you know who you are. Ear mark this page and return when prepared.

Peace unto you.


May I have your attention please?

Prepare yourself for session.

Thank you.


Great energy and good flowing unto you, will you receive?

Ah, so many questions…so many questions.

I will answer a few at this time.

Question; Are you for real, are or you simply one writing your thoughts?

(Many chuckles)….

Answer; Yes I am real, and yes I am sharing with you myself.

Next question.

Question: How can I be sure this is not just my human mind playing tricks on me?

Answer; Excellent, question and asked very well. Consider yourself blessed you would even inquire. Of course when you awake to reality, there is the time of adjustment already mentioned. Be patient, and do not rush to understanding, let it come to you. You can not force understanding it must be received, gifts are not purchased…they are received.

Squeeze sand that is placed in your hand, and you will decrease greatly in the amount placed in your hand. Simply remain still and quite, remain steady until you place it in a container. There by keeping the biggest part of what was given unto you. Always remember when you ask for help and understanding, you will not be given confusion and disarray. Ask and you will receive. If you feel you have asked and not received, then you have asked amiss. If a child of nine or ten were to ask for the keys to the car, would you be wrong in not answering or granting such a request? Though there is a car, and yours to give, the one requesting such is not mature enough to receive without causing harm. However, that request will be granted with proper growth and maturity at a time when the one asking has been prepared to receive properly.

Remember, requests not answered or given, only points to the fact you are not ready for such advancement, this is not a negative but rather a positive if you have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Your good is ever present before The Great Source of All Good.

As far as your mind playing tricks on you…, your ego is famous for covering anything other than human reasoning. This should not surprise you. Reality is what you make of it. Or reality is only what you make of it.

You are the creator of your reality.

Next Question.

Question; what can you tell us about suicide?

Answer; You have heard of the unpardonable sin?

Those who commit such are not pardoned, but must return to face the exact fears that caused them to skip class in the first place. Dwell deeply on this.

Next question.

Question; what is sin?


Answer; whatever causes you to intentional hurt, harm or distress yourself or others. Understand you will always cause someone hurt to a degree. Such as, one might not understand your actions or choice in regards to something or someone, yet if you have made your choice in peace, then your heart will not condemn you, thus you are free of what you call sin.

Sin, by the way, actually means, missing the mark. The mark is love.

Have you not heard…, Love covers a multitude of sin?

Next question

Question; I am a homosexual!

Answer; You have made a statement, instead of asking a question,

However I understand, though not in question form…, I will respond.

You experienced both male and female feelings sensations and emotions in a one gender body. And I perceive you are not at total understanding of yourself at this point.

Am I correct?


May I say, " Truly the two shall become one". We will discuss this topic more in-depth at a later session, continue on dear one, continue on, for

you are deeply loved and accepted. And by the way you are not abnormal, but quite the contrary.

Let us now continue the session.

As Bi-humans you must come to grips with the reality you are more than human. You will never stop existing, you will always exist, you have always existed in The Great Source of All Good, unspeakable to name.

And each life, or experience of life, will have opportunity to grow in love and understanding.


What happens in the next moment, is not one second ahead, or behind of what you chose in eternity past.

Be patient, you have just begun the journey, and no, we are not there yet!

(Many Chuckles)

What peace and relaxation this understanding gives, all frustration melts away when you grasp this truth. Truly you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. Believe me those that are free, are free indeed!

The more awaken you become, the more aware of each person you come in contact with, reveals you have crossed paths for a reason. You will become more aware of each opportunity offered to you. You simply will become more aware. You will become more aware of the prompting of your higherself.

This awareness will increase the conformation of your Bi-humanness.

Understanding such, how then should you live?

Live as unto peace and harmony…., but first it must be within you.

Peace and contentment is the thermometer of your, present reality.

Ok, you are hearing/reading these lines;

You are making an effort to understand yourself through a form of communication. There are many other forms of communication, for example, through meditation you communicate in universal consciousness.

Such have dimensions of understanding different from your normal human understanding. The world can not receive it, and the world can not remove it.

Imagine universal consciousness like unto a world of Chat Rooms. Is there not a host of each one of them? As you learn to navigate and understand the protocol of these chat rooms and topics, you then may enter the dialog. Each chat room has a monitor shall we say. I, Zub am the Host/Monitor of this class, Bi-human 101.

