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This is a long novel that is divided into several smaller parts. But I'm publishing it as one novel on this site. By Faisal Fransu View table of contents...


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Chapter 10

How It Happened

The article continued:

One day, the king of Usa had a terrible dream. In the dream, he only heard a voice, which said, "one day, someone will kill the King of Usa with his magical powers."

Therefore, the King wondered about who that person could be. When he woke up the next morning, he told the dream to everyone who lived in his palace. No one could interpret the dream. Then the King put the news on his website for everyone to see, because that was his way of telling the journalists about his news. So all the T.V and radio stations were talking about the dream.

Then one of King's servants said to him, "Your majesty, please listen to my idea. I can't interpret the dream for you, but I can tell you what to do to save yourself from that magician, whoever he is. Kill all magicians who live in Usa, and then you'll be safe." Therefore, there were no magicians left in Usa.

One day, when Beelzebub was about 17 years old, he had a very strange dream. He heard someone saying to him, "Follow me and you'll have many unusual powers. You'll even overthrow the King. Then you'll take his place.

So the next morning, Beelzebub decided to visit the King. Then he put a curse on him and the King was dead. Suddenly, the whole country of Usa was full of evil spirits. They were attacking everyone and saying, "Follow King Beelzebub and you'll live!"

Then, Beelzebub thanked the devil and said, "Now I know that you're the strongest one! As soon as I take power, I'll let everyone in Usa worship you alone!"

He became the King of Usa. All the days of Beelzebub's rule were filled with evil. He forced everyone in the country to become magicians. So there were demons everywhere.

One day, however, something strange happened that ended Beelzebub's rule in the country of Usa. Then after this strange thing had happened, everyone who lived in Usa became Christians. Only few thousands of families didn't.'

And that's where the story ended. But there was a little note at the bottom of the page that said, "The author of this article died before he completed it. That's why it's so messy."

"But the article didn't say how the whole country became a Christian country," said John.

"Well the article wasn't written very well either," replied Emily. "So we'll have to find a better one."

"So New Jerusalem was called Usa at that time?" asked Joshua.

"I think so," replied John.

The three of them thought about the article about Beelzebub. They had many unanswered questions. What caused the fall of Beelzebub as king of Usa? Why did all the people decide to become Christians? Why did they change the name of the country from Usa to New Jerusalem?

They kept thinking about these things and returned to the restaurant for dinner.

Emily left Joshua for a little while. So then, many girls came to him. They were arguing about who should sit beside him. They didn't think that anyone of them was worthy to sit with him, because they thought that he was very special.

"Hi Joshua!" said one of them as she sat on his right side. "My name is Leah." She was very short but very pretty. In fact, some of the Devilist students made fun of her because she was so short.

"Nice to meet you, Leah!" he said happily as they shook hands.

He liked her, but not as much as Emily though. Yet he was very happy to meet her.

"I'm the daughter of Brother Paul!" she continued.

"O he's one of my teachers!" said Joshua excitedly. "He teaches SFC."

Joshua liked her more now that he found out that she was the daughter of one of his teachers.

"So what grade are you in?" he asked interestingly.

"Grade seven, sir," she replied. "I'm in your SFC class!"

"You don't have to call me sir, you know," he chuckled. "I'm just a student."

So then, Joshua and Leah started talking to each other as if they were best friends. She told him how much the Devilists liked to make fun of her because she was very short. This made Joshua to like her even more because she was being persecuted. He felt sorry for her.

After they finished eating dinner, Emily asked, "Did you fall in love with Leah?"

"Of course not," he said, hugging her. "How could I ever love someone other than you? But she was very pretty and kind. The Devilists like to make fun of her."

"We'll let her become one of our best friends then," replied Emily.

The next morning was the second day of school. It was September the 10th. Joshua was very happy to learn more about Christianity.

So he entered the main room in his section and saw Emily sitting at a computer. But she didn't see him.

"Good morning, dear," he said, sitting beside her. "How are you this morning?"

"Very good, dear," she replied, turning to look at him. "What about you?"

"Very good, thanks," he replied, giving her a very big hug.

Just then, John had entered the room.

"Where's Samantha?" asked Joshua, finding it unusual that his girlfriend wasn't with him.

"Well…" he replied miserably. "She's not being very nice to me these days, because I didn't take her with me when I came with you to read about Beelzebub."

"Did you tell her where you were though?" asked Joshua interestingly.

