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This is a long novel that is divided into several smaller parts. But I'm publishing it as one novel on this site. By Faisal Fransu View table of contents...


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Chapter 11

A Mournful Christmas

After the video was over, Joshua and John started crying.

"Where are my parents now?" Joshua asked Brother Noah sadly.

"With the Lord Jesus," replied Brother Noah calmly.

"So they're not in hell?" asked Joshua, still crying.

Brother Noah looked at him with a big smile on his face and replied, "The children of Christ don't go to hell. Hell is only for the children of the devil."

Joshua then brought Emily into the office, because the horrible video was over now. She sat beside him, and was touched by his tears.

It was very hard for Joshua watching his parents die. He felt guilty because he wasn't old enough to save them. His heart was broken.

As he was wiping out his tears, he asked Brother Noah, "What else do you know about my parents?"

Brother Noah said, "Well it's a long story. I recommend that you drink something while you're listening."

"A coffee with no sugar, please," said Joshua, still very sad. He didn't want sugar in his coffee because he was mourning for his parents.

Within a second, a tray containing three cups of coffee and a cup of tea was coming toward them. Then it sat on the table in front of Brother Noah. Then each one of them took a cup.

After they all had begun drinking, Brother Noah began: "Your father, Joseph, was born on December the first, 2180 and Mary was born on December the twenty-fifth of the same year.

Joseph was born in Hamilton, Ontario, where you lived. His family wasn't religious at all. At the age of 15, a preacher from New Jerusalem was sent to him. The preacher told him all about the Lord Jesus Christ. Then Joseph opened his heart to the Lord. The preacher also told him about New Jerusalem. Therefore, Joseph wanted to go to New Jerusalem. His family, however, didn't want to let him go. They didn't mind if he became a Christian or not. They only didn't want to let him go away from them. At that time, however, he was very stubborn like most teenagers. So he forced them to let him go. He told them that he would come and visit them whenever the time would let him.

He gave the preacher his last word. The preacher told him, 'I'm not returning to New Jerusalem yet, because I still have to do some preaching here.'

The preacher went to another house and found a very beautiful girl. She was about fifteen years old as well. He preached the Good News to her and her family. But she was the only one who opened her heart to the Lord and she was even willing to go to New Jerusalem.

On his last day in Canada, the preacher took both of these people with him. The boy was your father and the girl was your mother."

"But who was that preacher?" interrupted Joshua.

"It was me," smiled Brother Noah. Then he carried on: "So I introduced them to one another. At the age of eighteen, they got married. Then on August the twenty-ninth, 2200, you were born. On March the seventh, 2201, your parents were murdered by the evil, Beelzebub. On March the fourteenth, Sister Bianca and I took you to the Bakers."

Brother Noah had a break from talking. But then something caught his attention.

"Joshua?" he inquired, looking at Joshua's hair. "Did the Bakers cut your hair?"

"Yes," Said Joshua, still thinking about his parents.

"Do not cut it from now on!" Explained Brother Noah, rather unhappily.

But Joshua was busy thinking about his parents. That's why he didn't ask 'why?' Nevertheless, he listened to Brother Noah.

It was eight o'clock. So they decided to leave Brother Noah's office. They returned to the restaurant for the dinner.

Joshua didn't look happy at all. His parents' death made him very sad. He didn't even eat a lot that night.

He kept thinking what would've happened if they were alive? He wouldn't have been famous. But he didn't care about popularity; the only thing he wanted was to be with his family - just like any other boy.

"Are you all right, dear?" asked Emily as she sat beside him.

"I'm fine," said Joshua sadly.

Whenever Emily would be sitting with him, he would keep looking at her the whole time that she was with him. He would also hug her a lot. Now, however, and for the first time, he didn't even look at her, since his whole mind was focused on his parents.

She understood why he was sad, but she stayed with him; even though he didn't care about her at that moment.

Even John was very sad. He didn't eat too much either. He felt sorry for Joshua. He kept his head down the whole time that he was in the restaurant.

After they finished eating, Emily hugged Joshua all the way back to their section. John followed them. Then they sat down in the main room of their section.

Trying to change the atmosphere a little, Emily smiled at John and said, "Guess what?"

"What?" said John, trying to smile back at her. He put his head up now.

Then she smiled very hard and told him in a grateful voice, "I saw Samantha in one of the Devilist sections today!"

Joshua became interested in the story, even though Samantha wasn't his friend. So he asked, "When did you see her?"

"When you were in Brother Noah's office," she answered truthfully.

John looked very angry now. "How do you know that she's one of them? What if she were only visiting them?"

"I have an idea!" shouted Joshua. "Mr. Lucifer likes me very much, and he said that he'll do whatever I ask. So I'll ask him about Samantha."

"Great idea!" shouted Emily, as she went to sit beside him. Seeing that he was no longer sad, she put her arms around him.