You have entered, and are in the process of understanding protocol. You are being introduced to the conversations, and topic of this chat room.

Learn to transfer your thought process of the communications into your times of meditation. These sessions are not designed for social gatherings, shall we say…, each break I take is designed for you to spend time in absorbing and assimilating information.

If you are not spending time in meditation between these sessions, then you should log off shall we say, and return at a more prepared time.

Many will have to do just that. They will return in a month or maybe a year, or even years, but they will at one point seek to understand Truth.

If you are not seeking to understand yourself, then why continue these sessions? You don't need them at this point in time.

For seeds to grow, they need fertile soil and a wise planter tending to the germination and protection of the newly planted seed.

Those of you just entering the reality of meditation should pause and develop your abilities in such gardening. Thus receiving maximum benefit from the classes.

I am sensing many more questions from you, and I applaud your eagerness, however, I must remind you our sessions will address most of these, please be patient.

Let us now breathe deeply and listen to the host of witnesses around us.

Until our next session, Peace unto you dear ones.

May I have your attention please?

Prepare yourself for session.

Thank you.

Greetings with tender kisses,

The topic of this session is "Realizing Your Previous Experiences".

Understand, you existed before your present experience, and you will exist after this one is finished, you will always exist. When this present experience is finished, you will have a time of evaluation. This is not something to fear, for fear is not a reality of your higher self, or The Source of All Good. Evaluation is simply a time to determine your lessons learned and to consider your electives of the next experience you choose to learn from. Consider it a summer break if you please. Some refer to this as The Judgment.

When you begin your next level of learning, in whatever existence you elect, you will again, lay aside your foreknowledge of the higher self, so that you may fully experience your new life form. As in this life you have awakened to understand greater dimensions of existences, so shall you in the next, in due time. Dwell deeply upon this…due time, is good. Out of time is not. Harmony is always in perfect time, humanly speaking.

Now, each experience builds upon the another. Eventually you will graduate with honors, and hear well done, enter into the joys and celebration of the victorious, in your due time.

You may take a seat and become part of the great host of witnesses that I have already mentioned, or you may be assigned or appointed to a special task force, of great concern in another realm of existence within the universe. However, rest assured you will have many options, and not without guidance from many wise counselors I might add.

Rejoice for great is your reward, prepared before the foundations of this world. Let me give you a thought.

Can one, experience humanity fully, without experiencing humanity fully?

Dwell deeply on this.

It has been said by a wise one, that all warriors shall become butterflies, all butterflies shall become warriors.

If you are of male gender, then you must certainly know of the female in order to experience humanity fully. There is a fast forward for some, in regards to this lesson, male/female.

In regards to your previous life, much of it is with you still. The human brain and its make up, can not easily adapt to the universal connections. It is however, wired for communication with the universe, many have just not awakened to such, however many are, even you.

Thus, we that are awakened, seek to help and guide with positive and loving presence. Just as the great host of witnesses present with us now supplies.

Such ministering spirits are they, and you for that matter.

Only the good and wise things from your previous experience have been allowed to follow. In your previous time of evaluation you apparently chose to experience your present life.

Why, is strictly your own selected course of study. You are responsible for you. Just as you are responsible to do with the information you receive in these sessions, to hear or not, to see or not, to believe or not, is solely your free will, which will always remain with you.

Even the Angels have free will, and make personal choices.

If you can not find compassion on a fellow human, then experience a journey in their shoes, and a new level of compassion and understanding will be added unto you. Your love, compassion and peace will increase.

Now, many of the unexplainable visions and dreams you have, come from previous experiences. Many come solely from the world in which we presently experience. Still others come from the great host of witnesses around us; these ministering spirits send us messages in many ways. So do not forget to entertain strangers, for you may be entertaining ministering spirits unaware. We will have a session on some of the many and varied ways we receive help and communication later on in the course of studies.

Your previous experiences and your higher self and ministering spirits, have influenced your human mind to act on occasions, those gut feelings…shall we say, do not come from the gut. (Chuckle)

As Bi-human you will always be different. Learn to relax in your knowledge of this new found reality, this new experience of great discovery.

When trouble and crises arises, peace will calm the storm, if you allow it.

I should also touch on one other experience at this point, After Life Experience. Some have finished this existence and found themselves entering a blissful state of awareness. With all manner of good within and without them. Then suddenly they are back with humanity.

