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This is a long novel that is divided into several smaller parts. But I'm publishing it as one novel on this site. By Faisal Fransu View table of contents...


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Chapter 14

The Same Miracle Repeated

The light was gone now. The only light that remained was that of the candles.

However, Joshua still had one more question to ask Jesus. His question was concerning why the Lord had saved him from Beelzebub. Unfortunately, Jesus was gone now.

After that, Joshua wiped out his tears and left that room. He returned back to his section.

He told his friends everything that had happened in the church area. He told them how his parents had appeared to him, and how the light was actually Jesus.

"Praise the Lord!" shouted John after Joshua had finished telling them his story. "Praise Jesus! Hallelujah! His love endures forever!"

"So what was talking with your parents like?" asked Emily interestingly.

Joshua started crying. Then he went and put his arms around her and whispered, "It was the best time in my whole life. They told me to marry you."

The next morning, he was eating breakfast with his friends when Brother Noah came to him and whispered, "I need you to come with me please. You may also bring your friends if you like."

"Let's go!" Joshua told John, Emily and Sarah. "Follow Brother Noah."

So they sat in Brother Noah's office. Emily sat with Joshua as usual, and John and Sarah sat together.

"So how are you, everyone?" asked Brother Noah as he sat on his chair. He had a coffee in front of him as usual.

"Good," they all answered.

"Can I tell you something, sir?" said Joshua.

"Sure!" replied Brother Noah.

Then Joshua told him about the vision that he had the previous day.

"Wow!" marvelled Brother Noah. "I really missed your parents. They were such a very nice couple."

Then he looked at Joshua and told them why he had called them: "As I told you long time ago, we have decided to bring other Christian denominations to New Jerusalem. So the Bobs are ready to come. We have prepared a section for all Catholics in this building."

"But last September you told us that you would start building a section for Catholics," interrupted Joshua. "So how did you complete it in only six months?"

"We didn't need to build anything. "Smiled Brother Noah, who had just ordered another coffee. "We have many empty sections here in the Holy Community Building. So all we had to do was to put some stuff in one of these sections and prepare it for the new group."

Joshua smiled and asked, "How do the Devilists feel now that we're bringing more Christians to this building?"

"Not happy at all," chuckled Brother Noah. "But we've asked the Catholics who are coming here to be on our side and they have agreed. So the Bobs will be arriving at the Holy Community building on the week of March break."

He looked at Joshua and continued, "I was thinking if we could take you with us. You'll go to their house first to take them, and then you'll go to Ottawa to stay with Brother Abraham and Sister Sarah until you come back."

John asked, "Can we come too? We'll be staying with our parents, you know."

"Okay," agreed Brother Noah. "So you'll be going with Joshua."

"And when are we going to leave for Canada?" asked Joshua.

"On March the 15th," answered Brother Noah.

After that, all four of them returned to their section. Then Joshua went over to Emily and whispered, "I'm not really happy that Emily Bob is coming to live here. She'll be very sad when she finds out that I'm no longer in love with her."

"It's not easy," she replied sadly. "But we'll try to make her happy as much as we can."

"Well we won't be seeing each other a lot anyway," said Joshua. "She'll be in the Catholic section, I suppose."

"Probably," replied Emily.

The next day, Joshua went to his first class, New Jerusalem Studies, and told his teacher about the vision that he had. Mr. Nebu couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Listen," he told Joshua. "I want you to tell it to the whole class, but don't use the name of Jesus."

Joshua agreed. So he went and stood at Mr. Nebu's desk to speak. Joshua told them everything that had happened in the church area. Most of them looked angry and defeated. This made Joshua to think that they liked Beelzebub.

He told his story to all his other classes. All the students found it very interesting.

March the fifteenth was here. Joshua woke up early in the morning to get ready to go to Canada.

"John!" he shouted for John to wake up.

Then both of them went to the main room of their section. The room was empty.

John said in a sleepy voice, "Do you think that you could visit the Bakers while you're in Hamilton?"

"Hmmm…" thought Joshua. "Not sure. They don't want to see me anyway. So why should I go and visit them?"

"Well…" thought John. "They're still your aunt and uncle, after all."

"Do you think that I should forgive them after all the bad things that they've done to me?" asked Joshua thoughtfully.

"Yes," replied John. "God forgave us for all our sins. So why shouldn't we forgive others? We don't deserve God's forgiveness, after all. Jesus also taught us to love our enemies."

"Amazing…" replied Joshua, remembering his conversation with Jesus when his parents had appeared to him.

"I guess I'll forgive them," he added.

Then Emily and Sarah came into the room. They both looked happy for some reason. They were even all dressed up, ready to travel.