So then Joshua called Mr. Lucifer into their room and said, "Do you know anything about Samantha Gabriel?"

"I don't know, sir," replied Mr. Lucifer truthfully. "But we do have Samantha Smith in our Community."

"Could you show us a picture of her, then?" asked Joshua.

"Sure!" replied Mr. Lucifer happily. "But can I use one of your computers to do this?"

There were ten computers in that room. Only six of them were used. So they let him use the seventh one. Mr. Lucifer started looking for Samantha Smith.

"There!" he showed them a picture. There was a girl in that picture who looked exactly like Samantha.

"She's always with you," said Mr. Lucifer.

"Yes!" replied John angrily. He finally found out that his girlfriend was part of the Devilist Community. She tricked him by telling him that she was Christian.

"Thanks a lot, sir," said Joshua. "That helped a lot."

"My pleasure, sir," replied Mr. Lucifer as he left the room.

"So she's one of them!" understood Joshua. "And she hasn't told us anything."

"Hallelujah!" shouted Emily. "She's gone! We won't see her again!"

After they had calmed down, Joshua said to both of them, "Should we call Leah then? I'll talk to her first."

"Sure!" answered Emily. "John is very sad now. His heart is broken very badly. So if she decides to love him that might cheer him up a little."

"Come with me, Emily," said Joshua as he got to his feet. "Let's go and find her. "But you, John, stay right here." So they left their room.

As they were walking, however, they saw a beautiful girl walking in that same hallway.

"Can we call her instead of Leah?" asked Emily. "I know her very well. She's in all of my classes. Her name is Sarah."

"Okay!" whispered Joshua so that no one could hear him.

Then Emily went over to Sarah and said, "Hi Sarah! This is my friend Joshua!" So Joshua and Sarah shook hands.

"You don't need to tell me who this great man is," Sarah told Emily, smiling.

Joshua looked at her nervously and said, "Could we have a little chat right now?"

"Sure, sir!" she replied, following him to the restaurant. Her heart was beeping very fast. Why does the famous Joshua David want to see her?

At the restaurant, she sat on his left and Emily on his right. Then he began: "Do you know Emily's brother, John?"

"Of course I do!" she replied happily.

Joshua continued: "Well he lost his girlfriend. He loved her very much, but then he learned that she's part of the Devilist Community. So he's very sad. Are you single?"

She smiled shyly and answered, "Yes."

Joshua asked, "Well John is a very nice guy. He's a Christian, as you know. So what do you think of choosing him?"

"I have to talk to him privately first," she answered, still blushing. "And then we'll see what we can do."

Realizing that his plan had worked, Joshua got up so that Emily and Sarah could sit beside each other and talk. He did this because he wanted to write a letter to John, and he didn't want Sarah to see him. So he took out his controller, which was also used as a cell phone. He wrote him an email that said:

"Dear John,

I have found you a very pretty girl. Her name is Sarah. She and Emily are best friends. I told her all about you. So she wants to have a private conversation with you. Please send me an answer as soon as possible.

Your friend,

Joshua David"

John read Joshua's message and he was very happy. So he wrote back:

"Dear Joshua,

I want to thank you for all your work for me. So please bring her to me.

In Christ,

John Abraham"

Joshua then told them to follow him to their section. He entered the main room followed by Sarah and Emily.

He whispered to Emily, "We have to leave this room for now, because they want to have a private conversation together." Then, they left the main room.

"Why did Brother Noah command me not to cut my hair?" Joshua asked Emily, after they had left the room where John and Sarah were talking.

"I'm not sure, dear," replied Emily sweetly. "Let's go and see him."

So Joshua followed her to Brother Noah's office.

"Are you okay, Joshua and Emily?" Brother Noah asked in amusement, because it was almost ten in the night.

"Ummm…" began Joshua nervously. "Why did you tell me not to cut my hair?"

"It's too early for you to know," smiled Brother Noah. "But I promise you that you will know the reason one day. The Lord told me to wait."

On September the eighteenth, Emily was very happy, because it was her eleventh birthday. Her parents, Brother Abraham and Sister Sarah, came to celebrate with her.

Joshua went to the shopping place with Samuel to buy something for her.

"Hmmm…" he told Samuel. "I'm not sure what to buy for her."

So they started walking around the shop, looking for something to buy for Emily.

"Come here!" shouted Samuel. So Joshua followed him into a store that sold bracelets and rings. Samuel explained, "Here in New Jerusalem, if a boy gives a girl a bracelet and a ring that means that he loves her. If she takes his gift, then she's agreeing to become his girlfriend."

"Thank you very much!" remarked Joshua, getting closer to the table where the bracelets and the rings were. "That helped a lot!"

But then he remembered that he had never bought anything here in New Jerusalem on his own.

"I have no money on me," he told Samuel.