You must understand time is an earthly human measurement. What may have been thirty seconds or three minuets in time, would be an existence of another being in a world without time.

Those that have experienced such, had been awakened to some degree of their Bi-humanness, and were in their period of evaluation.

After evaluation the decision was made to return unto the same body and being, which was apparently a choice they chose, to finish what they determined to finish. It simply was not their due time.

Those with stories of the negative After Life Experiences, are those that have not yet been awakened and it was not yet their due time as well.

I am looking forward to meditation. Let us rest together.

Until our next session…, Peace and harmony unto you.

May I have your attention please?

Please clear your minds and prepare to receive.

Thank you.

Greetings of warm embracing, and a holy kiss to each of you.

Let us continue.

The topic of this session will be;

"How to balance your awake-ness in a sleepy world".

We find ourselves in every walk of life. At every level of society, we are literally everywhere. There is no populated place on the planet where we can not be found, which by the way is good for the earth. We have been here from the beginning, truly we are the salt of the earth.

Just as we all have individual fingerprints, we all have individual ways of involvement. We all have individual lessons we have chosen to learn.

Our supreme goal is to grow in love and knowledge and continue to progress to The Great Source of All Good. What an abundant life we have.

You will quickly learn that not everyone you know or meet is able to receive certain levels of your understanding and knowledge. You will become wiser in recognizing who can and who can not receive you as you are. Certain thoughts and understanding you have… may be best kept to yourself, until you are at liberty, just as we are in these sessions.

An infant should not eat the same food as an adult;

some will not be able to receive strong meat, or, certain knowledge.

Remember, Purity is not necessarily, maturity. You will soon cross paths with other Bi-humans, or some you already know will be revealed to you. In any case you are not alone. Of course not, you are here in this class, and the number of this class size would stagger you, but you knew that didn't you?

Much of what you find in these sessions will be what you've always known.

These sessions will only give you a peaceful confirmation and added energy and strength. Seek to understand the world and those that have yet to awaken. Be not surprised of the misunderstanding when it comes to you. Jesus was considered mad by his brothers and sisters, his human family. Some of you are suffering great distress because you have yet to learn how to balance your brain, emotions and awake-ness, be of good cheer, for you are learning.

This balancing you will come to understand in greater depths, of why things are, the way they are, and why you are the way you are.

Jesus understood he was (humanly speaking) an, odd duck… shall we say. He understood Himself, and knew he was different, yes he carried a few labels himself. But understanding yourself, and receiving from above gives you the ability to keep balance in your life, and great focus.

Your brain is not one, but actually two. Designed to be one, with proper understanding and growth that is.

One side may act independently from the other. The balancing of the two is quite similar to learning to walk or ride a bicycle. Observe an infant trying to take those first steps. Observe a child learning to peddle that first tri-cycle or bicycle. Some learn quickly, some take a little longer, but it is certainly attainable and soon the task becomes… what is humanly termed…second nature. Yes, most assuredly a second nature, and also a higher nature is attainable.

So shall it be with you learning to balance your higher-self with your human-self. To be sure there will be many falls and scrapes suffered while in the learning process. Your brain continues organization, and files the information; it will adjust and develop the new circuits to be activated. Each new circuit however, must have clearance through your understanding to be activated. Your understanding being the key that starts the engine.

It is adjusting now as you read these pages, awaiting your understanding and approval for other circuits to be open for action.

Meditation is the method of easier assimilation. Meditation allows the electrochemical activity in your brain to reach new and prepared areas of reception. These areas are for classified information, and have a security code system accessible only by universal protocol.

Much information you have stored within will begin to be released when certain other circuits are open, thus my continual reminding for you to meditate, and to increase your meditation abilities.

We shall not engage at this point, in the mystery and matter of the human brain, we shall however, continue with simple observances we all know and experience, and seek to understand ourselves better, which will help us achieve a more perfect balance. In other words, don't worry about how the bicycle is put together, just peddle… The balance will come….

Now one of the most obvious signs of becoming balanced, is an internally increased calmness or peace. This is most rewarding to you and others around you. The more you increase your peace, the more you transform your vision and sight, and more importantly, your ability to receive more good. For good to be received, it must have a prepared place, or else it can not abide long. Many of you want to receive without being fully prepared to receive.

I am sure you have heard this familiar adage "Is it better to give a hungry person a meal, or to teach them how to fish"?