"Why are you so happy?" asked John, trying not to sound rude.

"Aha!" laughed Emily. "We're going to visit the other world."

So they went to the restaurant to eat breakfast. They would be leaving in two hours.

When they were returning to their section, Sister Bianca asked to have a word with them. So they followed her to her office.

"I just want to have a quick word with you all," she said. "Don't forget to greet Brother Abraham and Sister Sarah for me."

"My parents greet you also," said Joshua. "They appeared to me on the day that I was baptized."

Sister Bianca started crying.

"I really want to see them!"

Next, she wiped out her tears and said to John and Emily, "So don't forget to say hi to your parents for me. Okay?"

To make a little joke, Joshua pointed at Sarah, John's girlfriend and said, "This is Sister Sarah!"

"Good one!" laughed John. "And I'm Brother Abraham!"

"That's even better!" Joshua laughed back.

"What about me?" asked Emily sweetly?

"Let me think…" replied John, scratching his head. "Well we'll let you be 'Emily the lovely.'"

"Certainly!" said Sister Bianca, who was enjoying their jokes.

Then they left her office. But while they were walking in one of the hallways, they heard Brother Noah calling them. So they turned and followed him to his office.

In his office, there was a man who looked about 25 years of age. He was handsome and tall. There was a big smile on his face. There was a strong smell of perfume coming from him.

"So you're all going to Canada to bring the Bobs?" asked Brother Noah.

"Yes, sir," they replied.

"Wonderful," smiled Brother Noah, pointing at the young man. "I would like to introduce you to Brother Daniel, who will be in charge of the flying building."

"Nice to meet you, Brother Joshua!" said Brother Daniel as they shook hands. "You look exactly like your father. He was very handsome. He was even one of my best friends, even though he was five years older than me."

As they were leaving Brother Noah's office, he smiled at them all and said, "Help Brother Daniel. Okay?"

Then they went to the same garage where Joshua had arrived in when he came to the Holy Community. They even used the same flying building which brought Joshua to New Jerusalem.

"But this flying building is too big for us," stated John. "Can't we use a smaller one?"

"Well Brother Noah told me to use this one," replied Brother Daniel, opening the doors of the flying building. "I'm just following his orders."

After they were all in the building, Brother Daniel explained, "We'll leave the flying building in Ottawa, and we'll use Brother Abraham's flying car to get to Hamilton. It was very kind of him to lend us his car. Don't forget to thank him after we're done using it."

But John pointed at Emily and explained, "Emily and I are his children. So why should we thank him?"

"Don't you think that children should thank their parents for helping them?" asked Brother Daniel. "You have to thank your parents too, you know."

Then John whispered to Joshua, "I'll tell Sarah to say to the Canadian people that she's my sister. Then I'll be doing just like Abraham in the Bible."

"So you'll be repeating Abraham's sin?" Joshua whispered back, laughing.

Joshua asked John, "Now when I tell people about my vision, they don't really look surprised. Why is that?"

"Miracles are an ordinary thing in New Jerusalem," Remarked John. "In fact, there are countless books that talk about miracles or visions that people encounter."

"Joshua?" said Brother Daniel.

"Yes?" answered Joshua, getting back to his seat beside Emily. He thought that he was in trouble for leaving his seat.

"Oh you don't have to get back to your seat," said Brother Daniel. You're not in trouble for not being in your seat.

I just want to ask if you want to visit the Bakers, because Brother Noah told me to ask you. But it's your choice though."

"We'll try…" replied Joshua, trying to imagine what the Bakers will do when they see him.

Finally, they reached their destination. Brother Abraham was waiting for them at the flying building garage in Ottawa.

"Welcome to Canada!" he shouted as they were coming toward him. Then he shook Joshua's hand and said, "Welcome to the land where you lived for 12 years."

"12 miserable years," Joshua corrected him smilingly.

"Right…" answered Brother Abraham. "But the Bakers are the only relatives that you have left, you know."

Then he took them to his house. When Sister Sarah saw them, she rushed toward them excitedly.

"Welcome, my son-in-law," she kissed Joshua. He felt very nervous at that moment, because he was called a "son-in-law." But he didn't mind marrying Emily. They loved each other, after all. Plus, his parents had instructed him to marry her when they had appeared to him. He had lived without parents all his life. So he didn't want to disobey them.

It was 12 o'clock in the afternoon when they had arrived at Brother Abraham's house. So they were resting now.

Sister Sarah had brought ice cream, cookies, chips, grapes, bananas, apples and orange for their refreshment. Everyone enjoyed their treat.

Joshua looked at Brother Abraham and asked, "Don't you like to live in New Jerusalem?"