"My friend," replied Samuel, smiling, "This is not the old world. But this is the new world! You don't need money in here. Use your controller. There's a button on it that if you press it, all your information will be sent to the owner of the store. That's how we buy here."

So Joshua took out his controller, and pressed the 'buy' button. Then he bought a bracelet and a ring.

"You don't have to buy both of them," laughed Samuel. "One is enough."

"I know," replied Joshua. "But I love her more than you could ever imagine."

"Quite romantic…" observed Samuel.

They continued walking around the shopping place. Finally, they stopped at a store that was called 'Heavenly Smell!' It sold perfumes.

Joshua bought a box containing about ten bottles of perfume. It was called 'Heavenly smell,' because it smelled so good. Many people say that they feel like they're in Heaven when they smell it. They also said that it is the best perfume in the whole world. Therefore, if a boy buys it for his girlfriend, that means that he is really in love with her. Even if that girl doesn't like him, she will after he gives her this gift.

This perfume is very special. So when a boy buys it for a girl, she will treat him like a special man, because he has bought her something very special.

"What else should I buy?" asked Joshua.

"O you've bought enough," smiled Samuel. "Emily won't believe how much you love her."

Next, they stopped at a store that was called 'Sweet Stuff For Your Beloved.' So Joshua bought a box containing all kinds of candy. Then he ordered another box of chocolate. Both boxes had the same pictures painted on them. It showed a boy and a girl hugging each other. They were smiling.

At the Holy Community Building, there were many empty rooms. So one of these rooms was chosen for the celebration of Emily's birthday that night. Many people helped with bringing chairs and tables into that room. Then they decorated the tables with all kinds of flowers. Next, they brought eleven candles and put them on the tables.

Brother Abraham invited many people to celebrate with them. They included: Brothers Noah and Israel, Pastor Moses, Sister Bianca and her son Samuel, and Emily's teachers. But Brother Abraham also gave permission for John to invite anyone he wanted. So he brought in all of his teachers, who were also Joshua's teachers.

After everyone had finished wishing her 'happy birthday,' Joshua took all of his gifts with him and went to sit with Emily.

"Happy birthday, dear!" he whispered, hugging and kissing her. Then he put all the presents on the table in front of her.

When she saw all the gifts that he had bought for her, tears started filling her eyes. He had just proven to her how much he loved her.

The rest of September was very good. Even October and November went well as well.

In the month of December, however, the whole building, excluding the Devilist Community, was preparing for Christmas.

"No Christmas tree?" Joshua asked Emily on December the eleventh.

"Not in this country," she replied. "We celebrate the true Christmas. Christmas is about the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ - not about Christmas trees."

"So Christmas is about the birth of the Lord Jesus?" Joshua asked, shocked. "I didn't know that." The Bakers did celebrate Christmas, but they never told him the true meaning of Christmas. The only thing that they cared about was Santa Claus. So this was all new to him.

Joshua took Emily to an empty room. They sat near a computer.

"Can you tell me how Jesus was born?" he asked.

So she began: "Well, more than 2200 years ago, there lived a woman in Nazareth, in the country of Israel, who was engaged to a man from the Family of King David. Her name was Mary, and the man's name was Joseph."

"The same names as my father and mother!" shouted Joshua excitedly. "And my last name is David as well!"

"Right!" smiled Emily. Then she went on: "One day, however, an angel of the Lord appeared to Mary and told her that she would be having a child. But she answered the angel, 'How is this going to be if I'm not married yet?' But the angel told her that the child would be from the Holy Spirit.

At the same time, the ruler of that country gave an order that all the people must go to their towns and register to be taxed. Now, since Joseph was from the family of King David, he had to go from Nazareth to Bethlehem, which was very far. So on their journey to Bethlehem, Mary was about to give birth. They looked for a place for her, but they couldn't find any. Finally, they found a manger. And that's where the Lord Jesus Christ was born."

"So the King of Kings and the Lord of lords was born in a place where sheep and cows lived?" asked Joshua, finding it very hard to believe.

"That's right!" replied Emily. "You can read this story in Matthew chapters 1 and 2, and Luke 1 and 2."

"This proves how humble our Lord was!" shouted Joshua, as they were leaving that room.

That night, Joshua had a very scary dream. He dreamed that there were people walking in the Holy Community. They looked like they were from the Devilist Community. They were cursing any Christian that they could see. And that curse meant death.

Then he suddenly woke up. The building was full of screams.

"John!" shouted Joshua. "Get up! The magicians are killing our own people!"

"Leave your rooms at once!" he heard Brother Noah say.

So they left their rooms. Joshua knocked on the girl's door in section 1994, but there was no answer.

"Emily! Sarah!" he shouted. But there was no answer. So he used his controller to open the door. He entered the room, but to his astonishment, there was no one there.