"Yes," replied John furiously. "I told her everything."

Then Emily smiled very hard and shouted, "Wonderful! Hallelujah! Forget about her. We'll find you a better one."

Joshua looked at John and told him, "Well last night, I met a very pretty girl named Leah. Emily knows her."

"Good one!" said Emily, smiling at John. "Yes! Leah is very pretty! Talk to her and see what she'll say. If she doesn't agree, we'll let Joshua talk to her, because I'm sure she'll listen to him. She's always sad, because the Devilists are always making fun of her."

"Oh I can do that." Said Joshua, agreeing with Emily.

"But I'm not done with Samantha yet," said John, smiling at both of them. "So don't go too fast."

After breakfast, Emily hugged and kissed Joshua and left. So he and John went their way as well.

They went to their first class, which was The New Jerusalem Studies. The magicians were already there.

"Good morning, class!" shouted Mr. Nebu as he sat on his chair. "Well it's great to begin the second day with more introductions about New Jerusalem."

Next, he checked to see who was attending and who was not. Then he continued, "As I told you yesterday, New Jerusalem is the best and the largest country in the world. In fact, people consider it a different world.

About four thousand years ago, people from different parts of the world started coming to live in New Jerusalem. They had many children.

But then Beelzebub was born." When he had said the name of 'Beelzebub', all the magicians smiled, but he ignored them. So he went on, "Beelzebub was visited by Satan, and he was given many magical powers. Then he went and killed the King of Usa, which is known today as New Jerusalem. after that, he became the king of Usa. Seeing that Satan was helping him a lot, he established the religion of Devilism. So he ordered all the people to worship Satan. Then Satan started giving magical powers to many of them. Most people were full of evil spirits. So there was magic everywhere in this country.

One day, an unusual force stopped all the magical powers. No one could do magic on that day. Then a voice was heard throughout the country, saying, 'Repent! Repent! The end of this land is very near! Repent of all the evil that you are doing! I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the first and the last. I am the beginning and the end. I am Jesus Christ!' So then, all the people repented and asked the Lord to forgive them. Only one province still followed the religion of Devilism."

Meanwhile, the magicians weren't paying attention to what Mr. Nebu was saying. That's why he wasn't afraid to say the name of Jesus.

Then Mr. Nebu resumed the talk: "So then the Lord sent few preachers to this country. They taught many people, and then many started becoming preachers.

The Lord said, 'If the whole country keeps my commandments, I'll make you the richest and the best nation in the whole world. People will not believe how much I am blessing you.'

That's how we have all these blessings today. The technology is one of the greatest blessings that the Lord has ever given to us.

After the people saw how much the Lord was blessing this country, they decided to change its name to New Jerusalem. New Jerusalem is described in the Bible as Heaven. This country is a representation of Heaven on the earth!"

After Mr. Nebu had finished talking, Joshua and John went over to his desk and said, "We read an article about Beelzebub yesterday. It said the exact information that you just told us!"

Joshua and John really enjoyed this class. Their next class was SFC, which stands for "Soldiers For Christ."

Leah was there too. So Joshua and John sat very close to her.

"This is Leah that we were telling you about," Joshua whispered to John. So he introduced them to one another.

"Good morning, brothers and sisters!" said Brother Paul as he sat on his chair. He had his controller, the Spiritual Weapon, the writing device and his computer with him on his desk.

Then he began to talk: "So today we'll be continuing from where we left off yesterday.

As I said, Satan has many demons, and they're always attacking Believers. But they hate the Jerusalemite Christians more, because this country belonged to them, but then all the people converted to Christianity. Their main target is one of our students." He smiled at Joshua and continued:

"Another reason why they hate us is because the Lord has blessed us more than any other country."

He drank a little bit of coffee and continued, "We've rented a magical section for practice. So after you've learned how to fight evil spirits, we'll go to that section, and you'll sleep there. This section is filled with evil spirits and very scary things. As soon as a Christian enters this section, many terrible things start happening. So then, you'll have to fight them spiritually. Any questions?"

Joshua put his hand up in fear and asked, "What if we don't win?"

"Nice question!" replied Brother Paul gladly. "Well you won't be going alone. A real spiritual soldier will accompany each student.

So I promise you that you'll leave the section safely."

After this class was over, they went to the restaurant to eat lunch.

When Joshua sat beside Emily, he told her everything that he had learned in both classes.