"Of course I do," answered Brother Abraham, smiling. "But Canada is a great country, too, you know."

"Why did you choose to work at the Jerusalemite embassy, then?" asked Joshua, as he was finishing his last piece of orange.

Brother Abraham explained, "I wanted to live here in Canada, because I love sharing the Gospel with non believers. Most of the people in New Jerusalem are believers, you know."

"But you lived in New Jerusalem before you came to work here?" asked Joshua curiously.

"Of course," replied Brother Abraham, who was enjoying the conversation with Joshua. "In fact, I was born and brought up in New Jerusalem. But then I heard about this job, and I decided to take it. Even my wife liked it. But we decided to leave our children in New Jerusalem. However, do you remember when I told you that this is our last year in Canada? We'll be returning to New Jerusalem this September!"

About an hour later, after they had eaten lunch, Brother Daniel said, "Are we all ready to go to Hamilton?"

"Yes!" shouted Emily happily.

So they started preparing to travel to Hamilton. They would be using Brother Abraham's flying car.

After they were all in the car, Brother Daniel said to Joshua, "So first, we'll be visiting your aunt and uncle. If they welcome us, we'll leave you with them, and we'll go and get the Bobs. After we're ready to travel back to Ottawa, we'll come and take you."

Joshua didn't like this plan, but he accepted it without arguing. He didn't think that the Bakers would welcome him. It was impossible.

After fifteen minutes of flying, the car finally landed on the grounds of Hamilton. When people saw it, they were amazed. How could a car fly?

Next, they drove to the Bakers house.

"Can I stay with you in the Baker's house?" Emily asked Joshua.

"Certainly!" replied Joshua, sounding pleased. He was happy because he wouldn't have to stay with the Bakers alone.

Before they had reached the Baker's house, Brother Daniel said to Joshua, "I just want to tell you that you should not argue with them. Don't make them angry."

"No problem," laughed Joshua. "But Emily will be staying with me, if you don't mind."

"O not at all!" answered Brother Daniel.

Finally, they stopped near the Baker's house. Then Brother Daniel, Joshua and Emily left the car. They knocked on the door.

Mr. Baker opened the door for them. Brother Daniel explained, "We're on a mission here in Hamilton. But we've brought Joshua to stay with you a little while. And his friend Emily will be staying with him as well."

"For how long?" asked Mr. Baker gloomily?

"About two hours," replied Brother Daniel, who had found Mr. Baker to be disrespectful.

"Okay," replied Mr. Baker." And the short girl will be staying with him?"

So he led Joshua and Emily into his ugly looking house, as Emily later described it to John and Sarah.

They sat at the kitchen table. There was no one there to listen to them. Emily said, "Well I don't mind living in this world, but not in this house though."

"I agree," said Joshua, who was used to this house, because he lived here for 12 years - or, twelve miserable years.

"And don't feel sad for being called short," he added.

"Not at all," she assured him quietly. "Who cares about what these people say about us?"

"And who are these people?" came the voice of Jack.

Joshua didn't answer. He pretended that he wasn't listening. But he knew that they heard him talking about them with Emily.

Then Jack came into the kitchen.

"Is this your friend?" he asked, pointing at Emily.

Joshua didn't want to answer his question, because he thought that he might make fun of her. So he said, "Happy birthday, Jack!" He said this because it was March the fifteenth, which was Jack's birthday.

"O thank for remembering," said Jack. Then he left the room.

Next, Mrs. Baker had entered the kitchen. She looked at Joshua and Emily and asked, "Are you hungry? Want to eat something?"

They both said, "No thanks." But that was a very big shock to Joshua. She had never asked him if he was hungry.

Then she sat in front of them.

"Did you hear about the twenty terrorists who were arrested?" She asked.

"No," replied Joshua, trying to sound interested. But he didn't really care about the news of this world, because he lived in New Jerusalem. Trying to be nice, he asked, "How were they arrested?"

"I don't know," she replied. "I only heard that about twenty terrorists were arrested. They were planning to murder some people, I guess. But what interests me the most is the fact that they didn't use any kinds of weapons."

"They're able to murder people without any weapons?" asked Joshua, sounding astonished.

"Well that's what I heard," replied Mrs. Baker.

Joshua was trying to think who could murder people without using weapons?

"The Satanic Soldiers can," Emily reminded him. "They can murder people through magic, you know."

Jack came into the kitchen again. He looked excited.

"So are you staying for my birthday?" he pointed at Joshua and Emily.

"No," replied Joshua, trying to sound sad, but he was happy from inside. "We'll be leaving in two hours."

About an hour and a half later, Brother Daniel was back. So as soon as Joshua and Emily heard his voice, they rushed to him.