Then he and John left their section.

"Go to the church area!" shouted Brother Noah. "It's the safest place for you now!"

So all the Christians went to the church. But the magicians were ordered to go to the restaurant.

They were all in the church area now. Many people were mourning for their loved ones.

Pastor Moses took the microphone in his hand and declared, "Brothers and sisters. You might not know why you're here, but we have been told that some Satanic Soldiers have entered the building, and they have attacked some of our own people."

"This is exactly what I dreamed this night!" Joshua told John.

Pastor Moses continued, "So we have to search out the whole building for these Satanic Soldiers. The only section that they can't enter is the church section, because it really hurts them to be in the presence of God. They don't even have keys to open the doors of this section. So that's why we're here for now."

John turned to Joshua and inquired, "What did you see in the dream?"

"I saw some magicians walking in our sections," Joshua stated. "Then they started putting death curses on many Christians. After that, I woke up and heard people screaming."

Next, Joshua and John started looking for Emily and Sarah among the people in the church area. But Emily and Sarah could not be found.

As they were walking, they met Pastor Moses. Joshua decided to tell his dream to him.

"I had the exact dream this night," Pastor Moses confirmed to Joshua.

Suddenly, a group of teachers came into the church area. They were carrying many huge boxes. Brother James was one of the teachers. Joshua asked him, "What are these?"

"Tombs!" replied Brother James, weeping very hard.

Each of the huge boxes had a name written on it.

Then Joshua found a tomb that was written on it: "Emily Abraham, age 11, was found dead on hallway number 1990." Hallway number 1990 was near Joshua's section. When Joshua had read this writing, he knew that it was his Emily. So he bent over the tomb and started crying.

John came to him and said, "What's the matter?"

"Emily's dead!" replied Joshua, crying very hard.

They both cried for ten minutes and then started reading the writings on other tombs. One of them said, "Sarah Terah, aged 11, was found dead in hallway number 1990."

And another one said: "Samuel Adam, aged 12, was found dead near the end of hallway number 1990."

So Emily, Sarah and Samuel were all dead now. According to Joshua and John, this was the worst day in history.

"But how were the Satanic Soldiers able to get into our sections?" Joshua asked John.

John was still crying, but he replied, "Only the leaders can open all the doors in this building. The two leaders are Brother Noah, and the other one is from the Devilist Community, but I don't know his name. Maybe he gave the Satanic Soldiers his controller or something."

"Why isn't he on our side?" Joshua wanted to know.

"All the magicians say that they're against the Satanic Soldiers," answered John. "But they're liars! Both the Devilists and the Satanic Soldiers are all followers of Beelzebub."

The day that this event happened was December the 12th. It happened at two o'clock in the morning. So they were all asleep when the Satanic Soldiers had entered the building.

Pastor Moses spoke again: "Brothers and sisters! Mr. Baal, the leader of the Devilist Community of this building, has been fired out of his job! He helped the Satanic Soldiers to break into our building!"

"So each building has two leaders?" asked Joshua. "One is for the Christians and the other one for the Devilists?"

"Right," replied John, who had stopped crying by now. "But not all buildings have Devilists living in them, because they're a minority group."

So they spent the rest of the night in the church area. Joshua and John stayed together all the time. Their friends were all dead now; so they didn't want to lose one another.

The next morning, the restaurant was divided into two sections- one for the Christians and the other one for the magicians. This was done because Brother Noah was afraid that the Devilists might hurt a Christian person. He didn't trust them anymore.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen," said Brother Noah in the microphone. "I have some very important announcements.

First, we searched almost the whole building, but we didn't find anyone. However, we're still searching the living sections. So don't go to your sections until we tell you to. We'll also let you know where you may go and where you can't go. The Spiritual army is here. So you'll see Spiritual Soldiers everywhere in the building.

Second, Mr. Baal, the leader of the Devilist Community of this building, was fired last night. We discovered that he was the one who let the Satanic Soldiers into our sections.

In the end, I advise you to be very careful wherever you go in this building."

So the Holy Community building was full of Spiritual Soldiers. They were there to protect the people from the Satanic Soldiers.

Joshua talked with them a lot. He told them that he wanted to become a Soldier For Christ as well.

"It's not easy, you know," said one of them. "You have to work very hard. But because you've defeated Beelzebub, then it's not too hard for you, I think."

Joshua and John woke up on Christmas day. They weren't happy at all, because many of their friends, including Emily, Sarah and Samuel, were dead.

So they went to the restaurant for breakfast. Leah came and sat with them. She loved Emily and Sarah very much. So she was very sad now. She decided to sit beside Joshua, because Emily wasn't there.

"Merry Christmas, dear," she said quietly.

"Merry Christmas to you too," replied Joshua sadly. He was very disappointed because his first Christmas in New Jerusalem had turned out to be a day of mourning.


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