"So you'll have to go into one of the magical sections?" she asked, astonished.

"Yep," replied Joshua. "But we'll be accompanied by spiritual soldiers. I'm not worried about anything."

After they finished eating lunch, they rested for ten minutes and then each one went his own way. So Joshua and John went to the BBTC class, which stands for Basic Beliefs and Teachings of Christianity.

Brother James was waiting for them.

"Good afternoon brothers and sisters! I thank the Lord for everything.

Before we begin this class today, let's pray that the Lord will help us to understand his truth."

So everybody stood up to pray.

"Father God, we come this day to learn about your truth. Your word is the truth. Teach us what you want us to learn about you. We thank you for sending your only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, to die for our sins. Your love endures forever. Your faithfulness endures forever. In Jesus's name, we pray. Amen!"

They all sat back in their chairs. Then Brother James began: "Today, I'll give you only a summary of Christian history.

According to the Bible, in the beginning, God created the Heavens and the earth and everything in them. Then the Lord God created human beings in his image. So the man was called Adam, and his wife Eve.

The Lord made a very beautiful garden, and they lived in it. There were all kinds of trees in that garden. The Lord told them not to eat from the tree in the middle, and if they would do eat from it, they would surely die. He's talking about spiritual death, which means to be far from God. One day, Satan appeared in a form of a serpent to Eve. He told her that nothing would happen if they eat from that tree. So she took, ate, and gave to her husband. Thus, man listened to Satan instead of his creator. Disobeying God is called 'sin'. The Bible tells us that the result of sin is death. Therefore, after they sinned against God, spiritual and physical death entered the world. God is an everlasting being. Thus, sinning against God results in an everlasting punishment in an everlasting fire. Nevertheless, God still loved humans, because they were his creation. For this reason, God didn't want them to go to hell. As a result, he decided to send his only Son, Jesus Christ, who is the second member of the Trinity, to die and take away the sins of the world. Jesus was crucified on the cross. He suffered a lot. Although he was God the creator, yet he chose to become a human like us and then die for our sins. My point is that innocent man died for the sins of the whole world. But he rose on the third day, and then he sat at the right hand of God the Father. One day, he will judge the whole world. Those who opened their hearts to him will go to an everlasting life, and those who reject him will go to an endless fire. Any questions?"

Joshua's hand was up again. "Where do I find the story of the Lord Jesus Christ?"

Brother James smiled at him and said, "You can find the story of the Lord Jesus in the four Gospels, which are four books from the Bible.

And now, let me give you some important information about the Bible.

The Bible was written over a period of 1600 years. People wrote their parts in the Bible as the events progressed. About forty different authors wrote the Bible, but they all wrote by the help of the Holy Spirit. So the real author of the Bible is God.

The Bible contains sixty-six books. It is divided into two sections:

The first section is called The Old Testament, which talks about what happened from creation until before the birth of Christ

The second section is called The New Testament, which contains the life and teachings of the Lord Jesus and his followers. It also contains the Beliefs and teachings of Christianity.

You can read about the life and teachings of the Lord Jesus in the first four books of the New Testament, which are called the Gospels, which means 'Good News.' You can find the story of the crucifixion in Matthew chapters 27 and 28, Mark 15 and 16, Luke 22 to 24 and John 18 to 21."

"I love the Lord Jesus Christ," Joshua whispered to John. "I've never seen an important person, such as a king; die for people who don't deserve it. I'm willing to follow the Lord Jesus - no matter how hard it may be."

Brother James heard him saying all these things. So he went over to him and said, "You don't know a lot about the Lord Jesus, yet you love him from all your heart. What will you do after you've learned more things about him? May the Lord bless you for your faith." Then he went back to his desk.

Before the class was over, Brother James decided to show them the 'Word Of God' library. This digital library contained over a million Christian books, articles and other Christian literature. These texts were written by hundreds of thousands of the most influential preachers in New Jerusalem. The purpose of these writings was to help those who want to become preachers. These texts covered all Biblical topics.

But before these authors began writing, they prayed and fasted for a whole week, asking the Lord to help them to interpret his holy word correctly. They didn't want to misinterpret God's holy word.

Most preachers in New Jerusalem don't go to schools that teach Bible courses, because the Word Of God library contains everything that they need to know about the Lord Jesus, the Bible, or the Christian faith. There is a copy of this library on every computer or reading device.