"Ready to leave?" he asked. Then they said goodbye to the Bakers, but the Bakers ignored them. So they left.

As soon as Joshua got into the car, he became very sad. His heart was broken. He almost wanted to cry, but he tried to stop it. Emily Bob was waiting for him.

"Hi, Joshua," she said. She could tell from looking at his face that he was sad. "Are you all right, dear?"

He tried to sound cheerful. So he said, "I'm fine. Would you like to sit with me?"

Emily Abraham was sitting on his right. So Emily Bob sat on his left. Therefore, he was surrounded by two friends named Emily.

Then he looked at Emily Bob and said in a sad voice, "I still love you, but…"

"I understand," she interrupted. "I know that you have a different girlfriend. We won't be seeing each other too much anyway. So don't feel sad about it."

"We'll chat whenever we can," Joshua assured her. The "And thanks for all the help that you gave to me while I was living with the Bakers."

Finally, they reached the Abraham's house in Ottawa. They decided to rest for an hour, and then they would be leaving for New Jerusalem.

"A flying building?" said Emily Bob after Joshua had finished explaining the flying building to her.

"You'll see," said Joshua. He asked the same question when John had told him about the flying building.

Brother Abraham came into the room happily and explained loudly, "The Canadian police have arrested about twenty Satanic Soldiers!"

"That's what my aunt told me!" shouted Joshua, remembering when his aunt told him about the twenty terrorists who were arrested. "So were they Satanic Soldiers, then?"

"Yes they were!" shouted Brother Abraham. "However, we've sent our own police to take them to the JFDC in New Jerusalem, because the Canadian jails do not have magical powers to keep them there."

"Didn't I tell you that they were Satanic Soldiers?" Emily reminded him.

At last, they were at the garage of the Holy Community building. Then Emily Bob went to her Catholic section, and Joshua returned to his section with his three friends.

The next week, Joshua and John would be having another practice in one of the Devilist sections. So Brother Paul started explaining it to them: "This practice will be different from all the previous practices. This time, I want you to go even further than you've ever gone. There will be more trouble, and it will be even scarier, but you'll come back safely. There are certain parts within this section that have more magic and evil things than others do. But be strong and have faith, and you'll come back safely."

Turning to Joshua, he smiled and explained, "And please save my daughter if she's in danger." He was referring to when Joshua had saved Leah from the demons in one of their previous practices.

This news made Joshua and John very scared. This time, they will have to fight more demons or Satanic powers.

So they entered one of the Devilist sections. Joshua closed his eyes and began to run. Every time he would reach a door, he would open it and enter.

But then he realized that he was very far from the entrance door. So he decided to go back, because he was really scared.

Suddenly, he heard a scary voice, which said, "Come… here… you!"

Joshua followed the voice until he reached a very scary looking man. He had a knife in his hand.

Suddenly, Joshua remembered the video that Brother Noah had shown him of how his parents were murdered. Beelzebub, who had murdered his parents, looked exactly like this man. But this man looked weak and pale. Joshua realized that when Beelzebub had lost all of his magical powers, his physical appearance changed a little.

Joshua started shaking with fear. He wished that he could die, instead of looking at this evil man.

"So you've come to visit me? Right?" said the man with a cruel laugh.

Finally, Joshua found his voice and asked, "Who are you?"

"I am Lord Beelzebub the terrible," he laughed proudly.

"So do you live here?" asked Joshua.

"No," replied Beelzebub. "But I heard that you would be practicing in this section. So I decided to come and see you. So tell me, how did you defeat me when you were only six months old?"

"My God defeated you not I!" yelled Joshua.

"Lord Beelzebub is a man now." Explained Beelzebub.

"What do you mean?" asked Joshua, who wasn't afraid any longer.

"Well…" began Beelzebub with a sad look on his face. "I used to be more than a man. I was a god. But even today, my followers still call me 'Lord,' you know."

"How did you lose all your powers?" asked Joshua mockingly. But he knew the answer. He just wanted to see what Beelzebub's response would be.

"My powers left me unexpectedly," replied Beelzebub.

"Oh really?" laughed Joshua. Where did they go? Why don't you look for them?"

"Who let you in?" asked Joshua, who was feeling better now. He was ready to fight Beelzebub.

"Of course someone from the Devilist Community," replied Beelzebub cruelly.

"And who's that person?" asked Joshua, who was feeling strong by now.

"This is not your business, little boy!" shouted Beelzebub, getting his knife ready.

"Tell me or I'll attack you!" Joshua shouted back, getting his S.W ready.

"Will you attack the great Beelzebub?" then he got closer to Joshua.

"Boom!" he fell to the floor. His knife fell to the floor as well. And this was the second time that this miracle had happened.


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