You can not give what you do not have. To impart peace you much have peace. You can not give what you lack. To love your neighbor as yourself, you must first love yourself.

Learn to increase your peace… which enlarges your receptivity, thus enlarging your ability to give.

Now, having realized you are eternal, and part of The Great Source of All Good, why are you not filled with excitement and joy, and a peace that passes all human understanding? Why do you not understand your present situation is but an opportunity to grow in knowledge and understanding?

Learn to be content in whatever situation you find yourself in, and experience this peace which passes all human understanding.

Let us now withdraw for a time of meditation and reflection.

Peace, be unto you.


Meditation Tips

This is certainly not the only way or method, of meditating, but it works for me. Let me share some of my methods.

One should select a time in which they have at least an hour or so to be undisturbed as already mentioned.

One should be as relaxed as possible. Lay aside the cares of the day, tomorrow will take care of its self.

All jewelry and any body attachments should be laid aside, wear loose clothing, or none at all. Sometimes I create an area of silence, or sometimes I play some meditation music. Experiment and find what works for you. I have several methods.

When your mind has become still, form around you a ring of security.

By this I mean for example; I say; "I open myself to the great universe to see and hear and receive only The Good, from The Great Source of All Good. I will not receive negative, but only that which is conducive to my enlightenment". This request is standard protocol for proper receiving, whatever method you choose.

Knock and it shall be opened, ask and you shall receive.

Breathe slowly and become aware of each and every breath. Thoughts and imagines will come. You should not try to understand or relate at this point, simply receive. Your brain is storing universal information which will be at your disposal. Always remember, you will not receive more than you are able to carry. If a child asked for a light in the room, you would not produce a bolt of lightening, (chuckle).

Now, keep a journal of your dreams and mediations. Some will become more understandable with time, and in relation with others as you continue your journey, plus confirmation on some important decisions you're asking help in. Dear Ones, If you share this with humans that are still asleep, you will become frustrated, and you should not frustrate yourself. This is personal growth. Your findings and understanding should be used with wisdom. Do not fall into one way of meditation, for example, seek a place in nature and listen to what you hear. I have gone to the highest point in my state and on that mountain top meditated for hours.

Again remember, (as you grow and continue to understand more)

it is not your purpose to shake one from their sleep, for they must awaken in their own time, thus do not put a spot light in the hands of the blind!

Seek to meditate daily, or at the least weekly and the changes in you alone will be enough to cause others to inquire.

May I have your attention please?

Let us prepare to enter into session.

Thank you.

Greetings my kindred Bi-humans, and to the great host of witnesses as well.

What an exciting time we share together. You are changing during these times together, I can tell from the increased peace I sense and feel.

Out topic for this session will be, "The Power of Focus".

Now that you have awakened, rubbed your eyes and started your new journey, I want you to realize and begin to understand your power of focus, and how to use it properly. You are already aware of its misuse, are you not?

That goal you reached using focus, did not quite satisfy did it? That relationship wasn't quite what you had envisioned was it?

Remember this, not every marriage is made in heaven. Not every good deed is from goodness. Not every good deal is really a good deal.

Everyone that smiles at you…, is not necessarily friendly. (Chuckle)


Well, by your response I can tell I hit a nerve.

(More Chuckles)

When you begin to understand yourself, (your Bi-humanness), your brain starts to allow more available connections to the universe, which begins to flavor everything with peace and love. Your thoughts, your desires, even your outlook on life takes on a new and exciting point of view. You are beginning now to understand whatever happens to you, is designed to help you grow and mature. Even the things you consider adverse and negative, now are perceived as a test, if you please. A time to pass or fail on a particular lesson. You will take the test until you hear, "Well done".

Of course there is no such thing as failing for you, but you understand what I mean. Whatever happens to you is for a reason. Your power of focus can now be better used. As Bi-humans you have an edge, your universal information and communications are now about to freely flow, or shall I say greatly increase. New circuits that once were dormant are being tweaked and opened in your brain with each new understanding, consider this an upgrade if you please. From now on, your powers of focus will be utilized with more wisdom and strength because you are now open to receive council from a great host of witnesses that want to help you along a journey that they as well, have experienced. These ministering spirits, offer only the purest of help. When you see

The following pages are shall we say quite different, to say the very least.

It is not recommended for the young and immature. It is X rated for language and adult content within these pages.

This is not a novel or some


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