Joshua and John's last class for the day was Sermons, which was taught by Pastor Peter.

Leah was also there. So John kept looking at her. He seemed to be interested in her.

"Good afternoon brothers and sisters!" he remarked at the students as they were entering the class. "I know that many of you are taking the BBTC class. So you know that we're all sinners. I'm sure that you also know about Jesus's sacrifice to save us from an everlasting punishment in hell. Today, however, I'll be talking about the next two important steps in your Christian life. They are:

1. How can I be saved?

2. How should I live after salvation?"

He paused for a second and then began preaching:

"First, how can I be saved? There are many views on how to be saved. Each religion has its own ideas about salvation. All of them require many steps. So it's not easy to be saved according to their teachings. But what does the Bible say about salvation? The Bible has much to say about this subject. In fact, Biblical pages are filled with the subject of salvation. One of my favourite verses in the Bible is in Romans 10:8-10 that says, 'but what does it say? The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart: that is, the word of faith of which we are the preachers: Because, if you say with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and have faith in your heart that God has made him come back from the dead, you will have salvation: For with the heart man has faith to get righteousness, and with the mouth he says that Jesus is Lord to get salvation.' So all you have to do is to confess that you're sinner, ask Jesus Christ to come to your heart and change your life, because 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, 'so if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation; the old things have passed away; behold all things have become new.' As soon as you open your heart to Jesus Christ, your name will be written in the Book of Life, and you'll be sure that as soon as you leave the world, you'll be with Jesus Christ in heaven! The Lord loved you and he came to die for you. We deserve to go to hell, because the Bible tells us in Romans6:23 that, 'For the wages of sin is death: but the gift of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord.'"

Then Pastor Peter went and whispered to few people. No one heard him. But he returned after five minutes.

"Let's continue!" he said, as he sat back at his desk. "The second step in our Christian life is how to live after we've opened our hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ. Here is what you have to do: Read the Bible every day. Speak to the Lord as you're speaking to your father. Ask him to help you to live according to his will. Finally, you'll have to find a group of believers who will help you to do whatever God wants you to do. You don't need to worry about this here, however, because we live in an Evangelical country. Let's explain these things now. Why should I read the Bible every day? Reading the Bible every day is very important, because it contains everything that God wants you to do. It will also change your life. You'll love your creator even more, and you'll enjoy the life with him every day. Why should I pray? God is not interested in written prayers. He wants you to speak to him. You'll make some mistakes at first, but then you will get used to it. Do you enjoy talking to your friends and parents? Well, you'll enjoy talking to Jesus Christ more than talking to anyone else. Just thank him for saving you from an everlasting fire. Ask him to give you whatever you need, because he said in Matthew 7:7, 'ask and it will be given to you.' Ask him to help you to live according to his will: Every day, ask him to help you to do whatever he wants you to do. This is very significant thing to do, because then you will become a true Christian. Then you'll be able to do what Matthew 5:16 said, 'Even so let your light shine before men; that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.' Remember, none of these things will take you to heaven, but when you opened your heart to Jesus Christ, your name was written in the Book of Life. Your good works will prove that you've chosen to live according to the word of your creator, Jesus Christ!"

It was 3:30 in the afternoon of the same day when Sister Bianca asked Joshua to go to her office.

"Can I bring two of my best friends with me, please?" he asked.

She smiled at him and said, "Well I'm alone most of the time. So I don't mind at all."

Joshua ran back to his section and told John and Emily to come with him to Sister Bianca's office, and they followed him.

When they were sitting beside Joshua, Sister Bianca exclaimed, "John and Emily! Your parents are our best friends! And…" she stopped right there.

Joshua knew that she was going to say something very important, but she stopped.

So John smiled at her and asked, "Why did you stop when you said 'And?' Please tell us."

She started crying and replied, "Your parents are our best friends. They wanted to give themselves into the hands of the Satanic Soldiers so that my husband could be freed. But I didn't let them. The first couple that we loved was already gone. We didn't want to lose another one."

Joshua asked, "Who was the first couple?"

"Your parents," she replied, still crying.

Then Joshua looked at her sadly and said, "So my parents, the Abrahams and you were all best friends?"

"Not just friends," she replied, feeling better. "In fact, we were almost like brothers and sisters."

So then, Joshua whispered to John and Emily, "Well I don't want to lose you, because our parents were almost like brothers and sisters."

Sister Bianca smiled at all three of them and said, "Since you're best friends, could you please add my son to your group? Because we and your families were like brothers and sisters."

All three of them liked this idea.

After that, they went back to their section. They decided to get some rest before going to see Mr. Nebu at six o'clock.

At six o'clock, Joshua, John and Emily were ready to go to Mr. Nebu's office. Samantha wanted to go with them, but John didn't let her, because she wasn't from Joshua's best friends. This made Emily very happy, as she didn't like being with Samantha.

So they knocked on Mr. Nebu's door.

"Come in!" he said. Joshua opened the door and entered in. John and Emily followed him.

His office was very beautiful. He had many pictures on his walls. Most of them were Christian pictures.

"So John and Emily Abraham are your best friends?" asked Mr. Nebu as John and Emily sat beside Joshua.

"Yes they are," replied Joshua.

"May the Lord bless you," he pointed at John and Emily when he said this.

Then he began: "Do you remember when I was telling the class my testimony? Well I couldn't tell them what happened that made me choose to follow Jesus, because it had something to do with you."

"Something about me made you want to become a Christian?" asked Joshua, shocked.

"Not exactly about you," replied Mr. Nebu. "But when Beelzebub murdered your parents, I was there. After they were dead, he turned his attention to you. You were only six months old at that time. Beelzebub pointed his knife toward you, but he suddenly fell down to the floor. His hands froze. He was also speechless. Then the rest of the Satanic Soldiers took him and ran away from the building. I didn't follow them. That meant that I was no longer a Satanic Soldier. Next, I went and told Brother Noah all that had happened. But as soon as they had learned that I was a Satanic Soldier, they decided to put me in prison. However, after they had discovered, through the private cameras, that my testimony was true, they released me. So then I was chosen to teach the 'New Jerusalem Studies' course."

"And then what happened?" asked Joshua seriously.

"I don't know," replied Mr. Nebu. "No one told me anything."

"But how can I trust that you're telling me the truth?" asked Joshua.

"Go to Brother Noah," replied Mr. Nebu happily. "He'll be able to show you the video."

Joshua took John and Emily with him and they began traveling to Brother Noah's office.

On the way to Brother Noah's office, Emily said, "Well I can't see the video. I can't watch people dying. I don't like horror movies."

"What if he's not telling the truth?" asked Joshua.

"No I can't come," replied Emily. I'll wait outside for both of you."

"All right, dear," Joshua gave her a hug.

"I love horror movies!" laughed John, pointing at Emily with a mischievous smile on his face. "Oh you're going to miss a great horror movie!"

So they knocked on Brother Noah's door. He opened it to them and looked surprised.

"All right, Joshua?" he asked in a worried voice.

"Yes, sir," replied Joshua. "I just want to know something."

"Well then come in." Brother Noah led them into his office.

Joshua and John sat together.

Joshua began, "I was in Mr. Nebu's office. He told me that he was there when my parents died. Is that true?"

"Of course," answered Brother Noah, getting to his feet. "I'll show you the video if you like."

"Yes, please," said Joshua, getting to his feet as well. John followed him.

Brother Noah played the video on his computer. In the video, there was a man and a woman sitting on a couch. There was a little baby sleeping on the same couch beside the woman. Both the man and the woman looked about eighteen or nineteen years of age.

"These are your parents," said Brother Noah. "They got married at a very young age."

Suddenly, about ten men entered the room where Joshua's parents were sitting.

"The oldest man is Beelzebub," explained Brother Noah. "And the other ones are his followers."

"Don't do anything!" Beelzebub whispered to the other men.

Joseph and Mary, Joshua's parents, started screaming. Beelzebub did some sort of magic that killed them immediately. Then he turned his attention to the little baby. He used the same kind of magic, but nothing happened. He was very surprised.

"My lord," said one of the men to Beelzebub, "Let's leave this place. The God of this boy is trying to save him."

"Save him?" laughed Beelzebub coldly. "I am more powerful than any other god! Satan has given me many powers that no other god has!"

Next, Beelzebub tried all kinds of magic to kill the little baby, but they all failed. Finally, he decided to use physical things to kill him. he took a knife from his pocket. However, as soon as he pointed it at the little baby, he fell down to the floor. He became speechless. His hands were frozen. Suddenly, nine of his servants carried him out of the building. The tenth man, however, didn't help or follow them. He was Mr. Nebu.

So that is how it all happened.


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